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Bought a pair of Audeo Phonak PFE's from Joker. Shipping was fast and replies were quick and prompt. I would absolutely deal with him again!
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|joker| (Trader)
Traded: My Klipsch S4 for his AKG K81DJ (they came in fantastic condition!!!)
Shipping: Would have thought it was flown to my address! Insane fast!!!
Communication: Couldn't have been more helpful! Gracious enough with advice and opinions. Great guy!!!
5 out of 5 Jammin' Jeffreys
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Bought a pair of Ultrasone Zino's from |joker|. He shipped them out very quickly and now, within a matter of a couple days, I have a decent little pair of headphones for the workplace.

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He sold me his Triple.Fi 10. Got here in great and mint condition. A man of his word. Thanks.
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Well, I too have had the pleasure of doing business with |joker|, and I want to say that he is a joy to do business with.

I just sold him a pair of Monster Turbine Pros. His payment was prompt, and he answered all of my questions and inquiries in a timely manner. He has an extremely patient, friendly, and helpful nature about him. I would definitely do business with him again. A man of his word, indeed!
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bought Klipsch image s4's from |joker|. very fast communication and fast shipping as well. dont hesitate to buy/sell from/to him.
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Nothing different to say from anyone else in the thread. Great communication, very knowledgeable, excellent packaging and great shipping. Feels like you're dealing with a professional who actually cares about the transaction. Highly recommended.

We traded IEMS/Headphones. I sent him my Atrios and he sent me an SR60i and Yuin PK3.
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Bought my Zero DAC. Superb transaction! Thanks Mikhail!
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Had several small transactions with Mike, and what can I say be he's solid as a rock. Great HFer.
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Joker is a great HFer. He sent my headphones faster than I thought was possible!

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Joker bought a pair of RCA interconnects from me. Quick and easy transaction, great Head-Fier. Thanks!
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finally, somebody who buys more headphone than me!

did a trade with joker again! all went perfect, as usual.
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Bought an AMP3 From ljokerl. Very quick shipping. Awesome to do business with him. Hope to buy even more of his stuff.

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Purchased a fancy, like-new pair of PortaPros off of Joker. It was a great transaction and I would be glad to deal with him again in the future. All the very best!
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Joker wanted the Klipsch gels and he got them. Perfect transaction.
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