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I purchased a set of JVC FX300, great chap to communicate with and equally so to do business with.

A pleasure.
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This |joker| bought some Creative Aurvana Live! headphones from me, no joke. All was well. He let me know when he got them, which is always helpful. He was also kind enough to post in my for sale thread that has a second pair available in order to let folks know they looked good (because that gloss black doesn't photograph well). Thanks |joker|!

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this was my first exchange, and it was a delight. i got a pair of Philips SHL9500 headphones, and they rock. Thanks
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My first sell goes to ljokerl, he picked up my broken UM1's. He's easy to deal with and payed right away. Hopefully he can revive them!
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Joker was great to deal with. Communication was great, shipping was great, and he was very informative in helping me with things non-related to my purchase. I would love to do business again!
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Mike bought a couple of things from me. He was a paragon of patience and an all round pleasant chap to deal with.
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Bought a 1/4-> 1/8 adapter from Joker. Great communication, and shipped promptly. Thanks again.
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Mike's a good guy and most of all, honest. He bought a little micro card from me.
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Bought a cable from ljokerl, smooth transaction, great communication.
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I purchased his DR150. Communication was good and the phones arrived safe and sound. No problems here.
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Traded my AKG K181 headphones for ljokerl's selfbuilt Mini3 Gain 5 High Performance. The amp was well packaged and arrived safely. Build quality is very good, the amp matches the RMAA results on the AMB site under both high and low imp loads. Unlike many builders ljokerl used a high capacity, high quality battery (300mah Accupower), which saves me having to change it.

Overall, a pleasant transaction. Highly recommended!

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Great RCA cables! Thank you so much!!!
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Bought more IEMs from joker and they came very quickly this time. Great person to deal with!
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ljokerl is a very fast shipper and tells you EXACTLY what you're getting .
good seller
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ljokerl bought a k702 cable from me. Fast payment, couldn't ask for more!
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