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SR-125 sale

Had an ideal transaction with Mike. He bought my SR-125s. The whole thing from first contact to payment took maybe an hour. He was straightforward and easy to deal with. He promptly told me when the phones arrived too. I recommend Mike.

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Mike purchased my T4 amp....all communications were prompt, payment immediate, and in all respects a great transactions!!!!
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I am pretty new to the head-fi world but I can tell you that the few interactions I have had with people have been excellent, especially with my first purchase from |Joker|. I bought my very first DAC and AMP. He went above and beyond my expectations by informing me of my options without really trying to make a sale, excellent communication, shipped fast, packaged ever so meticulously, and even sent me a bonus cable because he cared enough to look for one when he didn't need to. He really has your best interest in mind, and that is a rare quality to find anywhere, let alone on the internet. If he has what you are looking for, look no further!
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I purchased some Soundmagic headphones from Mike. This was an international shipment and joker sent it perfectly. He always kept me updated and made sure the packaging was sufficient for the long trip around the world. Great person to deal with: a very helpful and trustworthy headfi'er. Thank you for the headphones.
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Mr. Lif****s bought a pair of PortaPros from me: paid in record time and was a pleasure to do business with. +
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Just completed trading some headphones with Mike. Another flawless transaction! As always good communication and a pleasure to deal with.
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Traded my Radiopaq Jazz's for some PK3s with some money involved. Received the Pk3s and the paypal payment extremely quickly. Great to deal with.
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Bought a Lenovo flash drive from him. Quick and easy transaction, would easily recommend. Thanks!
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Sold a PA2V2 to ljokerl. Shipping took longer than expected, but he was patient and understanding the whole way. Highly recommended!
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ljokerl helped me get a pair of Senn Velour ear pads and was fast and very communicative to boot. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to deal with him again.

Thanks for all your help ljokerl.
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Sold a pair of AKG K81DJ cans to this guy. Everything went smoothly and he was quick to respond to pms.

I would do business with him again.
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Got a pair of RE2s. Every thing arrived in excellent shape, fast shipping and good pricing. Good guy to deal with.
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ljokerl bought my AKG K601's. Communication was prompt and courteous; payment was made immediately after he decided to go ahead and purchase the headphone. Couldn't ask for a better transaction; wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.

Enjoy the AKG's, they were definitely one of my open favorites. I will be picking up a pair again in the near future
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ljokerl purchased my Audio-Technica CK10's. Our third transaction. Flawless as usual! Helpful as always and generous. You won't find better; don't hesitate! Thanks!
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Purchased a pocket amp from Joker, and it shipped across the country in ONE day. California to South Carolina in less than 24 hours! Good seller and a great source for all of my noob questions. Thanks
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