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Sold joker my Audigy 4 Pro, great communication and he made payment in a heartbeat! Was a pleasure doing business with him.

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Sold some IEMS to ljokerl . Great transaction!
Prompt payment, good communication- would happily deal with again.
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ljokerl bought my Headroom Total Airhead.... Instant paynet and great commincation..Was especially nice and understanding when I forgot to send the A/C adapter in the box. Was very patient while I shipped it seperately.
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Sold Michael my Shure E4 and Ety ER-6i in a local/cash sale. He was easy to get in touch with and accommodated my schedule to deliver them to him. Would gladly do business with him in the future.
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Sold ljokerl my Cowan d2. Very good communication. Trustworthy buyer, highly recommend!
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Bought 2 IEM's and 1 on-ear headphone from ljokerl and there's so much to say. The communication was top notch from the beginning to the end. When I got the package, I had a hard time opening it with scissors. It took me about two minutes to open it, which doesn't sound like alot whole lot in words, but if you time out two minutes, then you know what I'm saying. Once I opened it, I saw each headphone in it's place, nice neat. If I didn't know any better, I'd say shipped it (The box was an box). Everything was bubblewrapped and in it's original packaging, so I fired each up. Being new to IEM's, I hated both with a passion, but ljokerl solved each problem and even took my annoyingly newbish questions and answered them each until I was satisfied. I'd hate to deal with someone who asked as many questions as I did, but ljokerl didn't mind at all. He's a very nice and friendly guy.
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ljokerl purchased my IM-590 earphones in a quick flawless transaction with great communication. Do not hesitate to deal with him! Thanks!
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ljokerl bought an IC from me. great communication and prompt payment.
highly recommended!
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Smooth transaction, fast shipping, great communication.
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Traded interconnects with ljokerl. He shipped very quickly, even more quickly than I did! It arrived in three days from CA to NJ and was packed nicely and sounds wonderful. I'd gladly do business with him again. Thanks!
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Mike purchased my complete 325is/Headamp/iPod system. Everything went perfectly. Payment (Mike was a first time money order user) was smooth and fast. Communication was excellent. Do business with Mike! Thanks Mike!


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Mike was a great person to deal with. I sold him an amp and some accessories and he made communication easy, answering pm's promptly and with courtesy.

Will definitely work with again if I have the opportunity, thanks Mike!
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I bought two IEMs from Misha: he sent them out Saturday morning and they arrived by Monday! They came exactly as described and he even threw in some extras!

These are my first IEMs and he gladly fielded all questions I had regarding cleaning, storage, tips, etc.

Спасибо, товарищ!
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I bought an AE-1 Headamp from ljokerl. It was aces all 'round! Easy and smooth transaction and fast shipping with the utmost care in packaging. I would definitely buy from this model head-fi member in a heartbeat....product came as described and I'm very happy!
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Sold the Yuin g2a to ljokerl. Jolly good transaction.
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