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Originally Posted by UglyJoe View Post
For those of you interested, here is a performance of one of the instrumental songs on the album:

YouTube - Punch Brothers Sometimes

This isn't my favorite track by any stretch, and it's still amazing. World class musicians playing world class music... right. I can't praise Punch Brothers enough, more people need to hear and buy this kind of music.
I like ...try the band "Nickel Creek" if you like the Punch Brothers.
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There are also other offshoots of Nickel Creek- Chris Thile (the mandolin player- not a fan of "Deceiver" though), Fiction Family and Sara Watkins (their vocalist). I have all of these and they are all worthy. Alison Krauss is certainly a great compliment to this genre.
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I've been a big Nickel Creek fan for years. Live show I went to 6 years ago was simply awesome. Great band. Was sad when they broke up, but Chris forming Punch Brothers makes up for it IMO.
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I was planning on doing an in-depth comparison between my DIY-woodied HF-1 (which I love) and the HF-2 that I was lucky enough to have on loan until mine arrives...

That's just not going to happen.

The HF-2 shares the HF-1's near-magical mids. But everything else strikes me as such an improvement over the HF-1 that I have no desire to take the HF-2 off my head. Sooooooooo, for those hoping for a true comparison are going to have to get it from someone else.
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I got it probably this weekend
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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post
FListening rig for the above impressions: Lossless files from iMac feeding an ECD-1 or HeadRoom UDAC into a HeadAmp Gilmore Lite.
Thanks for taking the time to write your impressions. How do you feel about the Gilmore Lite? I've got the same amp and was wondering if you felt the GLite was holding the HF-2 back at all? Does the amp sufficiently scale with your more expensive sources? Thanks! Just trying to figure out a reasonable upgrade path with the Glite and HF-2.
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I am very happy with the Gilmore Lite, and I don't think it is holding back the HF2. I think the Gilmore Lite is plenty of amp for the HF2. But, I will need to confirm this once I have my B22 in-house.

As for sources, it seems to be scaling well.
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Thanks Monkey! Please do keep us updated on the B22. It looks like a beast of an amp.
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Originally Posted by DoYouRight View Post
I just picked up the album Ill let you know when my HF-2 get here! See who is faster between me and vinylspinner
Well I got the CD and obviously I have had my HF-2s for a couple of months so I guess I win.

I intend to listen to it today as I just listened a bit with the Omega IIs last night.
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So beauty. Can't wait to buy one before the end of this month.
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Bullseye, thanks for maintaining your first post. It's great.
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vinyl ur evil, plus mine are in the mail and are F1s so your sound better all blurry styled
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Okay, I am finally sitting down to listen to this new Punch Brothers CD on the HF-2s as requested. I listened a bit via the speakers and Omega II previously and find it to be a disc that could pose some issues with the amount they play with pacing and jumping back and forth between measures. The first song is one that hangs right on the edge as it seems to be just off the beat indicating a need for a headphone with good PRAT to hold it together. I think the HF-2s did well and portrayed the speed discontinuity across the song and between instruments very well and definitely hit on that edge of your seat discord they seem to be going for.

The Bass player on the disc is very entertaining and the bass is very good with the HF-2s. I have always been very impressed with the bass on the HF-2s and on The Blind Leading the Blind: First Movement the bass is big and tuneful with the HF-2s.

I am going to have to go to some Bill Frisell Ghost Town or the Willies after this as this reminds me of those two discs and I have not listened to them in too long.
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I have finally spent some time with my HF-2 today and so far I think that they are much better than the RS-1 (without the buttons) that I owned in the past.

It's the first time that I can wear a pair of Grado for more than 2 hours without any ear fatigue.

I think overall, it's a steal for the price !
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Thaks pfillion, do you mean better than RS1 or on par?
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