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CanJam 2009 Impressions - Page 43  

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Originally Posted by hockeyb213 View Post
does anyone know what this picture is for?

found it in ambs photo gallery and it was interesting but I cannot quite read the thing next to it to see what it is for.
Here's what I posted earlier in the thread:
"Matt from Innovative Product Realization has (yet another?) gizmo he unassumingly calls the GR9 that pulls the digital signal from an ipod to feed it to a DAC. Unfortunately, the prototype wasn't complete to the point where you could hook it up to a DAC. Skeptically waiting to hear a completed product."

The picture is an ipod sitting in the dock of the GR9. It should have line outs as well as digital outputs to go to an external DAC. I forget whether he wanted to include an internal DAC or not.

"yet another" is a reference to an earlier product that was bogus.
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Thanks for bringing me up to speed so basically it is another product which claims it can mimic what Wadia was able to accomplish with the itransport interesting.
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Why? No need really, I think they are fair and honest impressions. I don't think they are as much accusations as they are observations. Matt is a smart enough guy with a lot of ideas brewing he can handle it I am sure.
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Wow, guess I still have a lit to learn.

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I'm closing this until we can find a solution to the animal magnetism this thread has to draw such animals.
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