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Are the Grado HF-2 going to be sold on head-fi just like the HF-1's were?
PS: Thanks for the pictures guys!
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^ Was not the HF-1 only sold through TTVJ as well? In case, that is all new to me..
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Thanks for the awesome pics & impressions, y'all. Much appreciated!
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Amazing pics! I almost feel like I was there! Anybody listen to the Trafomatic Audio amp?
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Originally Posted by Towert7 View Post
Are the Grado HF-2 going to be sold on head-fi just like the HF-1's were?
PS: Thanks for the pictures guys!
They can be purchased now from TTVJ under Headphones -> Head-fi Specials.

Thanks for the impressions people by the way. I regret so much that I couldn't go.
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Mindblowing experience : JH Audio's JH-13s
Moar mind blowing experience: Frank Cooter's monstrous tube amplifier (:drool) + Vicki's Stax O2)
Even moar mind blowing experience: headamp Blue Hawaii + Koss ESp-950s ( grawk i blame you now for setting me down this path .. )

There were a lot of other gear, the two orthos being of most interest to me.

The Grado HF-2s are a great buy. Forget the PS-1000s get the HF-2s.. PS-1000s were to me very similar to the GS-1000s and I hate the GS-1000s. Of course this is my personal opinion

The HD-800 single ended out of the TTVJ 307A was good...but not 1400$ good IMHO. Though I heard that folks who listened to it in balanced config in Headroom's place thought it truly came into its own.

Most satisfying moment: There were several..since each involved meeting the face behind the screen names that I have come to know for a while now, just like you guys. I tell you these guys are the nicest bunch of folks I have met. I can see why some of them are best friends since many many years.

Fun : where do I start....suffice it to say the whole friggin event was a non-stop party...

Who the hell was responsible for all this :
JP#s is a man with mischief written all over his face (love your cigar lighter ) , but wow what a show he managed to put together in conjunction with the other organizers (Edwood, Iron Dreamer, etc). Salutations to all involved in making this a huge success, in making me feel like not wanting to leave

The biggest 'draw' of the event: See pic

Side note: Cetoole (Colin was about to get lynched the first day of the raffle..Even Ray Samuels trying to vigorously rub some of Colin's good luck on to himself didn't stop Colin from winning the Rudistor amp the second day )

Personal high moment : winning the Audio-GD Reference 1 DAC on my only extra 5$ raffle ticket

p.s: I am just glad I managed to haul ass down there at the very last minute . A very very satisfying trip.
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Congratulation on your lucky win!! And very luckyCetoole!
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Thanks for all the impressions and pics. It's almost like being there... without the sound of course. Maybe one of these years, the meet will come to Texas? We have plenty of people who could help organize it.

Shelly, sorry you got sick. I'm sure the flight was no fun. Did you get a chance to hear the PS1000? If so, how does it compare to the HD800? I need to convince Joel to buy the PS1000's so I can pick between yours and his. :-)
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AWESOME impressions....wish i could attend a Canjam in my lifetime...ill add it to my bucket list.
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This canjam was amazing...i heard so many headphones i never thought i would listen too...i am really tore between the hd-650 and the HF-2 i have a whole bunch of notes about headphones but of the top of my head

The grado Ps-1000(i think) are a ton but sound amazing balanced out of the TTVJ amp
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"I thought SP products were not going to be allowed at the show, as this would stimulate interest in SP and give the impression that their products were were outstanding."

That would be like holding the products responsible for the sins of the father. Or, like banning Phil Spector records because he is a convicted murder. Wouldn't really make sense to do.

- augustwest
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Whoa I am sure you guys had a great time. I am so jealous. All the headphones that I want (to hear) were there. Thanks for the pictures and impressions!
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Originally Posted by apatN View Post
Whoa I am sure you guys had a great time. I am so jealous. All the headphones that I want (to hear) were there. Thanks for the pictures and impressions!
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Great impressions! Wish I could have made it, but I'm enjoying reading everyone's opinions.
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Originally Posted by Blackmore View Post
To Jon L

Thanks for great pics of all these set ups. Would be very interesting to read your impressions about AKG K1000 using with other amps vs your custom made Almarro 205, which you still own, arent you?
Yeah, I still own the custom Almarro, but all my K1000's are sadly gone. I've gone over to the dark side of 'stats, and luckily the Almarro sounds awesome driving transformer boxes/stats.

At least I now have some ideas about possible future 'stat/amp moves, but I must say I am happy enough with the single-ended amp + tranformer approach that I can wait for some time.
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