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Just want to say it has been a pleasure dealing with Doug. He has been very patient with me and very expedient in his dealings with me.

Take care, Ed.
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Sold Doug an L3000 and received a K1000 as a part of the deal. Transaction went smoothly and communication was top notch.

Would recommend doing business with him.
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Bought Doug's AD2000's. He was always responsive and prompt. He shipped the headphones quickly, and he also made me an adapter for 4pin xlr to 2x3pin.
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I bought Doug's E9 and am satisfied with the deal. His pricing was more than fair to buyer. And even included to adapter of XLR to phone in free. Shipping was quick and noticed properly. Thanks Doug!
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Purchased Doug's grado hf-1's. They arrived as described and were shipped promptly. Communication which Doug when very smoothly.

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Good communication and transaction went smoothly.
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Worked out a deal with El_Doug for his HF-2s as he had the matching serial number to my HF-1s. Great to deal with and he even helped me out to get my # by selling at cost... gave up a possible extra bit of $$$ for that, and I appreciate it! Shipped very fast with confirmation # e-mailed to me in a timely fashion.

Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

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Had a very smooth deal with Douglas. Communication was top-notch all the time.
Would do business with him again.
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bought L3k pads from Douglas. excellent transaction.

happy wedding, btw
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Doug purchased a bunch of CDs from me. Hasslefree, and pleasant transaction. Would do business with anytime. Thanks!
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bought an amp from Douglas. If you have sold anything heavy and fragile in the past, you know that some factors are just beyond your control - I know as it has happened to me in the past.

Back on topic, Douglas was more than upfront in handling the shipping issue caused by the carrier. In the end, everything was good - I am a happy customer and would not hesitate to purchase from him again.

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Douglas bought my SR-Sigma Pro and was a pleasure to deal with.
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Bought a Sophia Princess 274b from Doug. Super fast shipping, great deal, and great communication
Would most definitely buy from again
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I bought a Sophia Princess from Doug. It was shipped all the way across the country and arrived carefully packed and in perfect condition. Doug was a true pleasure to work with and shipped the tube promptly, all at a very fair price. Many thanks!
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ibasso d10

bought this from doug, arrived as stated. Defiantly do business again.
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