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Seattle area vinyl junkies?

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 I only have about ~50 vinyl records right now, and am not only looking to get more -- Goodwill is great for this i've discovered -- but also am looking to buy a player as I don't have one yet! (!) Lastly I want to learn a bit about accessories and all that, as i'm new to most of this.

Regarding my collection, unfortunately some of them were originally acquired by myself found abandoned in the rain, so they were moldy and dirty. I cleaned them as best I could (with suggestions from members here) but they still have quite a bit of grime.

So! My proposition is this -- let's see if we can get a few people together to discuss, test out, listen and share vinyl! If you have a cleaning machine I would incredibly appreciate you joining this, as I obviously would have a better introduction to vinyl if my records were clean and shiney for my next listening You would/will get the benefit of hearing them... some are pretty cool, some look to be rare and/or old (a bunch of them are 78s I think), there are various genres, and I of course have the classics such as Dark Side Of The Moon.


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Yep yep, sounds sweet.
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curbfeeler has a cleaning machine (and also a very very very nice vinyl rig!!) You can contact him about the meet.

However, I think we can setup another meet soon since Kevin may get the HD800 in this or next week. and I will get HF-2 at the mid of June.

hope it would be eastside meet again this time.
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Hey Guy's. I can help set something up. Eastside, The City, I'm up for another meet. Just PM me with ideas where.
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I'm at NE164th 98008 and believe .coco may live around the same area, too.
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I'm in Greenwood. I'm sure there will be a few more coughxtreme4099cough
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I have about 100-150 records and two turntables, I am thinking about selling them. My HD 800 are coming monday first of June. Location Shoreline. HD 800 is in the house. K701 for sale. I have read really good reviews about HF2 from CanJam. It's really tempting.
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Originally Posted by BIG POPPA View Post
I'm in Greenwood. I'm sure there will be a few more coughxtreme4099cough
Yeah, he's cool i've been to a few meets with him
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Im up in north Bothell, I hope someone will have the ps1000 at the next meet. Im more interested in those over the hd800. I believe curbfeeler is the one to look up for vinyl.
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I only have the ones in my sig, heh. Sorry. I used to have a Woody-ed CD3000 recabled w/ nice copper cabling and an HD650 w/Zu Mobius but I had to sell them for cash monies...
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What days of the week are you all free? My schedule is a bit wacky, but doesn't rotate or anything:

Mon 7AM - 530PM
Tue [OFF - free]
We [OFF - free]
Thu [OFF - free]

Fri 7AM - 530PM
Sat 7AM - 530PM
Sun 7AM - 530PM
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Im in the same boat as Sduibek. Have a small vinyl collection, but no player. I would love to attend this meet.

I have access to a room at the University of Washington Seattle campus, in the art building. Its big, has great lighting, lots of tables and counter space and we can do literally whatever we want. Its free at all times during the weekends (and Spring break is just around the corner - total freeness). Let me know.
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Depending on when this happens, I'd like to compare my L3000 to the PS1000, HF-2, and the HD800. I'd listen to the vinyl there but I'm more interested in those headphones in question.

In Ballard. very close to BigPapa.

Edit: looks like no one has ordered the PS1000, so I'll settle for the others for this meet. The University sounds great.
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