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I am waiting for a pair of LM4562NA to arrive this week. I currently use OPA2132. I like the sound, but it is a little to much on the bright side and maybe too punchy. The LM4562NA is supposed to be warmer and a little more laidback (sounds perfect for me, since the Grado SR125 already is a little on the bright side)

From what I have read the LM4562NA is supposed to a nice pair of opamps for this amp/dac. I also enjoy the synergy between the Beresford and Grado's.
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^Let us know how those LM4562 perform, they're supposed to be quite good with the amp in the Beresford.
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LM4562 is one of the best dual op-amps but it's higher voltage sibling - LME49860 is a bit better IMHO. You should try the OPA2228. I'm not sure it will work but when it does (no oscillations) it's a great op-amp. THS4032 is overrated in this forum IMHO.
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I might be trading for a little dot micro tube soon. I noticed how the tubes connect into the pcb...

No risk of frying my circuit board, right?
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Originally Posted by LingLing1337 View Post
^Let us know how those LM4562 perform, they're supposed to be quite good with the amp in the Beresford.
I have now used the LM4562NA for a week or so, and I am really satisfied with the way my amp/dac sounds now. It's more laidback and controlled than OPA2132. It sounds warmer (this is important, since the Grado's are a bit bright) but at the same time still very, very enjoyable to listned to! I higly recommend this upgrade for those people with the stock opamps inside the beresford Dac.
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Did you do the clipping MLC5/6 mod? Go do it if you haven't already!
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No, I haven't. What is the effect of this mod?? And is it just to clip it of??
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Cleans up mids, tightens bass, extends highs, etc etc. Yeah, you just clip one of the legs on both MLC5 and MLC6 and that's the mod.
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I think I have a pair of THS4032 and corresponding Brown Dog mount.

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I hope not to come off as a total tard here - but I'm new to Audio mods, however I've been lurking for a while.

I am thinking about ordering the 4032 ($40AUD delivered from the UK?!! crazy cheap) from Trina but I did not know if this was simply a case of - pull one chip out, and push one chip in?

Do I need to do soldering for this mod?

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Well, more of pull two chip out and put two in, you're supposed to get two of each chip, one for HP out, one for line stage. I'd recommend looking at the LM4562NA first though.
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i would recommend just getting one. you might hear a little distortion with both in, but YMMV. definitely get one (or two) of the LM4562NA's as well.
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No soldering! Great. That's that one sorted.

Buy 2 - So, that is one for the Headphone output, and one for the Amp output right?

So if I get 2 of these - then I can simply open up the case, ground myself, pull the 2 stock Opamps out, and push these 2 in??

LM4562NA Dual Audio Low Noise Op Amp Beresford Upgrade on eBay (end time 16-Sep-09 21:42:05 BST)

Thanks for the help so far also.
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Yes, that would be the exact procedure. I use a small flathead screwdriver to lift the opamps but some people like to use an IC pull, which is made specifically for pulling opamps.
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