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Beresford TC7520 opamp rolling!!

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i read somewhere that you could switch out the opamps on the "Beresford" TC7520. has anyone tried it yet? i also emailed beresford and they confirmed it. i actually like the sound of the stock version but would like to see what opamp rolling would do. also, anyone know which opamps i should get and would be compatible? and possibly where i could get them cheap? thanks!
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nobody?...beresford emailed me back and suggested the LM4562NA. here is the thread i mentioned earlier with impressions of the opamps:

Beresford TC-7520 impressions - pink fish media

i think i will try the LM5462NA and the OPA2132PA.
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Let us know results, I am particularly interested.

EDIT: Here's a thread at AOS with 70-some pages of 7520 modding goodness.
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awesome...i ordered the LM4562NA and the OPA2132PA off ebay. pretty cheap, averaging $15 for each set of two. should be arriving by early next week, will post impressions then. if i don't like either i might get the THS4032, but i doubt it.
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the OPA2132PA's arrived today. i immediately switched them out. first impressions are that they have a lot of weight in the sound particularly in the bass. it somewhat muddies up the sound and doesn't sound as natural as the stock NE5532P's. but, it seemed to have added more texture and a bit of throatiness to the sound; sounds more impactful. this is from listening straight out of the head amp portion of the Beresford with the RS1i's. will post more impressions after some hours of burn-in.
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today i switched the opamps back to the stock NE5532P's. the OPA2132PA's were a bit too bassy for my taste. with them i definitely heard better dynamics and impact. intruments were felt with more of a punch and in your face. i thought it was my amp, but after switching back to the stocks, the instruments were a lot more distant. the OPA2132PA seemed to have beefed up the Beresford adding a bit more warmth, resolution, texture, detail, but at the price of less depth/imaging. i went back to the stocks because i preferred the more natural presentation. still waiting for the LM4562NA to arrive...
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^Looking forward to you impressions of the lm4562na. a THS4032 review would be appreciated as well... I emailed the UK supplier that made the 4032 "kit" for use in the tc7520 and they have the newset version in stock.
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ooh..who's that supplier? i think i wanna try out the THS4032 too. those opamps are kind of hard to find though, they don't sell them on ebay. actually when i last posted i switched back to the OPA2132's again. i couldn't decide which one i like better. i do like the OPA2132's because of its dynamics its just that its a bit too bassy sometimes. hopefully the LM4562NA will be somewhere in between.
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I think I have a pair of THS4032 and corresponding Brown Dog mount. If you can not find them shot me a PM.
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thanks for the offer mrarroyo. i was able to find the THS4032 opamps and the corresponding SO8 to 8-pin DIP Adapter from Brown Dog electronics. they're gonna have it soldered for me so i just have to pop them in when i get them.
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actually Tirna electronics supplies them (i think this was the "kit" you were talking about LingLing?) already mounted with the decoupling caps. if anyone wants to try them you can find it here:
THS4032CD Dual Op Amp Beresford DAC Upgrade 8 PIN DIL on eBay, also ICs Processors, Components Supplies, Electrical Test Equipment, Business, Office Industrial (end time 26-Jun-09 20:12:00 BST)

i just ordered a pair and canceled my order with Brown Dog.
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the THS4032CD's came today from Tirna Electronics. they are just AWESOME.

highly recommend you guys get them. Tirna are excellent to deal with too. royal mail rocks! they shipped it out like 3 days ago from the UK and it already arrived. i wish USPS was that fast.

quick impressions of the 4032's are that they are much more dramatic and brings out the emotion even more so than the stock opamps. absolutely brilliant! it enhances the headphone section quite a bit too. it is really a significant upgrade and well worth the $30 bucks i paid for them. with the 4032's it is no contest between the Oritek v4.2 that i had. from memory the oritek had good emotion but not quite as good and musical as this.

update: so far i've been only listening with the SR325i's driven both from the headphone section of the 7520 and through the gilmore lite via the X1 cables. the sound coming out of the headamp of the 7520 is superb; nice, detailed, clear, punchy, engaging. the sound coming out of the gilmore lite is "out of this world". i am actually hearing layers and it sounds 3D like holographic coming from the Grado's!! a sense of depth from Grado's; now that's amazing. i'm been listening to both flac and mp3 files via squeezebox and even the mp3's sound incredible. the 4032's seem more lively and punchy. it really keeps my foot tapping and i get a real sense of involvement with the music. it immerses me into the music.
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So wait, you're saying the 7520 is better than the Oritek? Interesting. You using the wall wart or a different PSU?
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that is correct. i can't say for the 7510 because i haven't heard it, but the 7520 in its stock version is on par if not slightly better than the oritek IMO. if you had read my impressions in the other thread i said that they both have a very analogue sound and sound somewhat similar but different signature. the oritek is warmer more vinyl like sounding. i am using the psu that came with the unit. i believe this psu is the improved version specifically designed for the 7520 that started shipping in march this year.
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Just ordered the THS4032 kit from Tirna. Any tips, Semi? BTW, paid $17.64 shipped.
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