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ljokerl and ourfpshero (and others satisfied with their dx3), what amps do you use to drive the dx3?
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Originally Posted by micmacmo View Post
ljokerl and ourfpshero (and others satisfied with their dx3), what amps do you use to drive the dx3?
i use a little dot 3 and a xenos 3ha
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I've actually been using the DX3s a lot with an iBasso D10 because I haven't had time to actually sit down and listen to music lately (Senior year of B.S. and all that). They did sound amazing out of my Headamp AE-1 when I still had it. Millet Max coming soon, perhaps.
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$70 for the DX3 seems like a screaming deal and one that's sure not to last. And after reading this thread, I almost talked myself into pulling the trigger. But I'm afraid my Presonus HP4 amp may or may not be up to the task. And so I'm leaning more toward buying the RX700. Fun thread.
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Thanks, ljokerl and ourfpshero. Makes me wonder about upgrading my amp...!
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Wow, a better amp makes a huge difference

I purchased a Musical Paradise MP-301 tube amp to drive my DX3. Without any burn-in on the amp, the difference in sound quality is dramatic, like a different set of headphones.

In the past, I said that stringed instruments (plucked, strummed or bowed) sounded a bit timid and vocals sounded distant and inauthentic when I listened to the DX3 through a mini3 amp (low-gain setting). I take it all back. These are very capable phones with the right amp.
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yes- these things drive like high sensitivity 600 ohm cans. will work from an mp3 player but rewards you when you feed it well
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I'm looking forward to picking up my Little Dot MKII tomorrow from home. Can't wait to hear these things with real power driving them instead of my X-Fi.
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After a weekend of listening and doing several A/B tests (Little Dot MKII vs ampless), I have come to several conclusions:

Without a doubt, this headphone requires an amp. Without an amp and coming directly out of the X-Fi XtremeMusic, it can only be described as sloppy. When the music gets busy, the clarity (or lack thereof) is probably on par with a Skullcandy with a completely flipped frequency response. There is a huge emphasis on treble and mids that quickly becomes jumbled if any bass is present. It is annoying to listen to and caused me to take it off about every 15 minutes. I was almost on the verge of selling it.

With the LD MKII, I've found myself actually enjoying music. I discovered there was actually bass on some songs that I never heard before. Instrument separation is significantly approved and I constantly find myself picking out and just focusing on a particular instrument. This was difficult to do at best without amping. I've had these on my head for about three hours and a half without taking them off. I'll even venture to say I like these better than my HD595 that I paid twice as much for in China.

Path taken: Foobar2k with ASIO -> X-Fi XtremeMusic with the LM4562NA opamp -> Little Dot MKII with stock tubes with gain of 7 -> JVC HA-DX3.

Now I know why this was originally $250.
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Yep, power is what these babies crave. Just waiting for beezar to get the V1.2 Millet Hybrid Max pcb's in stock. Any month now...
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Originally Posted by RallyMaster View Post
With the LD MKII, I've found myself actually enjoying music. ... I've had these on my head for about three hours and a half without taking them off.
Agreed. With proper amplification driving the DX3, I find I'm not nitpicking faults in musical presentation but enjoying the music as an organic whole. I can listen to these headphones for hours at a time.
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Has anyone compared these to Shure's 440 or 840s?
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I am very happy with the HARX700/900 purchase. I use then on daily basis from my Viao laptop while I am working or surfing the net. No critical listening with these cans , still from the price/performance ratio, they cannot be beat.


I am looking for the JVC DX3 but could not find much infos including sellers and reviews.


If you know  any sellers have them in stock at a good price, please have me adviced. Thank you.

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Sellers I don't know, but the DX-3 got a 5 Star review in one of the English mags a few years back, and it was then priced at 200 Pounds, which isn't far off the English price of the HD650. I owned the DX-1 once, and though the sound was quite refined it was bass-light and trebley, and the cups used to creak a lot when you moved your head. An interesting design which JVC should work on a little more.  

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I'm picking up a pair of used DX3's! Hopefully the good will and sound reviews still hold up today than it did 4 years ago? These cans will be replacing my Sony's and my Sanyo retro junkers. I wonder if these things will run well off my E11?

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