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Stratus is not under $2500



Huh, How much is it?

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Huh, How much is it?

$2600. Haha.

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$2600. Haha.



I know right...

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I don't think the HD 800s are cold either, I do think they are a bit dull sounding though. 


I find them incredibly dynamic and vibrant, but they depend heavily on the system they're plugged into (solid state balanced is working best for me so far).  The only thing I can complain about with the HD800s is how much they're costing me upgrading everything else... eek.gif

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I asked this in the Yulong D18 thread with no response yet, though I'd try it here.  Is there an HD800 owner here with the Yulong D18 dac?  Does it alone cure the HD800's treble spikes?  I was going to pair the dac with a neutral amp, most likely the Corda Classic.

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I'm sorry but it does will make it even worse.
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I asked this in the Yulong D18 thread with no response yet, though I'd try it here.  Is there an HD800 owner here with the Yulong D18 dac?  Does it alone cure the HD800's treble spikes?  I was going to pair the dac with a neutral amp, most likely the Corda Classic.

I can't remember anyone trying that combo on this thread. Of course someone may have but haven't seen it. Also wouldn't it make more sense for a neutral dac and colored amp?

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It does but given the deal of the amp and HD800 together, it's too good to pass up atm.

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Read this:


HD800 vs T1 and others




This is part of a review I wrote on the German http://www.hifi-forum.de , some time ago.


Maybe some time I'll translate it to English. That will take some time.

Please leave a comment whether you're interested in a translation.


I Compared the HD800 and T1 to others using different musical pieces.


The winner is always the headphone (HD800, T1, etc.) mentioned right below the letters written with bold title of the musical piece.



And here we go ...



Williams - Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - Imperial March - CD HD800

The T1 brings the nuances slightly soft flushed over, but thanks to relatively lighter receptacle is this ever so slightly. When you hear HD800 however an extension of the space out much clearer. Also, the HD800 more aggressive and has more Schmackofatz than the T1. 
With clenched fist heard about the HD800 and felt the overwhelming desire to strangle someone with the power or it flashes to shoot in the ass ... 
The T1 is slightly less stressful and . rousing, but also vividly how the HD800 
Some violin Info partially missing and he can silky violins sound as they actually sound. Rozsa - Ben-Hur - leader (not the overture) - CD HD590 Total overwhelming here affects the HD800. In the basin also aggressive. Brass are the HD800 even violent. I personally like the more. T1 the other hand, looks rather tame. You have to remember that inclusion is not a reference and matched rather bright, which would benefit the T1. But this is only partly the case.Both T1 and the HD800 make here a good figure. most fun this recording makes the HD590 (even more than with the other major Senn hoarse), because here he creates a kind of perfect tonal blend, unless he is not turning up the volume. Mozart - A Little Night Music - Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - CDHD800 The piece I've heard several times from various chamber orchestras. realism creates pure here I think the HD800. Unmatched. Whoever thinks that the HD800 offers a large stage for such a small orchestra, more wrong, because it sounds just right, because he achieved a balance between space and intimacy, at least for this recording is brilliant. Similarly, the tone of the instruments. Just for dipping. The T70 here sounds too bright, but also very accurate, with the Dosigkeit here very easily comes to light. The T1 sounds light attenuated compared to the HD800 and T70 and the representation of space is less successful than the HD800. Jablonsky - Transformers - The Score Soundtrack - CD HD800 T70 seems here to faint. Because there is a lot of work with brass instruments, they sound pretty hollow. The punch is light but extremely crisp. T1 sounds powerful, detailed, but also a bit too dark, so the sound is something murmelig - otherwise excellent sound. HD800 offers more details, sounds altogether powerful and is in the treble or just bearable - phenomenal sound. Strauss - An Alpine Symphony - Thielemann / Wiener Philharmoniker - SACD HD800 The Alpine Symphony SACD HD800 when you hear more of what is on the recording it, if you compare it with the T1. It sounds huge, but when T1 easily homogeneous. Both absolutely superduper with very slight advantage for the HD800. Beethoven - Symphonies No. 5 & 7 - Carlos Kleiber / Vienna Philharmonic - SACD HD800Both great, just lacking the T1 to the last information, but making the noise less noticeable. Even the sometimes lacking match Aggressive that the HD800 delivers, and I do not mean the high range, which is consistent with both. Dvorak - Symphony No.9 - Harnoncourt / Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam - A DVD- HD800 & T1 Both TOP. Silky at T1, detailed in HD800. Only the drums come relatively unrealistic over the T1. Aerosmith - Pump - Janie's Got a Gun HD800 & T1 The T70 is distinguished by extreme clarity here, but it sounds a little too thin. Applies some disturbing sibilants there to endure. No cans character in this case! Good punch. More bass, darker, less sibilant - or not. Silkier strings. Weight behind the drum. Basedrum true. T1 sounds very appropriate here. HD800 The situation is rocky, because less mild than the T1. But there are a few here too sibilant, slightly better realized than in T1. Punch is also very good. Absolutely matching sound. T1 the voice of Tyler focuses more, as the T70. HD800 raises the instruments more readily apparent. Arnold - Stargate Soundtrack - CD HD800 When Stargate soundtrack makes the T1 his job very well and appropriately weighty, but the HD800 is a true Ohrenöffner because he still has a bit more clarity on it without foundation missing leave. Verdi - Nabucco - Sinopoli / German Opera Berlin - CD HD800 & T1 Here it's hard to choose a winner between T1 and HD800. Both do a very good, confirming a certain similarity of the handset. Restrict loud orchestral passages the HD800 maintains minimally more control over what happens, and he also sounds slightly open. Therefore fits the somewhat dark of T1 partially quite well to the piece. Glenn Miller and his Orchestra - Chattanooga Choo Choo - CD HD800 In this recording it dröht more with the T1 and the HD800 makes the whole piece more bearable. Also invites the HD800 more of a swing. The T70 blaring the least of the three, but you can hear in some places the light cave, which is appropriated to him. Truckstop - 35 years - CD HD800 & T1 The men's voices sound with the T70 too thin and reverberant . T1 and HD800 do - each in their own way - a very good job here. Johnny Cash - Personal File - CD HD800 sounds cash with the T1 slightly overcast. When HD800 involvierender, the voice is coming better and purer advantage. Since the quality of the pieces varies but I can total only detect a slight advantage for the HD800 because the T1 sometimes convenient simply some noise omits. Britten - Young person's guide to the orchestra - Previn / Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - CD HD800 & T1 Erstklassig both T1, as well as with HD800. Very easily hollow with the T70. . Sounds light and airy, it lacks the necessary weight where it exaggerates the D2000 immeasurably in importance, as it understates the T70.Tiersen - The Amelie - CD HD800 & T1 When Amelie soundtrack I like the one hand, the T1 bit better because here you tapping the accordion keys not so much listening as the HD800. On the other hand, the piano sounds muffled when T1 and I like it better with the HD800 so. The T70 sounds simple resonant and hollow. Completely cruel. The DT231 sounds just fine right turn at the piano pieces, even if minimal details are missing ... very minimal. The HD590 comes with a little more heat to work, as the T1. His presentation is a little different, something more intimate. Very nice. Shore - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - CD HD800 The violins are here for HD590 almost as silky as the T1. A little more covered. No one creates the brass as realistic as the HD800. T1 sounds slightly more open than the HD590 and HD800 sounds here are free and powerful, though less dark. Somehow, the HD800 is just the piece "The White Tree" to work faster and more impressive than the other. Nevertheless, both T1 and HD800 - sound here is absolutely superb and the HD590 is easily knocked off behind. Williams - Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - CD HD800 T70 = socket. Sorry. Too bad. Fox fanfare sounds powerful and realistic when HD800. When T1 something silky. ... But dark silky plus is the good leader, making him anyway-something added to the light-was less aggressive than the HD800. massiveness in the piece "Asteroid Field" brings the T1 nicely. Timpani very nice. the brass shout something and have pressed. With the HD800 you can hear more noise out. The recording is spacious. Fits. Brass really great. Right balance of aggressiveness. You sit here again with his fist in front of the music and want to tell Luke that you are his father ... The deep drumbeats of T1 brings out something more. Punch is same for both. The timpani rumbling sounds in the HD800 better because simply more realistic and powerful. T1 and HD800 here are in their own way absolutely superb. organ works have been tested with various images, can say but, overall, that the T1 the HD800 here must be beaten completely, although the T1 his cause excellent makes. As an example: Bach - BVW 565 - Label: Teldec CD: Organ Masters - CD HD800 Here, the T1 beaten. It sounds to him almost like dressing because he can lack of detail and the space is too small, in terms of width. Sounds too covered and less open. Bass is too strong and superimposed fine structures of Pfeiffenklanges. The HD800 makes everything right. Rosary - Gothic 3 Soundtrack - CD HD800 Here the T1 sounds too tame, because it worked very much with sheet metal and he delivers not require aggressiveness. the timpani are here at T1 slightly dominant, as the HD800, but also slightly less realistic. Details of the HD800 offers a few more. The T1 sounds silky, with the violins and small drums. Both are very good, but some see the HD800. Borodin - Polovtsian Dances - London Symphony Orchestra - CD HD800The T1 sounds here covered and therefore less clear compared to the HD800. The openness and size of the room is not so learn how the HD800, in which you listen to the dances with my mouth open ... not because it's too loud, but, because you have to wonder. Verdi - Requiem - Dies Irae - Solti / Vienna Philharmonic HD800 There we have it. The T1 sounds here like at its limit. Conversely, the HD800 sounds huge and open, and with more detail, absolutely brilliant. But taken as a whole it creates of all types of headphones that I have, only the K701 here halfway keep up, in about . at level of T1, but with a different approach this piece I will certainly keep it as a sort of reference in the head. Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra - Mester / Pasadena SO - CD (ART HEAD SHOT) HD800 & T1 something compact, but nonetheless huge at T1 , silkier violins. Spacious and as vast the HD800, a little more transparent, slightly better brass. Overall, both excellent! Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man - Oue / Minnesota SO - HDCD HD800 & T1 drums, gongs and drums sound here in this excellent recording both easily fit huge, the HD800 more detail and more spacious. With HD800 hear a few "extra noise" that can not be heard with the T1. Or make access to the driver of the HD800 'broken'?



CASE SOLVED: The noise is what I suspected, is actually a noise on the recording. I'm more of a silent listener and for me is the loud, what else is rather quiet to medium-loud good. 


hear the ninth time this recording I've just heard on the T1 at an even louder volume ... and then let him hear the noise is now audible even with the T1 for me. So it's definitely on top of the recording, only T1 and HD800 emphasize it differently. Now I am relieved that the HD800 but has no mechanical fault! 


Horner - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Battle in the Mutara Nebula - CD K701

The K701 is here taste my leader because it offers more punch than HD800 and T1. The HD800 shows slightly more noise and thus a little more detail, the presentation is also powerful because it provides a broader platform with better spatial distribution bass. This is based both on the K701, as well as the T1.
Darker tune the T1 fits would not be good, but the silky representation of violins for the better, compared with the more aggressive representation in HD800.The K701 comes in this piece here the balance between T1 and HD800, as for the strings. 
This piece of K701 masters as if it were intended for him. T1 and HD800 do their thing even very good, but have ultimately loses out. Bruckner - Symphony No. 7 - Karajan / Vienna Philharmonic - CD HD800 The T1: Overcast. Compact. Still sounds very nice. . Silky violins, silky sheet sounds tamer, but still realistic. With the HD800: Sounds realistic, true. More noise (Popelt since about a Viennese in the nose?). Total involvierender. When it gets hot, then the HD800 offers more detail and openness, but also plays the T1 still at very high levels. His darker presentation is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. Mendelssohn - Symphony No.1 - Abbado / London Symphony Orchestra - CD T1 A very bright image. The whole picture is silky, take the T1 at hand. Many, I think, could get used to the T1 better here. But you get used to just the HD800 presentation can draw more facets of the music, even if the recording is not a masterpiece really and the HD800 plays their part by making them presents more aggressive than necessary. But on this recording you can well something to recognize depth of headphones. I would say that the depth of the T1 is only slightly higher than the HD800, which extends also deep into the space, but it is a great deal more plays in the width, as the T1. Al Jolson - Sittin 'On the Top of the World - 192kbps MP3HD800 & T1 little more bearable with the T1 is this piece, which was recorded in the 20s. The HD800 works out some more noise and it sounds strange to say, the voice of Al concentrated. Dido - White Flag - FLAC T1 sibilants are audible with both listeners. With the HD800 something more. More unwanted noise audible with the HD800. Pleasant with the T1. The Eagles - Hotel California - CD HD800 & T1 Sounds with two very well. HD800 sounds a little less dark and he tends to be slightly sibilant. T1 sounds somewhat homogeneous. Better spatiality and stage presentation in HD800. Edith Piaf - Non, je ne regrette rien - CD HD800 T1 sounds mild and easily swallowed details of Piaf's voice. Both excellent ... HD800 taste like a fully mature and T1 as three quarters of a ripe Roquefort ... En Vogue - Don ' t Let Go - 192kbps MP3 HD800 and T1 in both good punch. HD800 sounds more open, otherwise both great. HD800 total of a little more aggressive, but not disturbing it. Accordingly T1 lame, what does not disturb. Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench - CD HD800 & T1 HD800 rocks really hard. The T1 can also only slightly tamer. But not much is significant. He sounds just a little darker. Both voices very here. Edmonson - Firefly Main Theme - FLAC T1 T1 it can somewhat lacking in space, but the HD800 works for my taste out a little too much "hoarseness" in the voice of the singer. Huey Lewis and the News - Hip to Be Square - CD HD800 & T1 sibilants with the HD800. But he hits really hard on the ****. too sibilant with the T1, but milder. By darkness less **** sculpting. voice both excellent. Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl - CD HD800T1 sounds kind is easy. HD800 open and clear. Not interfere with the two sibilants. Chis De Burgh - Lady In Red - 320kbps MP3 HD800 & T1 Both top-notch presentation, HD800 very slight sibilant compared to T1, but HD800 also offers a little more oomph. Room size is suitable for both. Joe Cocker - Summer In The City - 320kbps MP3 HD800 Here the percussion sound strange at T1. Both no annoying sibilants. HD800 sounds better, or see - in my opinion. Leona Lewis - Better In Time - FLAC HD800 & T1 T1 sounds compact. Both bar is no blunders. Punch both again very similar. No recognizable errors as far as recording it will bear. Megadeth - Duke Nukem Theme - 320kbps MP3 T1 T1 sounds darker, which fits a bit better here.Likewise, the more intimate space. Advantage over the HD800. Both rock the ****. Of the occupancy of the T1 over the HD800 here can not hear anything.Both sound clear. Morning Runner - Gone Up In Flames - 192kbps MP3 HD800 . The Brit-rock song sounds with the HD800 open and clear, easy rocking Nevertheless still weighty enough. The T1 loses here easily because he has true weight, but less rocks. Natalie Imbruglia - Torn - CD HD800Something sounds strange when T1 and bright in the voice of the singer ... less "natural." Both with sibilants. When HD800's voice sounds slightly stronger, and fuller. Otherwise both good. Nena - 99 Luftballons - 320kbps MP3 T1 Tighter fit to picture a bit better here, even the slightly darker, I think.So here the T1 sounds better to my ears. Otherwise afford both no blunders. Nick Stracker Band - A Walk In The Park - FLAC HD800 & T1 T1 sounds a little more pleasant, HD800 harder, but not distracting. Both afford any mistakes. The recording is only moderately like much. Harry Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin '- CD HD800 HD800 puts more emphasis on the voice, more details click. Both very fine, slight advantage for the HD800. REM - Losing My Religion - CD T1 The tamer of the T1 I like it here better. Afford both no error even room size of the HD800 is not a problem. Republica - Ready to Go - CD HD800 The HD800 rocks more, without losing any weight. Otherwise both excellent. Sadé - Smooth Operator - CD HD800 & T1match the song T1 is the total bit smoother, but the light coming through the sibilant vote more to advantage, but not disturbing. Both sound ultimately great. Stereophonics - Handbags And Gladrags - 320kbps MP3 HD800 total with the HD800 a bit better, because the voice is better integrated with the rest. Otherwise both top. Cardigans - Lovefool - 320kbps MP3 T1 The softer presentation plus compactness of T1 This song is better than anything Revealing and width of the HD800. Nevertheless, both sound good here, only the T1 just a little better. Proclaim - 500 Miles - CD T1 Easy height emphasizes the HD800. T1 wins with a total of more compelling presentation. Tom Petty - CD - Learning to Fly HD800 open Sounds with the HD800.Clear, without disturbing. Assigned to the T1. HD800 beautiful here. The Three Musketeers - All For One - CD HD800 & T1 & HD590 Both sound here excellent in their own way, with the slight occupancy of the T1 is but one tiny flaw that but in the end on this song is too little weight, to it can be negative.Likewise, this also the HD590 so well that I'd like to classify there. George Harrison - Set On You - 320kbps MP3 T1 The T1 has the compact representation slight advantages. Traveling Wilburys - Everybody Got Somebody - CD HD800 & T1 taste. No advantage or disadvantage here.Openness and clarity does not hurt any more than the darker more compact tuning of T1. Both super. No Doubt - Do not Speak - 320kbps MP3 HD800T1 Likewise also no clear advantage or disadvantage for both. Everyone does that right in their own way. Linkin Park - Body Crumbles - 320kbps MP3T1 significant part sibilants with the HD800. T1 sounds better here and see clearly, even if HD800 slightly more rocking sound. Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street - 320kbps MP3 HD800 HD800 When this saxophone sounds also sound like a saxophone should. When T1 Fußballtröte more like a saxophone combo ... no, simply indefinable but not saxophonig. Otherwise, both no blunders, if you like, but considering that the song actually the saxophone is "alive", the HD800 is here again. Russell Watson - Faith Often he Heart - 192kbps MP3 HD800 & T1 choir, singers, orchestra, band-wagon. Both TOP, on the way they zueigene. Meredith Brooks - Bitch - CD HD800 Lightweight sibilants in two. HD800 airy sounds, therefore T1 earthy. . Both supi ultimately, but HD800 again rocking what I like better Jack Wall - Mass Effect Theme - OGG HD800 . Slightly dröhnig and assigned the T1 The HD800 sounds open and clear, without leaving it lacking in weight, not so bright . the T70 however like a mixture of T1 and HD800 plus dosig and moved into the light. Elvis Presley - In the Ghetto - CD T1 Less noise during T1. Both make Presley's voice honor. Total T1 fits here better than the HD800. Black Sabbath - Paranoid - CD T1 The T1 is the darker the better recording. But both do a good job, considering the quality of the recording. Both rock sound, no advantage here. T1 has a slight advantage due to his vote. Frank Sinatra - New York, New York - CD HD800 The document Tere closer and the T1 is not that song. The HD800 shows the T1 here, where hangs the hammer. Very clearly, the decision. Rolling Stones - Paint It Black - CD HD800 I would not have thought, but the vote of the HD800 is better suited for receiving and song ever. But both afford not really errors. Nirvana - Lithium - CD HFI-580KH No, this song as the Ultrasone HFI-580, the punch of the HFI-580 is extremely popular and has since it bothered me S-Logic is not large , it's perfect.Slight sibilants with T1, a little more with HD800. T1 secures to the HFI-580 for second place. HD800 at the end, a potted plant wins here, even though he makes the electric guitar beautiful sound than the other two, so the song is total but better with the other. Nat King Cole - Unforgettable - CD HD800 is really in the best sense unforgettable with the HD800. The T1 is a bit behind. Nat King Cole - LOVE - CD HD800 . Both top, the swings HD800 but more because he emphasizes the instruments a little more trumpet top in both. Violins at T1 silky, which I personally feel this as a negative, because there is a slightly synthetic feel. Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade - Stokowski / London Symphony Orchestra - CD HD800 & T1 draws This superb quadraphonic recording with both headphones in different ways in the Vampire: The HD800 generally aggressive, which is very fitting. With the T1 generally bulky, which is very suitable also. taste. Both models get out here the best, without a (HD800) a lot of nerves, or other (T1) can be much away and soft washes. Schubert - Impromptus - Radu Lupu - CD HD800 , the HD800 offers a little more piano details than the T1 can. Otherwise, both equivalent to a high level and sound very nice, a bit of gentle T1. Plus the detail of the HD800 weighs too heavy to ignore it. Bach - Brandenburg Concertos - Goebel / Musica Antiqua Köln - CD HD800 & T1 Hmm ... it sounds almost perfect for HD800, only representation from the violin and slightly strange hollow. This occurs when T1 also, but is reduced as the result of his silky violin representation. Overall, the violins sound better at T1. do when space representation is both nothing and master it in their own way, and each fits very well. Only minor detail you have to make compromises in the bleaching winds when they are heard on the T1. Occasionally hollow violin representation is a less detailed handset such as the HD600 does not occur. Maybe this is a feature Instrument ... Holst - The Planets - Jupiter - Karajan / Berlin Philharmonic - CD HD800 & T1 with Strong and powerful the T1. Very easy dröhnig.Dark. Silky violins that fits here. larger room with the HD800, violins sometimes slightly unnerving. Detail. Brass beautiful. More audibility. A little less force. Both great overall. From the belly I would call up the base of T1 and every time with the brass switch on the HD800 ... and back ... Bach - Guitar suites - Williams - CD HD800 & T1 with both the guitar / lute sounds fantastic. Slightly more detail in HD800 audible . Tonal plays Silky very easily in the guitar sound on the T1. Schumann - Symphony No. 4 - Bernstein / Vienna Philharmonic - CD T1 In this recording you can hear the HD800 some more details and noise. Overall T1 convinced more here, since the recording of his charity benefited more. Brahms - Symphony No. 4 - Carlos Kleiber / Vienna Philharmonic - CD HD800 & T1 This recording I know backward and forward in her sleep and delirium, both headphones master very well.Sections of times the HD800 is at the front, then the times T1. It's all about nuances. Slightly provides more detail and openness back to the HD800, but the T1 more silkiness that fits relatively well. Woodwind both very nice. Both get an A from me. Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Koopman / Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra - CD HD800 & T1 This excellent recording sounds great with the T1. The-I think-given right against degree of string resonances of the small orchestra makes it a real pleasure. The HD800 here sounds "bigger", but also fine detail, and slightly brighter. violins again when HD800 aggressive.Depending on the time piece fits the HD800, the T1 times better. Both are here but masterfully, the HD800 a bit more in the direction of "authenticity".Pavarotti - The Best (Decca) - CD HD800 & T1 With a focus on the voice of Pavarotti, I must say that it both master blameless. Slightly more detail in the HD800, very easily, as well as the tendency to be more Sibilantenbetonung, but there is a tendency. The Police - Synchronicity - Every Breath You Take - CD T1 The T1 does this recording better than the HD800, because he pluses can collect by its dark vote. On details, it is here that is not in anyway. It sounds not horrible with the HD800, but the T1 is superior here yet and creates a more pleasant homogeneous sound. Also great the HD590 sounds in this piece, and he proves that he has a sufficient punch in the bass, but to me, the bass a shade too dominant. I like the T1 but the best.Django Reinhardt - Djangology - CD HD800 This 30s mono recordings finest European jazz 'sound amazingly over the HD800 best. Although you can hear every crack most clearly, but the presentation of the music here is rather dull recordings great advantage. The T1 obscures the dull marsh here unnecessarily longer, but its advantage is that it also reduces the noise and mitigates. So what sounds better here? It depends. Both are to be used, but to me the HD800 says more. Beethoven - Kreutzer Sonata - Perlman / Ashkenazy HD800 This is about medium sized shades. More details with the HD800. The violin sounds even better with him. The piano sounds clearer. About the like loss of control or do you both do not worry, even the brass is the T1 does not get worse, because there's just no ... HD800 wins here. Silvestri - Back to the Future - CD T1 balancing the the T1, the major well-dated compact impression of space is dominated fits perfectly here, especially in the Main Score. The HD800 is roomier. The cymbals sound fantastic in both.The different appearance of the brass and violins is also no advantage or a drawback. HD800 as usual aggressive, T1 mild. This is but whatever. Alone, the smaller space makes me say that the T1 fits better here because it HD800 for my taste when something is too sprawling. Giacchino - ROAR!(Cloverfield Soundtrack) - MP3 320kbps K701 taste. T1 and HD800 beat on the ****. HD800 something more spacious, but just as powerful. T1 slightly darker and slightly less detailed. Only K701 has more punch for **** sculpting. The K701 would be here in this piece also my winner, since no one wanted to appoint a. They all make a good job. Okay, K701 won. Hawaii Five 0 Soundtrack - 192kbps MP3 HD800 T1 sounds to me a little too tame. HD800 and T1 have again a similar punch. No, with the T1 I will not really warm. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful - MP3 192kbps HD800 The bass is the HD800 clearly revealed. The woman's voice sounds a little better with the T1 because homogeneous and slightly darker ... I think. Maybe you can hear the HD800 also artifacts from the compression. There is certainly something in the woman's voice. No idea. The song is more humor with the HD800 and I can not explain how or why ... Enya - Sail Away - MP3 320kbps HD800 sounds better because more spacious and crisp with the HD800. Since the T1 has no chance. T1 sounds however more like a Bumpfmumpfe (at the highest level!) ... Whatever I want to say ... am still on song before confused. Cindy Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - FLAC HD800 80s ... Goonies ... dreadful music, you like. Like coffee ... it may well T1. Everything is right. Synthesizer.Drums. Kreischgöre. Women's choir. No disturbing Sibianten. HD800 even more convinced. No sibilants disorder. Fits like a glove in Lauper's face ... Here I realize again that the vote of the HD800 offers more crispness than the T1. Ray Charles - In the Heat of the Night - CD HD800 T1: drumming. Ray sounds like Ray. Remaining matches. HD800: Less drone. Ray is Ray. Rest fits. Due to the increased roar of a pretty dröhnigen recording ... must lose the T1 unfortunately, even if he does nothing wrong, or nothing doing wrong. 's how it is ... "Stars with evil eyes stare from the skies ..." Belafonte at Live at Carnegie Hall - CD HD800 The HD800 can be applied here in this fantastic recording its full spatial representation. You hear noises. Everything sounds clear and like the title says-live. T1 The acts here and covered with a smaller space. Otherwise, he has no advantage, he could post for themselves. Thus, the T1 remains alone inferior because of the presentation of the HD800 ... this here in this album. Brubeck / Desmond - 1975 The Duets - CD T1 The piano sounds a bit clearer when HD800. Adequate space for both. A mix of intimate and spacious, the HD800 to the latter more, the T1 to former tending more. The alto saxophone sounds with the T1 for my taste a bit better, even with the noticeable T1 less noise. In this recording the T1 has a slight advantage over the HD800 I think. Wagner - The Mastersingers of Nuremberg - Solti / Vienna Philharmonic - Final - CD HD800 to end even a final. What's even better than me at Nuremberg sausages and the cute huge gingerbread with minimum 30% oil content seeds? Yes, the Meistersinger! "I Despise not the master!" ... yes, Wagner's texts are always fun, especially if he wants to protect "German land before welschem trinkets" ... Hans Sachs sings. Orchestra plays. Choir sings. T1 plays powerfully. Something covered. Very controlled. No sibilants that interfere. Violins something silky. Hans Sachs's voice is a little darker than the HD800. Fits. HD800 plays open. More clarity. Good control as well as in T1. Again, no sibilant that interfere. Hans Sachs is brighter, but not dark enough. Not as bright as the K701 "bass heavy". Total anything less dark compared to T1. The T1 is a bit too narrow for the large choir. The location gets a little better towards the HD800. Both listeners have their appeal and allow no big mistakes. They can both enjoy here. For me, the HD800 does but something more "correct" than the T1. I had many other recordings on the plan, but the time is not easy and I hope that I also so this could provide a reasonably well-stocked brief .



Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique - Gergiev / Vienna Philharmonic - SACD HD800

The T1's doing very well in this live recording. The violins here I liked it better on this recording with him because matching silky, yet perhaps a little too silky. 
Neither headphones sound in the violins ultimately the way I've heard the violins of the Viennese always live. Whether this is due to the recording or maybe at my idealized memory? 
The rest are designed so that they can benefit from receiving the airiness of the HD800. Woodwind sound free-if you will-that realistically formulated as the brass, the location is the HD800 marginally better. The entire Vienna Philharmonic sound when T1 moved a little more together. The control just about the crazy third set true both headphones equally sovereign. This can only be the K701, but the need to take a cut in other. HD800 brings here more details, T1 more ink and some occupancy. Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 6 - Gergiev / Vienna Philharmonic - SACD HD800 A performance of this piece with Gergiev and the Viennese I then witnessed live (Cologne Philharmonie, the front of the parquet). Live is obviously something else again, but how do here both headphones: The same thing I wrote above with Berlioz, the same applies here as well. No one can get the violins of the Vienna down so as I remember it is ... So once again time for a concert. Josh White - Blues & Ballads - CD T1 More noise when HD800. Generally these old recording is far more tolerable with the T1, the increased drone with him falling this time is not negative. Songs of the Civil War - CD HD800 Whom one has over many years always lived near militarized Americans, then one knows these songs by heart and I know how they sound when played by its military bands. For example, "Dixieland": The HD800 is the closest there ... almost do you get pleasure to have them collected himself, even as a former civilization ... how convenient that there is no Confederate more! Roy Orbinson - The Greatest Hits - CD HD800 & T1 Sturgeons sibilants in both headphones and some pieces. Other pieces come better with the HD800, because within the singer's voice better here / mature sounds as with the T1. On the other hand emphasizes the HD800, the instruments in turn other pieces more, where the T1 will fit better. HD590 wins here unexpectedly even a potted plant, not just the T70. . As HD800 and T1 their cause do better because I hear such music about once every ten years, but I see here only as vague and strange, especially (bad?) but some of the albums recording quality. Symphonic Star Trek - Kunzel / Cincinnati Pops - CD HD800 This recording looks very good with the T1 really very busy and almost blurry compared to the HD800. Here I would even place the K701 before T1. Especially with Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek fanfare you realize this clearly. To say it with Spock: The HD800 sounds really ... fascinating. Beam me up, Scotty! The Fantastic Stokowski - Kunzel / Cincinnati Pops - CD HD800 & T1 same orchestra, conductor itself, different situation. The T1 can play to some pieces its massiveness. The HD800 his power. Thus, in the orchestral adaptation of Rachmaninoff's piano piece as on this CD. Both excellent. Taste me the HD800 is better, but still win both because here they simply superb sound. Elgar - Pomp and Circumstances - Barenboim / London Philharmonic Orchestra - CD HD800 in the Royal Albert Hall on a regular basis in London, where the best, here put on CD as Studio shot with pepper in the ass. The HD800 sounds here in this agitated and exciting piece again "faster" than it does the T1. The T1's doing all right, but the larger space allows at the same time as great a triumph control the HD800 ... "Land of Hope and Glory ...". Again to HDCD Copland / Fanfare of the Common Man: HD800 & T1 Both listeners sound phenomenal here . HD800 further and more detailed. The occupancy of the T1 is minimal to advantage, but not negative. That may well be that this recording is absolutely crystal clear reference recording really and self again that beats what else under the lable "Reference Recordings" is heard.Schumann - Dichterliebe - Wunderlich / Giesen - CD HD800 "In the lovely month of May ... " Too bad I was not born until the early 80s ... I would have loved Fritz Wunderlich heard live, but it was a staircase and the time I was in the way ... With no headphones I ever heard this piece, his voice is so beautiful as with the HD800. The T1 is here too. Zaz - Ni Oui Ni Non - 239kbps MP3 HD800 & T1 Very good to make the T1. Likewise the HD800. Both sound very good here, T1 something darker, but does not interfere. Slightly crisp sounds of the HD800. Both have no disturbing sibilants. Bach - Violin Concerto No.1 - Hillary Hahn / Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra - CD HD800 & T1 is heard more details in the violin sound with the HD800. The spatial effect is with the HD800 also separated, but still within, without the inclusion dissolves into their instrumental parts. Unlike Mozart recording of the 80s with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra (previously tested in the long post by me ), there is no clear advantage for the HD800. Other sound engineer? ? Another incident , the OCO absorption of DG's my chamber music reference, because-although was taken older-better, even though this record is not bad here. Both handset win here. Brahms - Piano Concerto No.1 - Emil Gilels / Berlin Philharmonic - CD HD800 back the old game. Force on the side of T1. Heaviness as well. The Force is with this piece, the absolute subtlety combines with brute force, again with the HD800. But the violins sound with the T1 a bit nicer, I think. David Arnold - Wing Commander Overture - 320kbps MP3 HD800 sounding This military-heroic the fantastic piece of brass work with the HD800. This creates the T1 and can not counter this with its vehemence. Both sound very good here. But because of the sheet the issue goes to the HD800. Just to use a different terminology: the T1 sounds like the piece thump-thump. When big BANG-HD800 big BANG. Come now the men in the white coats to me? Lovin 'Spoonful - Summer In The City - 320kbps MP3 HD650 . sibilants that bother some Amazingly, at T1. HD800 not so much, this is not just tolerable and offers at this relatively crummy recording also amazingly better presentation. The HD650 is but in this case, the einstampft them both (and others) by his very impressive presentation. AmyMacDonald - This Is the Life - FLAC HD800 & T1 & K701 sibilants everywhere. And they annoy? Yes and no ... or as the lawyer says, "That depends ..." The best presentation of this song delivers the HD800. But this also delivers the sharpest sibilants that are still just as comfortable. The K701 and T1 - each in their own way - from mild fall in the sibilants, the K701 also milder than the T1, which reaches almost to the HD800 here zoom. In their way, the song all three headphones present beautifully, resulting in three winning result here.crispness The K701 is the higher. This I believe will benefit after the song but do not. HD650 and HD590 do their job well here, but ultimately they have to leave the field to the other, the slightly better sound and "pure".



Edge of Ettiquette - I hate you (from Star Trek IV) ALL PHONES

Very bad recording. With all types of headphones sounds beschi uh ... excellent. 
For conciliatory statements have here in this song won all headphones. 
Since the punk shows but like his middle finger ...020


IMHO the final result:


Overall the HD800 wins over the T1.

Differences are often only marginally, but sometimes that is fairly huge.

In some cases , though, the T1 wins over the HD800.

I could be happy with both, but decided to go with the HD800s.

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I salute you!!!

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Easy choice for me. When I had both, I thought the HD800s were clearly superior to the Beyer T1s (even after the T1s were recabled).

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Well swmbo has given me the green light to get a pair of HD800's just after Xmas...well it is my birthday in Jan...biggrin.gif looking forward to getting these now...smily_headphones1.gif
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i have a simple querry... i have a budget of about 2k$ which would also include shipping etc..... should i buy something like hd800 with would only leave me a small amount for amp and dac combo, something like o2/odac combo or audio-gd nfb 11.32... or should i go with a lesser headphone like he500 and buy a powerful amp like schiit lyr and a dac etc.... which should i choose? i am interested in music with a lot of flute and violin with these... i have plenty of fun headphones for other purposes... o2/odac are known as good entry level equipment which is very neutral but i doubt that it will mask the brightness of hd800's detailed treble... and also that they are okay with hd800 if not good...

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Originally Posted by h4mm3r 0f th0r View Post

i have a simple querry... i have a budget of about 2k$ which would also include shipping etc..... should i buy something like hd800 with would only leave me a small amount for amp and dac combo, something like o2/odac combo or audio-gd nfb 11.32... or should i go with a lesser headphone like he500 and buy a powerful amp like schiit lyr and a dac etc.... which should i choose? i am interested in music with a lot of flute and violin with these... i have plenty of fun headphones for other purposes... o2/odac are known as good entry level equipment which is very neutral but i doubt that it will mask the brightness of hd800's detailed treble... and also that they are okay with hd800 if not good...


Although the HD800 are better headphones, I'd recommend the HE500 in your case. They're way more forgiving, and IMO, sound better with lower quality South Asian recordings (which seem to be widely prevalent).


The Senns won't begin to sound significantly better without a matching supporting cast, and the O2/ODAC don't fit the bill.

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