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So my current phone, the ATT Tilt, is dying a slow, painful excruciating death. The buttons are becoming less responsive, the keyboard wont register alot of my keystrokes. It refuses to charge by anything but my external battery. And without my cell phone, i have no life lol. So today i ordered a brand spankin new E63. Itll be here tomorrow because i got 1 day shipping. 218$ for the phone and shipping, also has a 50$ MIR. Will post pics when i get it in my grubby hands lol. So i thought since we didnt have a nokia thread, and symbian is the most widely used mobile OS in the world, that i would dedicate a thread to them.

I know next to nothing about symbian, but i will learn, So for everyone else, post pics of your nokia phones, and tell us about your favorite software for symbian and post links! Im sure this will help tons of people out, including me, to start making the most of out of our devices!!

For anyone considering buying a Nokia with symbian, ask me questions and ill do my best to answer them when i get mine!
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When I was with Tmobile I always had Nokia phones.

3220, 6230, 6131, 6233 - they were the bomb.

When I switched to Verizon I got stuck with mostly LG and Moto models. I do miss Nokia, good phones.
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Awaiting N86 8MP version and N97 pictures from some very lucky lurker somewhere.

God damn I wish I had one of those to fool around with. That said, I really like Nokia phones, albeit I have a G1 and like it to an equal or greater extent :P
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I have an N85 and have been using it for a while. I plan or picking up either the N86 or N97 when they come out. I really love it. The user interfaces are all great. I started buying unlocked phones in the Philippines and moved up to buying them in the states. It seems like that sometimes not everything is supported as much as it should be in the states. There are some apps that I install and they just wont work, but they are obviously not written in the US and would usually not be used here.

This summer I plan on picking up an 8800 Chinese knockoff while I am in southest asia.
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i have a E71 which I've used alot, every day since I got it. I use mainly the built in email for 2 gmail accounts, also got my windows live on there, 3 network email account. I'm on Skype and Windows live messenger all the time.

Other apps, Gmail, Worldmate, google maps, yahoo!.
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Unlocked N95 for life! Yaaaaa.

Seriously as much as it cost it better last another two years.
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Have the much maligned Nokia N96.

I do not remember using any other phone than the Nokias. I am on At&t and have had 6600, N75. The N75 pretty much sucked, had horrible battery life.

I like my N96 so far.
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So i got my e63 and i love it so far! Best apps ive used so far is Divx Player, Skyfire, SMS Preview (from Ovi store) and Calcium (calculator). MANY more apps to come lol. Coming from a Windows Mobile/Android device, i can say that this is super snappy, apps load in a fraction of the time it took windows mobile editions of the apps to load. Multitasking is pretty good, cant say much since i havent put it to much use yet, the default browser is amazing, full flash support(ish) plays youtube videos in the webbrowser, but for flash content, skyfire cant be beat. Headphone out is surprisingly good, there is some hissing, but its barely noticeable when playing music. The loudspeaker on the phone is very loud and clear. Music sounds pretty good coming from it, but its not gonna replace your speaker system yet. Build Quality is absolutely fantastic, keyboards gonna take a bit to get used to it, the keys are much smaller then my tilts keyboard which is double the e63s keyboard.

Pics will be up soon, been a lil busy lol. Any questions, feel free to ask! I will definitely add more impressions later! Also, is there any better video player that plays .avi and .divx files then Divx Player?
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Just got an E71x (AT&T branded E71) for $99.99 after $50 rebate. I don't have a data plan, but I can use Wi-Fi whenever I have it. Such a great change from Windows Mobile.

I get very good battery life. The keyboard's great too.
AT&T did lock it down a bit (ringtone size limit being one of the more annoying things), however with time I'm sure most/all of it will be removable. There's already a way to delete all of their proprietary software and trial software. I haven't really felt limited by much on the phone. I think most that felt limited were trying it in comparison to their E71's. Idle screen personalization isn't the same, but this, amongst some other changes made, really haven't bothered me.

So far I've installed fring, Mobbler, Youtube app (don't really need it), Google Maps, Palringo, and Skyfire. I've also installed GPFce and PicoDrive (nes and sega emulators). I'd really like to try out threaded messaging, but Conversation isn't compatible with the phone yet, and Free-iSMS (which I understand is very good) must be signed.
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Heres the pics i promised

And thanks pyro, mobbler was exactly what i was looking for
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just got a 5800. hoping nokia have improved over time. i *think* they've managed to patch up bluetooth security as symbian was the one that got viruses (win-mob simply to basic for this, other phones just carry .sis & give 'em to symbian - or used to). only thing that niggled me with nokia was the plasticness, i've been SE for a while & imo these have declined in quality so. also i found SE phones work well in some areas but not others (weak antenna) & that nokias reception is better. hope this proves correct!
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I've had an E71 for about 6 months now and really like it, especially having come from a windows mobile based phone which was an absolute POS. Don't have too many extra apps on there - just Nimbuzz for Skype, Quickoffice lets me do what I need to with Windows docs (no need for full windows OS), Viewranger is an awesome GPS app using OS maps (UK). The only think I don't like about it is the 2.5mm headphone jack... Got some of the better Nokia headphones for it (pre-Headfi) which sound OK, but the adapter and I think actual jack in the phone is getting a bit shonky.

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Two of my more memorable Nokia phones were the 6230 and the 3650.. The 6230 being one of my favorite phones of all time. It did everything it was supposed to.

I now have a HTC Diamond (Sprint) that sometimes I wish was just a "simple" Nokia.
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Whoa, lots of 6230 fans here, I love and still use my 6230i. The best phone ever.
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RYCeT.. I don't know what new phone would feed my need for the simplicity of the 6230.. how good audio was.. reception, but with updated photo quality and simple web features for need to know info (maybe a built in gps??)
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