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I think Fitz may have/had more pairs than this.

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^ Really you need all those?  All it takes is someone to man up and sell for $600 and the spell will be broken!

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Well Fitz must surely love his K1000. I would never dream of owning that many pairs of the same headphone/earspeaker. 

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Holy cow!  That's a lot of K1000s.  I wouldn't mind having two of those myself 

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Well I guess we have to wait for the numbers, but it seems as if Senn and Beyer are managing to sell the HD800 and T1 respectively, despite such a high price. I guess people weren't interested in the K1000 back then, or AKG thought they needed to price them quite low to get the sales up, and ended up losing money because of it. Either way, they're part of Harman now, who would much rather sell to the mass market, not to mention that AKG would get criticism if they started manufacturing and selling the K1000 again unless the price was at least as low as when it was originally sold (which would probably result in a loss anyhow, just by the cost involved in getting them back into production).

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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post

Ishcabible, this is the same guy who has been asking people to mail him a HD-800, Beta22, and other high-end gear so he can try them out before buying.

yeah, this was also the same guy asking for a donation of a pair of hd650, while he was trying to sell a pair of hd600.

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Originally Posted by stang View Post

Well Fitz must surely love his K1000. I would never dream of owning that many pairs of the same headphone/earspeaker. 


Not just K1000, other AKGs too. Go here to see a small part of the rest of his collection.

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Haha wow. He has quite a collection 

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Originally Posted by stang View Post

Well Fitz must surely love his K1000. I would never dream of owning that many pairs of the same headphone/earspeaker. 

No, I don't really like the K1000 all that much.

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Dear Stang,

    I am considering to buy one AKG K1000, do you consider sell one of yours.

    I heard that there was 2 version : bass heavy and the other one not so bass heavy

    What is the difference in term of sQ, built , price?

    What is the price in the market right now and how can I get one if you don't want to sell


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I only have one K1000 (that picture is of another member's K1000 collection). I have the bass light version, and to me, they do have plenty of bass for my tastes. Sometimes even too much if listening to the likes of trance with the volume up. I would sell them to you, but their condition is terrible. Technically they are not mine, but Patrick82's on long term loan. He wants to sell them, but I cannot afford them and I do not think anyone else would want to buy them. They usually go for about $900-$1200 depending on serial number, condition and accessories included. The bass heavy K1000 and bass light look the same, just the bass heavy has more bass fwir.
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The question is ....WHY ?

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Originally Posted by charliex View Post

The question is ....WHY ?

Haha are you referring to my previous post? If so, what part of it? (I think I may know but I don't wanna go out on a limb here tongue.gif)
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Dear Stang,

     Is it safe to buy the AKG K1000 from european site?

    What is the approximate present price of the AKG K 1000?

    I heard that it is most appropriately driven by the speaker adapter cable to the redwine audio signature 30.2

is it correct, and will the ZDT with silver reference transformer be able to drive them.

     Do we need to recable them and if you think we should what is the most appropriate to be used?

Thanks in advanced,


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Yes it is safe to buy K1000 from European sites. The german ebay usually has a couple, and the K1000 usually appear here in the For Sale forum. Not too sure on the present price, but anything under $900 is a bargain and anything over $1200 is getting expensive. The Redwine Audio Signature 30.2 is supposed to be amazing with the K1000 fwir. Speaker amplifiers work best with K1000 fwir. A good recable would be something like the Stefan AudioArt Equinox. Quite popular on the K1000. Alex at APureSound also does some wonderful work. For the recable, I would recommend SPC, judiging by the sound og the K1000, SPC would probably be best, then pure copper and then pure silver. Pure copper might add too much warmth to the overall sound and won't be as detailed as silver. Pure silver may make the K1000 sound too bright and detailed (yes, that is possible if you want a relaxing listen, not an analytical one). Silver plated copper should have a mix of the two. Making the overall sound smooth and enjoyable, while preserving detail.

The ZDT should do a good job. Here and here are a couple comments on it with K1000. If you don't already have the ZDT, I would purchase the RWA Signature 30.2, as it is supposed to be pretty much the amp for the K1000, besides the Firstwatt F1, which is very difficult to get these days (i have heard of people who have DIY a clone, however).
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