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Another beyer woody: The Chocolate

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I just can't help myself, i love how these things look woodied, so i keep wood'ing them Thanks people for all suggestions in this thread
Those were genuine leather cognac pads, before i treated them with leather conditioner(great tip\advice by Skylab) I also made the matching headband since stock is so ugly.

Later i decided that black\mahogany combination headband look better than whole mahogany.

The cup:

The Chocolate!

And the best part-the plastic buttons with same grainy pattern as the main plastic housing:

Also, i poke holes on the underside of the pads:
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Beautiful work. Those are lovely to look at, I'm sure they sound as good as they look!
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Wow, looks nice!
I assume this is another DT770 '05?
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No, this time it's DT 770\80
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Great Job QQQ, work of art there!
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Originally Posted by QQQ View Post
No, this time it's DT 770\80
Did you use the '05 headbandlock things (wich say beyerdynamic R and beyerdynamic L)?
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No, those are new desing DT 770\80 which use the same headband slots as customer version now. But the "forks" which hold the cup are black(silver in customer versions).
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Wow, excellent matching colors...
Great Job!
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ouh, the headband looks money!

so it's a consumer headband w/ the more narrow Pro forks? frankenbeyer in a sort
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Nice work! Enjoy them.
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That looks very good. Why did you make holes in the pads?
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Those holes are supposed to be there. Manufaktur pads which are for music listening headphones have them. The aviation pads haven't. The reason it sound better with holes because sound waves\reflections which go from the cup through the white acoustic screen are soaked by the foam inside the pad and when there're no holes they just "bump" and reflect off the solid plasticky surface.
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This is pure unadulterated online hardcore headphone sex.
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It look beautiful and vintage ! Looks like a audiophile can from 40'

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Although I voted right on your thread, these are simply stunning! Congrats and hope they sound as great as they look!
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