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What i hear as improvements vaguely in my sony speakers is much more notable in the h-p context of the Sennheiser 600s.
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In a posting quite a few pages back someone mentioned they were'nt having success at recording a full SACD & I'm not sure if anyone passed on this information so here goes. The Korg MR1 can only record so many minutes according to how much free HDD space is available at the time of the recording. To record a 70min SACD to DFF or DSF you should have about 4 gigs(3&1/2 at a min.) free drive space available as the MR1 will only record 22mins. of music per gig of drive space. The formula is more or less time for the other available formats. The bottom line is you have to calculate how much space you need to free up before you start recording. All this is covered in the Owners Manual(But some of us misplace these things after the "newness" of these things wears off a bit! He He He!) If you already figured this out as Emily Latella would say "Nevermind"
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Am I alone trying active speakers. getting nice results.
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Originally Posted by oghoter View Post
Am I alone trying active speakers. getting nice results.
Not to put a damper on your enthusiasm for your active speakers, you may get more dialogue on them in one of the other forums over here as this is the "Portable Source Gear" Forum. (I do the same thing when I'm in these forums & then wonder why responses are slow to come by. You would think it really should'nt matter that much the way threads devolve into totally different subject discussions, I guess sometimes it does. One thing to consider ;a lot of posters are really "hung up" on what they consider "portable" to the point they are looking for "ultra portable" over here! Calling the Korg MR1 a " brick" is pretty funny to me , but I've seen it referred to as such!)
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Enjoyable brick - ?
Agree with you Podtweaker the Mr1 is not the ultimate in portability. But then again in sound quality. I can only compare my early pcm outtakes (a creative 96/24 box) and in that context the mr1 is great. Possibly other things are greater. My output combo Audiotailor Jade + Sennheiser HD600 or Sony active Sony SRS ZX-1 speakers remains - you need a good listening context to decide.
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Enjoyable - works very well on Donovan Jersey thursday - and many recordings. Possibly the best today.
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Samsung SSD recommendation

Finally managed to replace my Hitachi 20Gb HD with a (very rare these days) Samsung 64Gb SSD from eBay.
Comparing power requirements, I think my battery life as player and recorder should be *significantly* improved:

Startup 1.4W vs 0W
Idle 0.25W vs 0.035W
Active Idle 0.4W vs 0.035W
Seek 1.1W vs 0W
Read/Write 1.0/1.0W vs 0.04/0.19W
Standby 0.08W vs 0.035W
Sleep 0.07W vs 0.015W

I highly recommend one of these if you can find one. It works perfectly.

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I am enjoying my DSD recordings. For me, it means I can listen to higher resolution music mainly from my main vinyl rig. It makes this more portable, although the replica isnt perfect. Now, however, i've got a problem.
The 80gb disk surely suits the recorder better than the skimpy 20gb it came with. Yet I get frequent disk errors, recording from LPs. Usually, these are fixed by soft resets, but I have to do the last recording once more, and this has become frequent. Not sure why.
I have been wondering if it has to do with the Korg's software. After 1gig it makes a new file. Is this where it gets into problems with the new, larger disk? I have not tested this fully yet, but so far, it seems that if I stop the recording before 15 minutes or what is it, the 1 gb limit of the dsd file, things are ok, but if not, the recorder hangs, I have to soft reset, and do it again. Suggestions welcome.
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Toshiba 8025GAL vs Hitachi

Startup 1.8W vs 1.4W
Idle 0.3W vs 0.25W
Active Idle 0.4W
Seek 1.1W
Read/Write 1.0/1.0W
Standby 0.12W vs 0.08W
Sleep 0.07W

The drive requires more power than the original, at spin up and standby/idle but in actual use it appears all but identical. It sounds like a less severe version of the problems a couple of us had with SSDs. I had attributed it to the speed of the drive (or lack of) but when I replaced it with the Samsung, I noticed that I'd put the cable in upside down at the korg end having used a new cable. Goodness knows how it was working at all!

Anyway, I successfully recorded for 27 minutes with the Samsung drive.

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Thanks Faye!

I record with the device connected to the mains through the standard transformer.

Yesterday I thought I had my troubles nailed to a software/hd integration problem - it cant create new file on the disk, after the first. Go below 16 or so minutes of dff/dsd recording, and the 80gig disk functions ok - but dont reach the gigabyte point where the software splits files. Going beyond - 18-20 minutes - I had to reset many times.

Yet today, I've found out that if I just let the Mr1 run, recording for 25 minutes or more, I can turn it off ok (it does not hang) and the recordings (several files) are ok. Strange. Will report more later. The next weeks, I will use it for playback only, and so far, I have had zero problems on that front.
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Update, today it hung on shutting down a 10 minutes recording, contradicting the theory, and once around 18 minutes, while most recordings went fine, failure rate, one in three or so.
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Thinking about converting my MR-1 to a CF drive. I have the CF adapter and was hoping I can get a recommendation on which CF card to use. Want to go to a 32gb CF card and need to know which brand/type is the most compatible, etc.


Mark M
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Here are some CF card that know it can work.

Transcend CF 16GB 133X
PhotoFast CF 32GB 333X

- Sandisk EXTREME III 32GB
- Pretec 233X 32GB
- Transcend 133X 32GB

But I like to use SSD which might provide better sound than CF and HD.
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Change to SSD(super Talent).
The hiss is gone with better power.

But less emotion on sound of Human
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Podtweaker wrote, "You would think it really should'nt matter that much the way threads devolve into totally different subject discussions, I guess sometimes it does."
Indeed, any good subject evolves to new ones, active speakers for example. My Sony active speakers work very well with the Korg mr1 using Jade in between. No problem. Is this off topic? Perhaps and then perhaps not. To record well, you need good auditioning tools, and here is one.
My disk problems seem to have diminished. They only happen during recording, playback is ok, and since it is only once in a while, i am willing to forget it in favour of the pre's of the larger disk. Faye, this could have to do with some of the numbers you gave, but i dont know how to test.
Has anyone heard the sound difference mr1 and double speek dsd in the 2000s?
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