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What I meant was that Channel Classics are engineering some of the best recordings in terms of "representational recordings" of live performance sound. My player is a fixed line level source. The input sensitivty of the Korg. is high enough to record directly from most line level sources, the exception to this is probably phono which needs more gain in general. I'm not currently using my best interconnect cables at this point as I had to make up my own rca to mono mini pins cable scheme. This is very encouraging as I will develop that setup parameter significantly, eventually. The pin line input connections could probably be improved upon. I really have to give some credit to analog output stage of my Sony scd333-es player(I would love to be using my Marantz SA8001 but I got disgusted w/ trying to get past the "NO Disc" bug & just disconnected it! Yeah I might purchase another Marantz product!!!) As far as recording place markings & whatever I'm not concerned w/ accessing these as I record a SACD(or albums, if I get ambitious again) as a whole! I was never a "drop the needle" kind of person even in my vinyl days(always considered it unnecessary wear & tear) If I were using a gain stage in front of the Korg(In this case,your pre-amp) I think I would try setting the rec level on the Korg to 0db & experiment w/ the pre-amp settings. The fewer the adjustment controls used the easier to control your results. remember the simple rule & then go from there if necessary.
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another user mod to 32gb compact flash.
here is the link:

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If you are working with big files (like dsd recordings), and copying turns really slow, it may be because Windows has tuned town the hd performance. Found this fix, worked for me (in XP).
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Guys, I picked up a CF to 1.8" ZIF adapter:

CF to 1.8 ZIF Hitachi Toshiba SSD Hard Drive Enclosure - eBay (item 220440173159 end time Jul-22-09 11:49:20 PDT)

and will try it out with a 32gb CF card I have (currently in my iRiver). I'm wondering, however, if an SSD might work even better? I'm thinking specifically about the Runcore 64gb SSD:

RunCore 64GB Pro 1.8" 5mm PATA Zif SSD for Sony P and HP Mini 1000 - BACKORDER RunCore 64GB Pro 1.8" 5mm PATA Zif Solid State Drive SSD Detail Page

Any reason why something like this wouldn't work? Dimensions look ok and its got a standard ZIF connector. Gets real close to the 80gb hard drive size but has the advantage of being solid state.

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Sadly, the DSD_DISKs made by the new version of Audiogate will not play on my Oppo 981. "Future-proof" = locked?
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Any one on this board had any luck yet with a storage upgrade? I'm still waiting on my CF converter, but I'll report as soon as I get it and try it with my 32gb card.

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Originally Posted by oghoter View Post
Sadly, the DSD_DISKs made by the new version of Audiogate will not play on my Oppo 981. "Future-proof" = locked?
I don't know how true this is but the new Sony SACD player (SCD-XA5400ES) will play these disks. I believe I saw something about that in a Korg MR-1 thread a while back on AudioAsylum. Unfortunately we are talking about a huge price difference as the Sony costs 6 to 7 times what the Oppo does. The Sony still looks interesting to me as reports from users has been very positive. (I was a little puzzled about the "DSD-DISKs" until I remembered that you were archiving your vinyl)
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The Transcend 133x 32GB is working like a charm. I ended up with this converter:

1.8" ZIF/CE hard drive disk hdd to CF adapter card O - eBay (item 220438594544 end time Jul-20-09 02:01:15 PDT)

It costs a little more than the Hong Kong adapters, but it gets to you a heck of a lot quicker, if you're in the U.S. It also comes with two cables. I used the one with blue on both ends.

It fits perfectly in the case. I used a piece of anti-static bag from a hard drive I had, to put between the converter and the Korg's internals. Not sure if you need this but I figured I might as well.

Anyway, I turned it on and it immediately worked. I had formatted the CF card as FAT32 before beginning the process and then formatted it again (using the Korg utility) once I turned on the Korg.

I'd really like to try the 64GB CF card from Pretec, but that sucker is pricey! I wish flac files were supported, WAV's are big!!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask away!

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what amps do you use with Korg?
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Gratulations Jdubs! I managed to harm the zif cable at the HDD end, very easy to do (and to put it in the wrong way), but I hope to get the Toshiba 80 gb working soon. If the disk isn't FAT32 formatted, this seems to be the first thing to do (connect Korg to the usb port before turning it on). If it is bigger than 32 gb Windws xp cant do it and you will need some special program (I have Acronis).

Ziteck, the Audiotailor Jade OTL headphone amp with Senn 600 headphones certainly sounds great. Some days ago I compared with my Ming Da mc34 triode amp through Aurum Cantus speakers - good, but not as clear as the OTL. I feel OTL complements the DSD sound very well. So I would look in a good tube amp or OTL direction. The ideal for portable and headphone use might be a Korg-size box. Audiotailor makes a s-state version of the OTL that fits the size, but the sound is not in the same league. See Audiotailor Jade thread in this forum.
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Oghoter, are you sure you will have to format this HDD (mk8025gal) to FAT32 via your PC? I'm wondering if you can simply press in the reset button on side panel below the volume buttons(a small circular hole) before you turn on the Korg. The directions concerning the "HDD Format" function in the system menu is'nt really clear as to what this will actually do! I've copied all the folders on my MR-1 to folders on my PC. I'm curious as to why XP would'nt be able to format this HDD to FAT 32, having to purchase a program to accomplish this conversion is not appealing to me at all! Anyone, with any more insight on what we actually have to do please let us know! (I'm picking up my mk8025gal tomorrow) Thanks!
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Podtweaker may be right, the Korg will do the formatting itself. Has anyone tested? The point with Windows XP is just that it doesnt allow to format a FAT32 partition larger than 32 gb, although workarounds exist, see Limitations of the FAT32 File System in Windows XP
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I'm stuck, suggestions are extremely appreciated at this point,here is the current situation. I replaced the stock 20g Hitachi HDD w/ a Toshiba 80g HDD mk8025gal . I closed the player back up.It was a slightly tight fit to close the case so the side panels fit correctly,but only slightly. At this point I crossed my fingers (apparently I did'nt cross them them tight enough) & turned on the player. The start up screen appears "System Ver 1.5.1 Korg MR-1 1-Bit MOBILE RECORDER" but remains in a static mode & none of the function buttons will affect any change to this screen. The power switch will not turn off the player in order to turn it off the reset button below the vol buttons must be pressed through the access hole. If connect the usb cable to my computer & boot the player up the player will go into USB Slave Mode Don't disconnect USB cable ,but the computer does'nt recognize the Korg MR-1 & assign it as a local disk designation. When I press the "P" control button to exit the slave mode the screen will remain on "USB Slave Mode Waiting (moving clock icon). Once again the only way to stop this static mode (like the others) is to again press the reset button through the access hole! At this point I am leaving it hooked up to the usb cable (plugged into the a/c adapter of course) connected to my computer for the time being until someone can suggest a course of action to try . Once again , I would greatly appreciate some suggestions ! Thanks,
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Same thing happened to me. Did you connect the white end (assuming you use the blue-to-white zif cable) the right way (white facing up, towards the hdd lock, like the Tosh sticker side, when Korg is laying face down)? I managed to do it the wrong way, first, and now i have to wait for new cable since the connector strips got damaged. Strange thing was, Korg sometimes got to the next screen ("no fat32" or similar), but every time I closed the case, it hang on the startup screen. If your battery is low, it may stay stuck at the startup screen, try with the mains cable in place. If this doesn't work - hmm - try to put the zif cable JUST right, without closing the case, do you hear the hdd starting/stopping? If there is no sign of life, the cable probably isnt right. Assuming the hdd is ok.
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I think you may be right that the problem is the zif cable. The good news is that everything still works fine when you re-attach the original HDD. The zif cables that I got were the 5 blue & white,5 blue & blue from era.ele (Or something like that). They are about 2" in length. I remembered that I noticed of that the orientation of the motherboard connection is with the foil bars of the cable facing up from various pictures here & the original drive is connected this way also. I don't know if it is a matter of this cable becoming damaged(unless it was from a fold too many on the first one I tried). I'm curious as to why it is just a bit more difficult to close the case w/ the new drive connected according to the dimmensions on Span they are supposedly the same size. If possible maybe you could get Charles over at Luna to tell us how he got things to work with this drive . Maybe that zif flex he is using is different from the ones we are using. Thanks for getting back to me, hopefully we can get these things running w/ larger HDDs before we have to settle for only slightly larger CF capacity.
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