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Bummer, would have been nice to see an anniversary edition…
Sometimes I wonder if its worth selling the Mz-M200 and just get pratical with the X

I love the MD though.
I feel that I would just miss it if I did sell it.
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I love my MD. I like it mostly for the sound signature - I can export my own preset analogue modelling from my player to my portable recorder, rather than ripping the original file. I get to choose how much bass and treble goes on to the rip. I am a bass addict and have yet to find an MP3 player that can match the sound of a Sony MD with my own bass presets burnt over the original file. It's also visceral, you have to insert a disc into a player and so on. And all that stuff about actually listening to the music I spend time recording to disc counts too. When using an MP3 player I might transfer 10 albums, listen to 5 songs, decide I am bored with that playlist and then wipe the drive clean. Waste of time and effort. With MD I actually listen to the music I transfer.

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I too have to admit I love my MD players.  So much so that in the last 2 weeks I purchased 2 more,  the EH930 and the RH1/MZ 200.  Right now compared to my RH10 the EH 930 has a slight edge in SQ.  Still waiting on the RH1. Having a REALLY tough time determining if the EH sounds better than the RH10 when run through a RSA Hornet. 


Also agree with Zielwolf on the visceral quality of MD versus a MP3 player. I'm the same way, I listen more with MD than skipping through albums on my mp3 player.

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I switched in 2006 and I miss MD sometimes, but not titling and not disk breakage, nor really the SQ. Nowadays, Sony's MD are considered 'good SQ', but back in the day, they were like Apple, the biggest and the one that cool non-conformists didn't buy. We, the non-Sony guys lamented on Sony's stringy sound and we bought Panasonic, Sharp, and Kenwood. Of course everyone used the same ATRAC decoders, but the signal processing in 20bit for the Sharp and the 24-bit for the Panasonic were what drove the SQ debate.


Today, MD would be even more eye-catching than it was in North America back in 2000 or 2001 because back then, the MD wasn't a far cry from a CD. But today, everyone is using flash-based players or HD players. If I had one, I'd change disks as blatantly as possible to 'show' that I'm part of another group. I do miss the fact that I knew more about my music back then. That is because I titled everything myself, but god, it took forever with the titler remote or the unit body.


I like the Styling of the MZR37 and the R1, but apart from that, Sony really missed the boat unless you look at their older stuff like 1996-1999 designs. I was using and loving for 7 years, but no more. SQ on some units is actually quite good, but the problem is the ATRAC encoder that gives preference to thick, bassy sound. Some say that it sounds better than CD - that is an obvious tip off that the encoder is doing something it shouldn't. Whether you like it or not, the truth is that versus modern MP3 or other encoders, it is less true to the original CD sound, but again, if you like that sound a lot, then so be it. I loved it at the time, but not after really comparing its sound to the source and then to modern MP3 encoders.

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I love my Hi-MD MiniDisc devices! I feed them bit-perfect 1.4Mbps goodness from the original PCM on CD via my bookshelf systems / SimpleBurner or from FLAC via CD imaging + SB.


However, I am working on a DIYFlashMod 5.5G iPod and seriously hope it will sound tons better than the stock 5.5G, which has really mediocre SQ.

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Love my mindisc player (an old netmd), and I'm always on the lookout for old discs since I've misplaced the 20 or so blanks I did have.

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Even though I have a lot of other good portable players I still use the hell out of my Sony Minidisc MZ-NF610. the only thing I find frustrating is how long it takes songs to transfer from my computer to the player,but then I have to remember how old the technology is. I especially love that I can make a comp and then if i decide to change the tracks around (i.e. move the first track down to say the tenth spot and move the third song to the opening cut) I can do it with just a few drag and drops.also its kind of annoying to have a character limit,but oh well.I mean for the great sound quality its worth the limitations.sure it's sort of bulky compared to my Sony E and F series mp3 players,but there's just something about the mini disc format that is so novel in a  future-retro kind of james bond/maxwell smart/dick tracy way .I wish I had the wired remote for mine but my player was a gift from a friend who was otherwise gonna toss it,and i couldn't let that happen.this was over 5 years ago and I still use it regularly.i love the fact it takes a single AA battery,wish the Sony Mp3 players had that ability vs "oh the battery died? throw it out and buy another". Maybe I'm old fashioned but I don't feel compelled to have the latest and greatest player every six months,I just want something reliable that is durable and sounds great,and the Mini Disc player is all that and a bag (or rather box) of (computer) chips :o2smile:


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"I love minidisc - is that weird?"

Not weird at all. Sony always over-engineers for quality. BetaMax was and is superior to VHS tape when compared head-to-head back in 1978-1983. I would expect they have high-quality output stages for the MiniDisc and may even have addressed jitter issues.

I have a 1982 bootleg live tape>flac of a band and it was done on a portable Elcaset (1976-1980) and it sounds fantastic and is clearly superior to a cassette sound.
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This was my favorite Sony portable.

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I had the sony mz e30 for portable and one of the fullsize decks from richer sounds to go with my stereo.  I think it was partly the tactile feel that I miss with regards to mp3. 


With thanks to minidiscorg for that photo!

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My new account status won't let me post a picture, but if I could I'd post a picture of my favorite minidisc player of all time - the Sharp DR7 (or Doctor 7, as I used to call it).  Great SQ for MD and bult like a tank. It's the one MD player I held on to. Now, I just need to find some gumstick batteries, and I can resurrect it :wink_face:.



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Wow, this thread inspired me to check out my old Minidisc player a mz-r70.


I remember using it while the kids in HS were walking around with their Gen1/2 Ipods.. and would look at my foreign device in awe.

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Originally Posted by goodvibes View Post

This was my favorite Sony portable.

It IS the best portable ever - period.

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Sony MZ-RH1 is one GREAT sounding HiMD - uncompressed 44.1/16 bit redbook device. Too bad it is FAR too fragile and unreliable for any serious work.


I recorded one of my best recordings using it - external mics and mic preamp. Sonically, not bad at all - but you look at it the way it is not supposed to be looked at and it will malfunction -  let alone touch it ...

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Hehe, I still have a Sony Walkman and a superb cassette deck to record my music on tape from CDs. This way hifi is a hobby.

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