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Ultimate Ears UE4 Pro Review (Well, A Mini-Review Anyway)--The Poor Man's UE10 Pro - Page 7

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Hi all,


It's an old thread but I've only gotten around to reading this.


Great write-up, Jude. And thanks for pushing for model B ! :) I've been having my pair of UE4 for almost two years now. I began running them for normal listening, but soon I'll be using them as real IEMs (hooked-up to an IEM system for the stage) since I've gotten back to playing music. 



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this looks very interesting and tempting indeed. i don't know much about IEMs though. i bought my first pair of R02-Pro's just a while ago and have been pretty content with them, but always wanted a custom fitted one like these. can IEM's compete with full-sized headphones though? will the best IEMs still give you the "in your head" feeling instead of the "in a room" feeling?


I can testify with the UE4 I have that "in my head" feeling. But at first this confused me and made me think badly about IEMs, because I was used to having the "in a room" feeling from universal headphones. However, in hindsight this was a case of different expectations.


The in-your-head feeling goes with the reason IEMs are built: for musicians to be able to hear themselves (or their instrument) while they sing (or play). You'd need to hook the pair up with an IEM system, of course, but that subject would make a different thread.


As an aside, I can't tell you how many times I've gotten post-gig comments from people in the audience about my dismayed expression whenever my floor monitor wasn't mixed well, even if I never harmed any sound engineer :) An example would be the vocalist's voice getting drowned out by the instruments... So with an IEM stage system I look forward to being able to monitor better our music while I'm playing.


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Probably not. With all the cheaper customs popping up, it was time for UE to market one of their own, or risk losing a whole emerging segment of the custom market: that of people too poor for the UE10, or who just can't justify the price tag. For UE's original customers, though, the professional performers, the top of the line will keep being the first choice; they won't skim on their tools of trade.
I see... So this UE 4 Pro is made for some lower-end market, competing with hearyourself, livewires, and others budget-friendly custom IEM makers. Can't wait for the comparison review between these IEMs... 



Selamat pagi :)


Yes, the UE4 can be considered low-end. Or in the UE company line: "emerging artists".



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The mids on the UE4Pro demos were vert transparent and slightly forward, and reminded me of the UM3X with UM56 custom tips.
UE 4 Pro demos? I thought each custom IEM can only be used with only one person (the owner itself). So I reckon that UE made the universal fit version of UE 4 Pro?


The demos were sent to beta testers whose ear molds were already in UE's possession.



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Sorry for bringing up this thread from the dead, but I just ordered a pair of UE-4. My first customs, I'm curious and excited... biggrin.gif


I have a feeling you won't regret it!



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The UE4 prototype unit B was simply leaps and bounds ahead of its unit A counterpart. The bass was deep and impactful, but definitely on the more neutral side. Detail through the rest of the audible range was also much greater, and the treble extension was better than the A unit by a good margin, too. The UE4 prototype B reminded me of the UE10 Pro! Transparent, neutral, highly resolving.




Hi there,


I agree on all counts. Save for the bass part, I find them too light for my liking.

I listend a bit to a few tracks from Siskid, a French electro band and found my universal headphone (Astro A40) could punch those low sounds better. 


But for the overall sound the UE4 is on a different planet, for sure! 


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Is it good for metal music ? or UM aero ? which one is better for metal 

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Ordered one of these. Can't wait. Literally counting down the days. This will be my first custom IEM and I psyched.

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I just recieved mine after looking through the forums. The customer service is really superb. Mine didn't fit that well the first time around but they quickly and wonderfully fixed my fit issues within 3 business days. They sound and fit great. 

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Currently waiting for my pair to come in the mail. So excited to upgrade from these Apple earpods...

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Just got my pair of UE 4 pros and I must say I am impressed with the quality of the sound, everything is so clear and well defined. Granted this is my first pair of IEMS with quality sound but I can say i'm impressed.

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Bump: anyone in the day and age of 2016/2017 advise if this are still the a good place to start for CIEMs?


For me I like average sound in the sense that it is not too extreme. For example, a slight bass boost is okay so long as the the balance of sound when listening to instrumental jazz isn't thrown off, or when I switch from EDM to classical music.


That's for sound. Soundstage wise not that picky also, but the more headroom and space for the same price, hit me up. As for warmth a shade of warmth is okay, but analytical is cool :)


Thank you!

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