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Sennheiser IE7 Fake or Real

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SENNHEISER IE7 IN-EAR EARPHONES HEADPHONES EARBUDS - eBay (item 110388735390 end time May-17-09 16:00:00 PDT)
What does it look like?
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from what i see, the shape is different then the official ones, i can't even see the sennheiser logo on the sides. the cable appears to be more then 1.2m... but it's hard to tell from that pic, ask for more pictures.
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looks suspect to me, particularly thet they only come with the standard 3 eartips that are available all over ebay, no senn new tips that cant really be had else where.
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Another photo:

No package, no receipt. But he claims that it is genuine. Any other comments?
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pretty sure there fake

image from the logo is silver not black. even on amazon the logo is white.
edit: i don't know techpowerup's review of them the logo is black.
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The logo in the pic IS silver.

I'd still steer clear, though.
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It's very wicked Chinese work....... This is all I can say.

They sounded just like the original Sens, because I've actually heard them.
And I cant say the difference between the real one and these wicked things......

My guess is that some of Sen's Chinese workers had them out as bare units, and selling these for their own profit.
I'm wondering why Sen have not done something......
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wow...if they really are fakes, i am surprised.

when i buy not-so-popular-for-the-masses gear, i rely on the fact that there isn't a big enough market to make knock-offs.
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Originally Posted by deadly55 View Post
pretty sure there fake

image from the logo is silver not black. even on amazon the logo is white.
edit: i don't know techpowerup's review of them the logo is black.
What? The image just has bad lighting and in the second picture it definitely is silver...

Let's compare my IE8s to Sennheiser images. The knob on mine is black and not silver! That mean it's fake! ¬__¬
Anyway I think that they aren't fake, but if they are then wow. I would stay clear of them since there's no receipt.
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They are probably fake from what everyone else is saying and by the looks of it. If its too good to be true it probably is...
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hehe i noticed that after.
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I brought that same pair in the picture above! They sound warm, huge sound stage and great vocal. As far as I can tell, they are pretty genuine to me, the icon is silver not black, I guess is the camera. The cable is really soft and makes very little noise. I had try many other earphones including image x10, hd555 cx500 and ue super fi 5 eb and the ie 7 that i brought from eBay sound better than those. If they are fake, then I have to say good job to those copy cats
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I think this is some sort of sample unit. I dont have IE7 but only IE8, The cable look really similar.
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I guess so too, the built quality and sound is just too good for a fake copy. I am going to buy a pair from newegg and campare them, if they sound the same, I will just return it
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Looks real to me. X2 on the sample unit suggestion. If it is fake, it is a really good looking fake.

But... looking at the seller's feedback, he/she has sold other IE 7s with the exact same description: slightly used, two extra pairs of tips, no case. Pretty bizarre that the seller has access to so many used IE 7s, unless he works at a shop and is selling return items.

Whatever it is, you won't be getting any sort of warranty with it...
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