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Hmm, that is something to consider. I guess it will be hard to get a nice and perfect finish though with non-spraypaint (unless you were to lacquer it afterwards).

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Not that hard. If both paint and brush are of good quality, and if you keep the layers thin, you'll be getting a close-to-perfection resultl. And warm conditions also help, put the paint and the object to be painted in a warm vincinity a few hours before you begin.

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Right. In that case I consider them done for the time being; let's see what time does with my cups. If the paint will prove susceptible to scratches etc. I might consider painting them over.


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The easiest and at least best way earning good results is with spray-paint. But you need 1. good lacquer (car-paint is good) 2. the correct primer (especially when painting plastic) and 3. the right equipment (aerosol can, maybe with better blast pipe, is ok for small surfaces, but better is a airbrush).   

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Can I just spray any lacquer over the paint? I can probably find some lacquer that I can polish afterwards. That would give me a super smooth and hard paint job.

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I would sandpaper it particular to remove the old paint. Adding more layer of paint would not remove the slopes and dales.

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Hey apatn, what about your progress doing this mod?

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Project is currently on hold as I need to finish a paper due tomorrow. :(


Anyway I decided to leave the paint be and just move on. I am pretty happy with the results and this is more a test to see how well the paint will do.

The cups are already taped and I put a hole the size of a mini jack plug in them.


Then I wanted to stuff it with felt only to find out I didn't have enough of it.


My DT770 pads have been ordered from Thomann and I hope I will have them either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.


To-do list:

Buy felt and install it

Solder drivers in

Wait for pads



That's it. ;) I hope I have some free time tomorrow to finish the Beyers up and then I will use it with either Jmoney pads or the DT880 pads for the time being.

Have you ever tried the closeback with Jmoney pads? I was never too fond of them until I heard them with some Darths. They do magical things on Darths which must be because they are closed like the modded DT880s. Perhaps they work here as well. (FWIW I hate the leather pads on a stock DT880).

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We're curious about your findings in respect of the Jmoneyaudio pads. However, I am personally not too fond of that enterprise for several reasons, and the additional bass they are said to provide can also be found elsewhere with other methods.

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I completely agree. With the stock DT880 the Jmoney pads tame the highs and brings out the low end but they do so while ruining the mids IMO. With the leather pads you get the cave effect. Most often this cave effect can be dealt with by dampening the cups so therefore I am curious what the Jmoney pads will do with the closeback. From several other adventures with closed phones (think Markl mod for Denons and Darth mod for Beyers) it has become clear to me that they can be tuned with different dampening stuff behind the driver to quite some extend.

With that in mind it should also be possible to have a DT880 that strokes with the Jmoney pads. Until your mod however I would have never thought a closed DT880 would work.

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Originally Posted by apatN View Post

 Until your mod however I would have never thought a closed DT880 would work.

We also regarded Beyers as untinkerable for a long time. Basically, we just played around and ended up arriving somewhere we hadn't expected. We've learned meanwhile that this approach doesn't differ too much from the one of the so-called professionals... 

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I had  the original leather pads which you only get in the Manufaktur. These ones are similar to the jmoney pads. With a closed system they sound not that bad at all, but with the CB too hollow and metallic. 

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Finished the Beyers and did the mod (pics later). I put three thinner layers of felt in there and one layer of the kitchen fleece stuff (also used in the MS1000 mod) in front of the driver. However my DT770 pads haven't arrived yet. I expect them to arrive tomorrow.


Impressions with DT880 pads: sounds pretty good, but vocals are way too nasal and overall it sounds thin. Not much bass to it also. There's definitely potential though.

Impressions with Jmoney pads: sounds pretty good too, but like NoXter said too hollow and metallic and IMO also too thin. Here also not much bass.


Like I said there is potential and I will try to get all of that out of these. Let's wait and see what the DT770 pads do before I do any more modding.



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880 pads never work in closed vincinity.

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When there is still too less bass you can make the bass-reflex-hole a bit bigger. But wait for the DT770s. Velour usually have more bass than leather-pads.

Did you taped the backside of the jmoney pads?

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