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I'd say, similar to the W5000, they really shine with drum related music. The 600 ohm systems are quick and hit hard, and the closed back principle provides a nice deep bass foundation. But they also do other & more conventional genres dramatically better than a stock exemplar IMO.

Note that 250 ohm systems are totally different creatures, they are dead slow in comparison, a 250 ohm version is rather a rumbling Ambient machine IMO.

What do you mean with "black Beyer"????
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This all black Beyer is mine and I coloured it by myself.
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oic i was wondering why the purple felt was there, just for tweaking the sound for your own purposes.
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That felt is for sound adjusting purposes (taming of upper mids and highs). We've found stuff with better prosperties meanwhile though, take a look at update 2 of post #1.
@ Noxter: It's time to throw all the old stuff out of the thread.
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I updated the first posting! :-)
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Really this time.
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what difference does the dt770 pad make compare to the original pads?
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Sonically none. But the DT880 pads, which are concipated for an open HP, don't work here, so the DT770 pads are a choice owing to circumstances. Other pads for closed HPs also work acceptably (e.g. DT660 pads), but the DT770 pads produce the most natural tonality.
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In regards to your comparision to hd650, would you say they have more or less bass. Darker than 650 or brighter? Thanks!
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The CB has definitely more sub-bass. The upper bass is compareable with HD650. But don't nail me down on it.
As I stated in the first posting, treble is on nearly the same niveau, but without the veil in sound. But the HD650 definetely have more ground-tone and less upper-mids, so the CB appears brighter I think.
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I can't see any of the pictures!
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Maybe the server was down...
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I wanna try this, but is afraid i'm gonna screw up my cans...
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Ahh. Nicely updated. Probably won't try this since the 880 is not designed to be closed in the first place. But it seems reversible.
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It is reversible.
That a DT880 is not supposed to be closed is just the position of Beyerdynamic.
To screw up your cans with this mod you need very special skills...
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