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Looks like he covered the back of the driver with a ...THING...and added a DT770-like felt ring.

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That's definitely a thing, yes.


Noxter, tell us!

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These 'things' have been on the backside of the DT901 drivers.

Quite similar to the ones in a DT770:




But not exactly as you can see.

I wonder what happens, if these are made of wood. :-)

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Great, just when I think I'm done, NoXter and nickchen are coming with all kinds of variations.  

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Originally Posted by Tiemen View Post

Great, just when I think I'm done, NoXter and nickchen are coming with all kinds of variations.  

Generally, there isn't such thing as "final state" when tinkering, also in the non-audio field. Final state = I'm too lazy


@ NoXter: What do they do to the sound?


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I'll tell about the sound when summer is over. 


But this mod is in first place for isolation.

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I had the idea that I used too much felt (four layers) inside, like it was smothering the bass port.

So tried the one piece of felt of 4 mm, the one I can easily breath through.

It made the bass become much louder, but the overall impact was lacking.

Finally I put three pieces of the 1 mm felt in the earcups. And one on the drivers, leaving the foam out. This gives the best result. Enough bass and impact, and still decent isolation.

The felt on the driver doesn't kill the treble, and adds a bit more warmth to the sound.

This is indeed one of the best closed headphones I heard so far.

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Yes, if it is properly tuned (and when 600 ohm systems are used), it rivals a W5000, but without the infamous AT coloration.

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Took out one of the three felt pieces (which is closer to 2mm than one) I had installed. Back is the slow Beyer bass! It will take some more listening time to see what I like better: the tighter sound of three felt layers or the more fluffy sound of two. Hmm, wondering how one layer of felt + cotton sound.

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Muhahaha! I did some more modding and I transformed a DT880 in a Darth Beyer! What you do is this: put as much layers of felt in there but make sure you cut a small hole in the middle of the layers so your bass port doesn't become useless. The idea was to dampen the driver a little with the added felt but I guess with the added dampening felt + the open hole I got a bit too much bass. FWIW this way of using the drivers shows how powerful they really are.

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So, let's make this a multi-post.


From these small experiments I confirmed my thoughts that bigger cups = more soundstage, more air and better transparency because of that. While I could get the same sound signature that I was used to from my CB DT880 the stuffed cups sounded too closed-in. With less stuffed cups the sound really flows and is more detailed and believable. I think to take this mod to the next level is to install some deep cups. If only I had the time to make such cups. :-( For now I will look around the house for stuff that is more dense than the felt I am currently using so to safe space in the cups.

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I managed to find 3 and 1.5 mm felt in a hobby shop. I put it in the cups, after I made the bass port a little bit wider.

Furthermore I taped the small holes at the back of the earpads.

I think I have the best sound now, though I'm still under the impression that the stock DT880 has more bass. But this closed back bass is tighter and faster, as apatN already mentioned.

I need the isolation, and definitely woundn't want a Darth Beyer bass.

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My CB has quite a bit more bass than stock but it depends on how you tuned yours of course. Also the amount and type of felt is important my last tests confirmed. Also keep in mind that you have the 250OHM drivers.


My setup now: bass port is around 5-6mm diameter (), two layers of normal felt, one layer of felt with a hole in the middle, taped pads. My bass port is bigger than recommended in the first post, but I don't think I have too much bass. If I ever wanted less bass I will simply add another layer of felt (or remove the layer with a hole) in the cups.


Oh, another head-fier will probably be here tomorrow with a DT770 600OHM and a Darth Beyer. We are going to put the 600OHM drivers in the Darth Beyer. The comparison with the DT880CB should be interesting.


Tiemen, I believe you had the DT770 600OHM. How does it compare to the DT880 CB?

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Originally Posted by apatN View Post

Tiemen, I believe you had the DT770 600OHM. How does it compare to the DT880 CB?

Going from memory: bass is more or less the same.

I found the DT770/600 boring to death, the DT880 CB isn't, it has way better PRaT.

DT770/600 is brighter and more sibilant.

Mids of the DT880 CB are fuller and meatier.

I take this DT880/250 CB any time over the DT770/600.

And price is of course also a factor. I payed 255,- Euro for the DT770/600, and 75,- for the DT880/250 (used, but in mint condition).

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Thanks Tiemen, but I have to ask... Where did you get that ridiculous good price on those DT880s? I thought my DT880s were a good deal (only paid cable + drivers) but yours take the biscuit!

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