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Might be. I think I am done with the bass-reflex hole now. For now I am going to listen to it some more before I mod anything. And if I do so I will try different dampening stuff in front of the driver.

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Sure, it works in audio racks. Right? :p

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I just bought a second hand DT880 edition 2005 (250 ohm) with the purpose to make them closed back according to the mod described here.

Hopefully it will be the closed headphone I'm looking for (good sound AND comfort).

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Great Tiemen! How far along are you with the mod?

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The good thing is that it is highly adaptable to one's own listening habits in respect of warmth and bass amount.

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Originally Posted by apatN View Post

Great Tiemen! How far along are you with the mod?

Hang on, I just received them

Not even half an hour on my head. And since this is the first time I have a modern day DT880, I decided to listen to them for a few days unmodded, comparing them to the stable.

I like them more than I expected. Not as bright and sibilant as I was afraid of, also a quite good bass.

The bad thing is that my ears are touching the drivers with these soft pads, hope the stiffer DT770 pads will solve this.

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I have four felt pieces of 1 mm, and one piece of 4 mm.

Can't find 3 and 1,5 mm.

I can breath more easily through the 4 mm piece, than through the pile of four pieces.

Now which should I use for damping the cups?

Does the felt affect sound, or are they just for isolation?

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Difficult to decide from apart, I'd say that's a trial & error earor case

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And the headphone is still alive. I was afraid to break those tiny inner cables. But it went well.

I'm very satisfied with the sound. Meatier and fuller mids, better drum impact, highs still sweet, and the bass tuneful.  I can live with the slight less airy sound.

They are now almost as good as my vintage DT880, with much better isolation.

Kudos to NoXter and nickchen

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I also have 3 layers of thinner felt and it works a treat. Great you like them. :D

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These are mine, I used a Superlux HD660 housing as basis. That is roughly the same as a DT770'2003.



Don't be mislead by the mesh, that housings are still closed. The main difference to a DT880'2005 housing as basis are the mids, for some reason they have a bit more energy here.

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Glad to hear that you like the closed-back! :-)


And now a small preview:



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What on earth is THAT!!!

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