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decent, but good for $10. I'd replace my KSC-75s with these.
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Just got my flats - $5.49 shipped off ebay (open box) and I have to say: Wow, I'm impressed. These are definitely a decent pair of phones, period. They are slightly true to their name, but for $5, JVC will not get any complaints from me. Where they win is the tossability factor. I can think of these as 'expendable' and not worry about breaking or losing them. They are also very comfy. Far better than some of the other on-ear portables I have used. For me these are as comfortable as - *gasp* - PX100s. Amazing find (and will make some great budget gifts come an office exchange).

I'm thinking of cooking up a shootout of all the budget on-ears I own, and I have a feeling some higher-priced phones will be very hurt by the flats.
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Originally Posted by ljokerl View Post

I'm thinking of cooking up a shootout of all the budget on-ears I own, and I have a feeling some higher-priced phones will be very hurt by the flats.
That'd be awesome, I see you have many budget-fi options and a comparison between all of them would be a great resource for newcomers.
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A little update on my $5 Flats... I left them running overnight out of my pc to burn in at a medium volume (about something I would listen to on a noisy bus or street) and woke up to find a rattle in the left earcup, akin to what comes out of the crappy woofers on my car's Bose stereo at loud volumes. It's barely audible on normal tracks, but on something with monstrous bass, such as the Smashing Pumpkins' "The End is the Beginning is the End" its very apparent and quite disheartening.

I might get a new pair at a retail store and... ahem... mix up the two when I return it. Still, this doesnt say much for this little headphone as a durable daily beater.
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On sale $8

The flats will be on sale at Biglots for $8. Check it out Store Ad - BigLots.com page2
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Originally Posted by chinesekiwi View Post
Need some comparisions to the KSC-75 and PX100 tbh!
Give me a day and I'll have a cross-reference review for these. My work sells these and I'll bring my KSC-75's to do a quick run-through. They're closed (if the pad can cover the whole ear, otherwise semi-closed), so I don't know if they'll be near as good as the Koss or senns. However, they are only 10 USD.

I've been impressed by them for a while, but I just haven't had the gall to buy them...been torn between these and the ES7's for a closed portable.

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They are indeed semi-closed. Or so the promotional material claims. I can honestly say that as much as I like these little wonders, they don't compare favorably to my modded ksc-75s or to my senn px100s. Close though, and for the price thats a feat in its own right.

I will work on a full review once I get em exchanged for a fresh pair. Hopefully mp4nation will come through with my P10s by then so I will have something else to compare to.

Originally Posted by jaudio View Post
The flats will be on sale at Biglots for $8. Check it out Store Ad - BigLots.com page2
Thanks for the tip, jaudio. Will check it out sat morning. Hopefully they'll have black and white ones.
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I think I was the other person that grabbed it from the eBay auction. At ~$7 CAD shipped they're quite a bargain. I thought I would be let down as sometimes I get worked up on reading reviews online

But I'm actually quite impressed with these little things. The pads are really nice, not the really crappy type of disintegrating pleather, very comfortable; I usually hate supraaural cans. I might have a big head, but they sit really comfortably on my head, quite firm but not too tight; I remember when I had the px100 that was a partial issue, if I turned around hard enough, they could fly off. The other being that I didn't like how the PX100 sounded, I actually prefer these, but that's probably because I don't like the warm sennheiser house sound. Also these have a decent amount of bass. They kind of get muddled on really bass-heavy tracks but its quite respectable given their diminutive size and price-point--same with the soundstage, seems wide for being closed. Although these are 'closed' cans they are definitely not isolating, can hear people or sounds just in the vicinity. I guess the marketing stuff says semi-open? That might be a good thing should a person want to use these as jogging cans.

Only did some brief side-by-side testing with my K601s. I do have the KSC75, but I'll get a chance to compare them later when I get some time. I think the KSC75 will edge these out in most music though just owing to their open nature. With a bit of EQ'ing the JVC can reproduce respectable low level bass, more so than the Koss. As the poster above mentioned, build quality seems questionable. They have an nice metallic color, but the housing seems like it might crack easily if pressed on or hit hard against something. And I'll keep an eye or ear rather, out for the driver succumbing to bass rattle--nothing so far.

All in all, I think this is a good buy below $20. I'd say if anyone wanted an ultra-low budget setup, they can get this and the KSC 75 for an open+closed combo under $20-30 depending on sales. Now, I just have to turn these over to my gf who I actually got them for Maybe get some pics up as well.
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Checked my local biglots yesterday for a replacement pair, but only found ugly silver ones with torn packaging. Either some enterprising head-fier got there before I did and rounded up the lot, or there weren't any to begin with. Ill get a pair at best buy sometime ($19.99 - bleh) and return my rattly ones.

I still listen to them at home, as IEMs offer too much isolation. The bass rattle has only come through on several tracks in my collection so far - about 2% of what ive heard with them. Otherwise very impressive. Also, they seem to be very forgiving of a poor source (netbook lineout), even more so than my modded KSC75s, and MUCH more forgiving than IEMs.
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A little bit of "Blue Heaven"

Biglots Stores does have these on sale for $8.00 each. Bought a Blue pair today. buy them for a cheap impulse buy. What's even better is to buy an extra pair as an inpensive gift; that's what I did or for some fairly inexpensive business gifts. They had about every color in stock at the store I went to, but you can always phone call ahead to see if they have your color in stock.
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bought myself a pair at walmart while I was out, coulda ordered online but when you factor in shipping they run close to retail anyway. No biglots either :/

Im impressed with them, This is my first decent pair considering I've only been using like stock earbuds and stuff. Cant wait to give them some listening time.
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Originally Posted by rhfactor1 View Post
but you can always phone call ahead to see if they have your color in stock.
Hey that's a good idea. Can't believe I didn't think of it myself, but that's probably because I'm familiar with how the workers work at the local BigLots. They would just tell you it's out of stock to get rid of you. Will hit up another store on Friday and hope for the best.
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Also these phones have brought out the horrible mp3's I've been using lol. The ones that were masked by my crappy buds. Wow just listening to it now, I can't believe I used to use them, these things just bring out so much more detail. Thanks TC, if I hadn't seen this thread I wouldn't have given them a second glance, glad I did.

Time to find much better versions of my songs.
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Finally Figured It Out.

I had purchased a couple of different colors of the JVC "flats" at a local "Biglots" store and was trying to figure out how they were selling them so inexpensively. I happened to be in a Wal-Mart today and just for the heck of it I checked the prices on these again there, they were still the $19 price in Wal-Mart, then I looked closely at the colors. The hues are a little bit different from the ones I picked up at "Biglots"-then it hit me-JVC had actually changed the color on their "flats" to match the new generation of "Apple's Nano's". So if you picked one up last week when "Biglots" was selling them for $8 you can proably indirectly thank "Apple". Happy Listening.
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I just bought them, and I give them a 8.9 out of 10. My only complaint is that the left earpad makes clicking-type noises when I adjust them. Other than them, they're great
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