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Originally Posted by Lunatique View Post
The only differences we were able to hear was that the HD555's treble is slightly rolled off compared to the HD600, thus sounds just a tiny slightly warmer than the HD600. That's the only audible difference we could find.
I currently own both the hd555 and the hd600. The treble rolloff on the 555 is not small, it's quite big actually. What i wanted to say is that the 555 sounds ok from any source. I was surprised how good it sound out my notebook. But the hd600 is in another league. Without proper amping it sounds outright bad. I almost prefer the 555 without amping to the 600 if not for that rolloff. When amped, the 600 sounds fantastic, much more detail and accuracy then the 555, even my father was able to notice it, and he has no connection to hi-fi or headphones. Also, as someone mentioned, the bass is quite muddy on the 555, good for ear massage
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Originally Posted by Folex View Post
Well the verbiage here is completely different then the masses. "Plenty of bass" means you hear the note but you don't feel it. "Muddy" seems to be bass you feel and what "sounds" good seems directed towards 100% Jazz,classical and/or rock. And outside of forums online I do not know of anyone personally who is into headphones and the 1 store that is near me (60 miles) that sells higher end headphones is 100% bias towards Beyers and nothing else. The store had sennheisers and grados among other brands and were deemed junk by the employees.

With this said I don't exactly know where to get "more opinions"
You can always get second opinions here. I don't trust the biases of shop owners and employees too much. Either that or I have to personally listen to them first.
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Oh I tried that, I've written at least 6 questions with no responses. So I gave up on that a long time ago. If what you desire isn't what the elite hi-fi group wants then they will shun you and not respond to what you ask.
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Hmm people responded to this and this isn't really hi-fi. It's mid-fi.
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Its open-ended question not precise, not to mention people who have the headphones are going to feel compelled to answer.
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Sup guys, forgot my old account, but I have HD555's too, I just opened em' up and removed the inner grill, I hope I made a good decision haha.

Things sounds a bit more airy, and I think I may have damaged a driver cone

any other suggested mods?
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Yes, damage the other driver cone so you get balanced stereo.
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hahaha, clever, I don't think I damaged it like I thought I did, I pushed it in, but a quick blow on the other side "popped" it out, I just hope I didn't puncture it.

everything sounds normal for the most part.
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Do all this and make the HD-555's Godly.
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mmm, well I've done the first two, now to do the HCW and recable, I'm a noob to more technical stuff like that. any advice on how to do it?
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The pdf that was posted further down explains how to remove the cable. You just reinstall in reverse.
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ah, looks easy enough. I went through your thread. is the mogami 3106 a good option?
and how would I mod the connections?

when I first got my HD555, i thought it would be the end all for my headphone purchases for the next couple of years haha
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I'm not sure. I didn't do it myself. Zaubertuba did it. You can PM him any specific questions. I sold my HD-555's too quickly before I could play around with them.
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ah, darn.

anyway, any recommendations for a portable amp for this guy, somewhere in the sub 150-200 range.

was looking at the Ibasso t3/4 but saw they were for IEMs moreso
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Originally Posted by gnoW View Post
ah, looks easy enough. I went through your thread. is the mogami 3106 a good option?
and how would I mod the connections?

when I first got my HD555, i thought it would be the end all for my headphone purchases for the next couple of years haha
I originally tried the Mogami 3106 on a hunch. It's fairly cheap, and consists of two separately shielded twisted pairs, so no worries about crosstalk. It *is* somewhat stiff (it's designed to handle the rigors of stage use), and far larger than the stock cable. It's still smaller than two separate runs of a quad cable, though.

The hunch was good: Running my 555's out of my NAD preamp, the difference over the stock cable was quite discernable to my ears. Bass extension and impact, overall dynamic contrast, etc. Remember everyone's gear and ears are different--YMMV.

I just de-soldered the existing connections and resoldered the new cable directly to the circuit board next to each driver. Be careful to preserve polarity. You will need to *carefully* drill a hole in the right headphone shell or otherwise figure out a way to wire through the headband.

EDIT: FWIW, I just purchased the HD-580's, and while they're definitely an improvement over the 555's, I won't be giving up the 555's anytime soon. For one thing, their headstage is a bit more forward and so is more flattering with movie dialogue. Also, as another posted, the difference is not night and day---the 555's are still a good-sounding pair of 'phones, IMHO. I'll make a more detailed posting of my impressions when I've had a chance to A/B them a bit more.
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