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I tried a pair of these but found the clamp of the phone to be a bit to much for me so I returned them and am now trying a pair of AD700 phones and have to say I much prefer the AT's over the Senn's and the AT pair was also cheaper. The AT had more soundstage, deeper and clearer bass, better midrange (the midrange on the 555 was veiled to me), and better treble, and is more comfortable as well.

I have a pair of Philips HP910 phones coming in from a Head-fi trade so am taking the AD700 back until I see hoe the Philips sound. If they sound better than the Senn's and as good as the AT's they are available off Ebay for 35 - 40 dollars which is very reasonable for anyone wanting to use "sense" in their purchase decision.
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They just get better with time. I did not think much of them at first, then one day I thought "these sound really good". Burn in is very important for these cans.
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Originally Posted by pp312 View Post
. Ultimately the 555 is the best value by far and more than good enough for the average person--unless of course that average person lingers around here reading these feverish threads and turns into a damned enthusiast.

And I do mean damned.
Agreed, and If I had to start again I'd make my username "The Damned Enthusiast".

EDIT: sig changed to match.
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fantastic headphones as an introduction into hi-fi. I personally had the hd595's, but I've heard the HD555's with the foam mod, and they sound almost identical. I enjoyed the crap out of them =).
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I enjoy the HD555s immensely. I just did the foam mod and am now putting a Harvest vinyl rip of DSOTM through it. I'm considering the full soundstage mod, but I don't have a soldering iron and I'm kinda afraid of ****ing things up.
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I've really enjoyed these phones. They've really improved a lot with burn-in, and did the 555--->595 mod. fairly early on with good effect. Opened up the soundstage quite a bit.

I think they're a good intro. phone, and am also playing around with ways to squeeze every ounce of performance out of them that I can.

I recently got up the courage and did the soundstage mod., and am playing around with the foam mod. (in my case a wool blanket mod.) on top of that. Also have a recable and a DIY balanced amp in the pipeline for these.
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they are really good for symphonic music and very good with everything else. i personally own the hd555, the grado sr60i and some IEMs but i am pretty sure that i would be happy just with the hd555.

though the grado's are indeed better suited for rock, the hd555's are good with everything, comfortable and just better value for those in Europe
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Got mine two weeks ago (my first full size phones).. The sound was already quite good out of the box and I haven't noticed any big difference after 50 hours of burn-in.

I chose the 555 bcos it's (one of ) the most comfortable phones out there and the price was very reasonable (only half of the price of the HD595). Also I did not have a powerful amp so there's no point in getting the HD600/650 etc..

My Ipod Touch can drive the HD555 to a respectable volume but the soundstage REALLY opens up when amped.

So far I am very very happy with the purchase. A real bargain
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I enjoyed the HD555 when I had it with a cheap sound card and cheap amp. My HD555 had maybe only 100 hours on it, so it may have needed more use before sounding better. Light weight and very comfortable, I'd forget it was on my head.

Since owning the HD555, I've read widely varying opinions from poor to starter cans to great sounding and preferred it to more expensive headphones. And I've learned one reason for this is people use different equipment with their HD555.

The HD555, like many headphones, is dependent on the associated equipment used. For example, the HD555 used with a cheap sound card will sound quite different than from a nice source and nice tube amp.

Another reason for the widely varying opinions is people prefer different types of sound. For example, someone listening to rap music or something with a deep heavy bass beat could easily prefer the bass from a variety of closed headphones to the HD555.
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I wonder about these Sennheisers myself...love one for maybe work...I just picked up a couple of FIIO amps(the E3 and E5) and was thinking of picking these up...they seem to be a steal at 80 or 90 bucks...what do you guys think?...also, it would be the completely other side of the spectrum. I have the 800 and would love to contrast it with the distant cousin?...any opinions on the hd555s?
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I like these but I find the bass lacking.
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i had a pair for 7 months and was really enjoying them. i wasn't very impressed with them out-of-the-box but they really grew on me with time (i'm not sure if it was headphones or my brain burning in). very good details, no trace of harshness, little too distant for my taste and maybe too blended on complex passages. i agree they sound very good with any genre, great all rounders. i regret selling them.
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I have a pair and I quite liked them at first, then I started listening to my 10 year old SR60s and decided I liked the Grado sound better. I'm going to sell my HD555s now.
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Originally Posted by lucky View Post
I thought they sounded good when I bought them, and I thought they sounded good when I sold them. The differences between phones on this forum are vastly overstated.
What is your experience?
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Originally Posted by Wraithetc View Post
Run while you can and never come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lock away your money !!!
rofl, you know... more often than not people take the HD555 route to losing money as far as i can tell from lurking here for the while i've been here

I like mine, they're a great introduction to hifi
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