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^ it's like a tank...
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at-dha3000 for me........at-ha2002 is also very nice
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Thread title didn't say headphone amp.
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real world price everyone next to the beauties... let's dream...

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And now for something completely different: Found this one on Ebay, sold for about US$ 30.--: A can for the can so to say. ...and yes, this is a headphone amp - solid state, I suppose.
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dartZeel NHB-108 model one Power Amp

dartZeel NHB-18NS Preamp

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Starsound Technologies Monoblock.
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Thread revival!


There are definitely some interesting speaker amps here. Personally, I'm a fan of the no-bull design of the KICAS amps, and the Apache also has a slick, macho feel to it - sort of like a piece of military equipment.

I also like the minimalist, symmetrical design of KECES components. The Plexiglass lid is a nice touch. Boy, do I want this amp.


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The HeadRoom Balanced Max


Build like a tank and it sounds great with the HD800.

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My silver toy:




i love the design...lots of power. 

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AMB's Beta24


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I like the look of the Casea Lyra, it is simple and elegant.









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This may not be the best looking, but it certainly looks interesting:


Pivetta Opera 1 ($490,000.00 USD)


12 Channels x 1600 Watts = 19,200 Watts










Andrea Pivetta standing next to his creation.


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Unison Research - Absolute 845 

Technical Sheet 
Type: dual-mono valve amplifier with integrated preamplification stage 
Working Class: single-ended. parallel, class A 
Output power: 40 watts per channel 
Output impedance: adjustable to 4 to 8 Ohm 
Input impedance: 47 kOhm / 50 pF 
Negative feedback: 10 dB 
Valve complement: 6x5814A (ECC82 - 12AU7A) double triode 2xECC83 (12AX7) double triode 4x845 direct heating 
Power consumption: 700VA 
Fuses: T 10A from 100V to 130V T 6.3A from 220V to 250V 
Dimensions (cm): 80x60x28 31.7x23.8.11 inches 
Net weight: about Kg. 90 / 202.5 lbs 



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THats one of my favorites


Originally Posted by jochen.schell View Post

This one:



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