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Best looking solid state amps

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I think the other side needs to be heard (and seen) too.

Here is my absolute favorite, the AT-HA5000.

A real stunner that is built like a tank and a joy to operate and offers just pure clear powerful amplification.

Any other best looking favorite solid state amps?
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that's so beautiful gu_sensei...i think gs-x is very beautifulllll...
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This one:

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For some reason I have always had a soft spot for the Musical Fidelity X-Can V1 or V2. The Heed CanAmp is also a very nice looking amp, and lets not forget the Graham Slee Solo. No list would be complete without the Amphora.

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I always loved the brute, industrial beauty of the Headroom Max. It looked Max! Anybody selling one???
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Silver RSA Apache gets my vote here.

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DHA-3000 for me

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Accuphase and Luxman always make me a little weak in the knees.

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they all look like metal boxes with knobs and holes. (except the x-can)
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Halcro DM-10 Preamp

Halcro DM-88 "Mono Block"

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Ditton DDP-5.1 & Matching 5 channel Amplifier. I love this amp.

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Chord CPA300 Preamp:

Chord SPM6000 Power Amp:

Although not an amplifier, I could not resist including the Chord Red Refrerence CD Player:

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here are my two favorites!
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SAEC HP-2000 Headphone Amplifier:

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