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HI All,

As many of you already know there is a new Head-Fi headphone now on the market - the Grado Head-Fi series HF-2. It is being sold exclusively at TTVJ for $429 (sorry no discount codes or any other discounts available).

$40 of the sale of each HF-2 goes to support this most excellent community. The money comes from both Grado Labs and from TTVJ.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this product both as a very fine limited edition headphone and as a way to gain unity and community among all of us who are headphone junkies (and I know all about being a junkie, eh!).

Please feel free to call with questions but for right now the unveiling of the HF-2 is reserved for 10AM Saturday morning. You will be able to see them and get impressions from those in attendance.

The first orders should start shipping the first week of June after CanJam. Please remember that I will be attending and I will have to get back home and get started on this project! That does not mean you cannot call to ask when - just know we will be doing everything we can to get them to you asap.

Jude and I are the only folks to actually hear them and we both think very highly of the HF-2. I am backing this up with my 30 day money back guarantee!

Here are the rules to buying the HF-2...

1. You MUST be a Head-Fi member and put your Head-Fi user name in the comments section of the order.
2. Only one HF-2 can be purchased per member.
3. You must have at least 5 posts on Head-Fi to qualify (we will be checking)
4. Sorry but we cannot apply discounts to this product

I also want to note that you can call in your order - I look forward to hearing from you.

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Oh my! This is great news indeed!
After all these years I never thought we would see a new run. So you definitely took my by surprise...

Hopefully these will be able to order after we actually have seen pictures of the product.
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Well done Todd and Grado Labs.
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The HF-2 will be able to be ordered after CanJam. That I can promise.

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Will the price remain the same after the CanJam?
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The $429 question is what is the basis of the special edition HF-2? How many will be made available? Can we select the number to go along with a HF-1 that may be owned?
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Are they based on any of the current Grado headphones? Do they have a wood or plastic enclosure? Do you ship to Canada? Thanks!
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Todd, many thanks for being willing to take this project on a second time. I never thought we'd see a second production of HF headphones, so your efforts are appreciated.

Also, I didn't catch the username in the comments when I ordered this morning. I dropped you an email, but wanted to point this out so no one else forgets.
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If i pre-order them, do I get charged now or once they are ready to ship?
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Thanks Todd, Jude, Grado, and Head-Fi.
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Where do you pre-order these?

It's not on Todd's site
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You can call: 18664443910
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Grado Special Edition HF-2 [HF-2] - $429.00 : TTVJ, Todd The Vinyl Junkie

Originally Posted by immtbiker View Post
Where do you pre-order these?

It's not on Todd's site
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Thanks, Todd!
I appreciate the ability to pre-order them. I just wish I could make it to CanJam

-HK sends
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So just to clarify, these WILL be still available to purchase after CanJam? (They won't run out, right? )
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