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The Grado HF2--It's For Real  

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Back in 2005, Todd Green of Todd The Vinyl Junkie (TTVJ) called to tell me of an idea he and John Grado had: A Grado commemorative headphone exclusively for Head-Fi.org and its community members--the Grado HF1 (Head-Fi 1)--with a portion of the proceeds going to support Head-Fi.org. "Are you open to the idea of this?" Todd asked me. The next part of the conversation went something like this:

"What? Seriously? A Grado Head-Fi headphone? Is this still sort of a pie-in-the-sky still-just-an-idea concept talk, or is it already designed?" I asked.

"Dead serious about it. John and I are really excited to do this, and the HF1 will be a go if you're on board with it," after which he proceeded to tell me the details of the headphone that would be the Grado HF1. "So is this something you'd be interested in doing?"

"I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that there might be a Grado Head-Fi headphone. But, yeah, of course I'd be interested--so will a bunch of other folks. I can't believe you're for real on this, but, if so, of course!" Even after this, I think I asked him at least five different ways if he was pulling my leg.

Long story short, the Grado HF1 was actually released, each headphone serial numbered, and each box serial numbered and signed by John Grado. The limited production of HF1's started with serial number 001 (which I have on my head, listening to Bucky Pizzarelli as I type this) and ended with 481. With its unique construction--the plastic outer shell of the Prestige Series Grado headphones, but with an interior made of mahogany--the HF1 was truly a model of its own, its sound signature unlike the other Prestige Series models. Many considered it more sonically in kinship with the Reference Series Grado headphones (myself included), and I personally feel it was (at its retail price of $200.00) the best bang-for-the-buck audiophile headphone that had ever been released. The Grado HF1 remains one of the most sought after Grado headphones to this day, years after the last one left Brooklyn and Three Forks.

The community has asked if there ever would be a Grado HF-2. And the answer is "yes." Let me rephrase that: YES! It took this many years because John Grado wanted to be able to offer a headphone with all of the things that made the HF1 special, but more. As one of the most evenly tempered Grado headphones, the HF1 set a very high bar, especially considering it didn't sell for more than it did (though it does sell at a premium on the used market now). I'll put it simply, and say that I can't see how anyone who loved the sound of the Grado HF1 won't love the sound of the Grado HF2. I've had the HF2 next to my HF1, and the best way I can describe the HF2 is a further refinement of the Grado Head-Fi Headphones concept.

If you loved the HF1's punchy bass response, you'll love the HF2's punchy bass response, only you'll find it more detailed. If you loved the HF1's midrange--which, to me, was the thing about it most Reference-Series-like--you'll love the HF2's midrange, because it's as rich, but, again, with a smidge more detail there, and enough so to make it timbrally more accurate in its reproduction of the so many voices and instruments that live there. If you loved the HF1's open yet smooth treble extension, the HF2 will thrill you with the same--it doesn't sound to me as though it reaches any higher, in terms of extension, but it certainly does so in terms of having the ability to be more delicate, more precise. Many described the HF1 as smooth for a Grado headphone, which I agree with, and the HF2 will be described similarly. There is doubtlessly a familial sonic tie, but the HF2 is simply a more well-heeled HF1.

Todd Green has described the HF-2 as a sort of "baby PS-1000." I haven't yet had the privilege of hearing the PS-1000, so I'll have to take him at his word. I have heard the HF2 now, though, and I can say I have no doubt it will be as revered as the still sought-after HF1, and almost certainly more so, given the higher level of performance it offers. And I think it inevitable that years from now, there will still be people looking for HF2's, long after the last one has left Brooklyn and Three Forks, and, as with the HF1 today, at substantial premiums.

The Grado Head-Fi 2 (HF2) is for real. I'm not pulling your leg.

The Grado HF1, predecessor to the just-announced Grado HF2. Click on the photo to go to the HF2 order page.
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The Grado HF2--It's For Real

Todd Green of TTVJ unveiled the Grado HF2 this morning, during a little launch conference in his exhibit room. Without further ado, here are the first official photos of the Grado HF2! (More photos, including a few from the launch conference and Can Jam 2009 will follow.)

Click on the photos below to see larger versions.

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Very interesting. I just might buy another Grado headphone.
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Great news! Any idea if this will have a metal cup or wood housing? Or combination both like the PS1000?
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Todd Green has described the HF2 as a sort of "baby PS-1000."
that's interesting.
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I can't wait to pick mine up in 2 weeks
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After looking at price I will have to pass. I was hoping for a HF1 type pricing..
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But it IS hf1 type pricing It's an upgrade over the HF1 for what the HF1 currently sells for.
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I talked to Todd like 5 minutes ago. He really wants this to be a suprise for CanJam and as such didnt tell me anything about the actual phone. I asked if it was metal or wood etc and he just didnt let it slide out! He did make me really want one though!

PS: he was actually talking to Jude on the other line when I called who was writing the post. Man I want these but if I buy now I cant get the compass for awhile as I just quit my job and the compass is going to get more expansive after the 30th. However if i Manage to get both what a great month!
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The compass will continue to be available, and when it's FOTM status ends, will drop in price. The HF2 will only be available for a short time, after which the price will go up...
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me ordered

I still remember HF-1s were taken within few minutes if not less

BTW, I believe my credit card will not be charged until HF-2s are ready to ship right??
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ordered! hopefully I'll be able to snag mine in LA.
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Great post. I am starting to think my purchase wasn't so bad after all, (even if I have some phones I do enjoy at the moment, the sr225)
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Originally Posted by DoYouRight View Post
PS: he was actually talking to Jude on the other line when I called who was writing the post. Man I want these but if I buy now I cant get the compass for awhile as I just quit my job and the compass is going to get more expansive after the 30th. However if i Manage to get both what a great month!
My wallet is hurting as well..I ordered a compass a few days ago to take advantage of the lower price. As soon as I heard about the HF-2 I couldn't resist.

I know which one I'm more excited about though
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Do you know how many will be sold of this one? I think HF-1 were ~490
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