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Originally Posted by Acix View Post

What tube amp the P-200 sounds like?


For example, Schiit Valhalla and WA6 (I'm talking about the nature of the sound, not about detail or clarity). But softer and warmer that hybrid Schiit Lyr (with good tubes), Canor Audio TP 10, Vincent KHV-1.

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I have the same set up too XD however i think p1u will be a better choice for hd800, that is why i am selling my p200.

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Originally Posted by elton7033 View Post

I have the same set up too XD however i think p1u will be a better choice for hd800, that is why i am selling my p200.


I'm sure it is better than P200. But P-1u is two times more expensive!

I'm very interested in your impressions about HD800+P-1u combo and the difference between P-200 and P-1u.

May be I will think about P-1u in the future.. (or maybe I will think about P-200 upgrade..)

Thanks in advance.smily_headphones1.gif


P.S. P-200 is oustanding amp in my opinion. It has such a good clarity. This amp gives HD800 something they need - smoothness and warm and calm heights.

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I've been living with the P-200 / HD 800 combo for almost 18 months, and I am totally happy.

I'm a musician, and a pretty analytical listener. Maybe I've lost some high-frequency acuity with age, but the things that people complain about with the HD 800, I just don't hear.

I hear the combo as ruler flat from 41 Hz, the lowest frequency I care about (the open E string on a bass at concert pitch), to the upper limit of my hearing. Fabulously wide and deep soundstage, precise and stable imaging, and stunning fidelity to source. If you get to audition the combo, use music you're familiar with. You may not, to use the cliche, hear things you've never heard before (or you may: did you know that at the end of the title cut from Cara Dillon's "Hill of Thieves," there is a low whistle playing in unison with the flute?), but you will fall in love with your favorite music all over again. And isn't that what this hobby is supposed to be about?

The P-200 is worth every penny of its admittedly high price. The only way I can see myself giving up on it is if I decide to go balanced.
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What tube amp the P-200 sounds like?

I wouldn't say it sounds like the P-200, but I keep my Raptor around for when I run into a recording whose top end is too overcooked for the P-200. The Mullard CV4002/GE 5687 combo hath charms to soothe the savage beast.
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I have Luxman p-200 with HD800 and they sound great. I have also Icon Audio HP8mkii  (tub amp) and Luxman sounds better. It has silent black background, very clean sound and I don't hear any problems with highs from HD800.

Icon Audio HP8 I use mostly with HD650.


pic :)



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