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REVIEW: JMoney Audio Genuine Leather earpads for Beyer DT770/880/990 - Page 13

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Originally Posted by Spork View Post
Any word on the new model yet?
I'm curious too; I've been waiting to pick up a pair but have wanted to see a photo of them first.
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Seems like people haven't been able to get a hold of him at all lately...
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I want to buy a pair of his earpads for my DT770pro/80Ω so I contacted him through the website yesterday but haven't received a reply yet. Also curious about his new model of the pads, but I've heard nothing but rumors about them so far, really looking forward to hear from Jeremy, I should be patient but I've read in this thread that he seems to sporadically be hard to contact.
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I am also interested in getting some pads for my 880/600 cause I currently find their sound dull and a bit boomy. If anyone has any news, please pm me, I've been trying to reach jeremy for two weeks now with no luck..
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Hey skylab, quick question for the DT990. Will the J$ or Velour pads have more bass? I currently have the DT990 600 ohm with stock Velour's and I find the bass just a tad to much. What can I do to fix this?
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J$ have slightly more bass than the velours. So if you have the velours and you think the bass is already a bit to string, do not change them - they have the least bass of any pads.
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Frustrating. I finally discover the one thing that would complete my DT880s and now it seems to have dried up.

I was using AKG pleather, but it doesn't work nearly as good as it does on the 770s, but still and improvement. The 880s become very... dynamic. They are an open phone that has the punch of a closed with the right pads, and that is what I had a taste of. I so want to begin using my 880s more often. They even were more efficient, being driven from an e-mu 0202 for the first time with the AKG pads. With the velour, they cannot work in this configuration. The 770s are absolutely wonderful with the AKG pads and the e-mu. They don't gain a while lot going to my main headphone amp. The 880s, however, typically sound like night and day vs the emu and my main setup. I so want to hear what my main setup will bring me with real leather pads designed with Beyers in mind. Listening fatigue a thing of the past I hope!

I am going to tide myself over by finally buying some flats for my sr325s.
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After combing over this thread, I think I'll hold off on the JMoney pads, especially if they suppress the DT880/600's treble. It was difficult enough for me to endure the loss of high frequency extension when Beyerdynamic did away with the DT880/2003/250 design. Now the JMoney pads seem poised to take away what vestiges of high frequency performance remain of the DT880.

Also, I will note that the DT880, in any of their last three manifestations (2003/250, 2005/250 and 2005/600), have NEVER sounded overly bright, strident or piercing to me in the upper registers, apart from the odd, poor recording. It must be my ears, my listening preference. The DT880/2003/250 has better extension at both frequency extremes, IMHO, than either of their counterparts.

Arguably, though, the DT880/2005/600 is the best executed design of the bunch. : )
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It's not like you could get the jmoney pads if you wanted to because Jeremy seems to have disappeared.
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When will he start accepting orders again?

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Well if this doesn't just suck !

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He's actually been posting several other places that he's getting back shipping again.

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The reply I received when trying to order some for my 880's was that I should look on the forum for a post about his newest version he is working on.  

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

He's actually been posting several other places that he's getting back shipping again.

Did he also say when? In his thread, the last thing he said was something vague about still trying to find a reliable materials supplier. Been a couple of weeks ago, though. No more word about the supposed JMoney beyerdynamic headband either :-(

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

No, I have not started pad-rolling the T1's - and I guess I may try it, although I don't know that in the case of the T1 I want to mess with the sound


Did you ever get around to trying the leather pads on your T1?

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