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Foobar easy switching between output devices

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I wonder if there is anything easy to switch from one device to another in foobar. Whenever I want to switch from my DAC+amp to speakers, I need to go in the settings and switch. It's kind of annoying. Is there any plug-in or something you use to switch ?

Thank you !
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I'm the only one that find that annoying ?!
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I find it annoying too, I just don't know of a faster way.
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I will try to look at the sdk to see if there is no way to program something so it is easier.
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I would love a solution that auto switches from KS:USB to DS:USB when 961000/24 tracks are played. As of now, the player stalls, and I need to switch outputs manually.

A plugin that allowed me to set default output according to the track bitrate would solve my issue.
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several foobar2000.cfg files and copy them on the fly w/ shortcuts in the start menu root? instant manual switch.
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OK the sdk is a little bigger then I thought. C++ is not my thing, so that won't happen. The idea with cfg could be use... Will try to find something !
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yeah kinda annoying but if u are using some Foobar skin(UI) you can easilly go to the setting menu.
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Old topic, but still useful question.


I would appreciate assigned buttons in Foobar to switch between devices as I was frequently switching output devices, recently.


Check this (old) forum out:



In brief: There is not a solution, but:


- Holding shift + clicking on "playback" in the toolbar will let you change the output device as well.


- Simply, leave the preferences for the output window open on the side of screen or a different one.


- Use 2 portable installations of foobar - both identically setup, except each is set to a different device.


I have tried to assign a shortcut to the device, but it will always return a null device instead.

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For anyone else looking, I SoundSwitch very useful. Simple program which allows you to define which devices to toggle between and also to set the toggle button (but I can't seem to use Scroll Lock frown.gif). Another alternative which I found useful was this guy's article: http://tomchuk.com/post/changing-the-default-playback-device-on-windows-7-with-less-clicking-4

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We also use foobar now for playing DSD files. Fast switching between sound outputs is important. We found this solution:


You can use these shortcuts: ALT+SHIFT+P+I.




Maybe this is too long for you. You can then better create a windows batch file like this and save it for example as switch-output.vbs


Set sh = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
sh.Run """C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe""", 3, True
sh.SendKeys "+%PI"


You can then create a desktop shortcut and assign a shorter shortcut like crtl-alt-o.



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