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New Ebay CMoy - UK

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Just picked up this semi-portable CMoy amp from Neco Soundlabs, a UK based eBay seller. Construction quality seems really excellent, service was friendly and fast. Probably too much amp for my current SR60s, but should do well on the RS2s I have on the way! Certainly even with the SR60s they sound much fuller and richer, particularly across the mids and lows. At high volumes the highs are maybe even a bit too bright, I'm hoping the RS2s will be a bit more mellow and smoother in the upper range.

No affiliation with the seller, just a recommendation to any UK/EU based head-fi'ers from a satisfied customer.
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Neco is a very talented guy, although I think he's missing a trick with the OPA2134. I had several conversations and gave him recomendations (AD823 & AD8620) after buying a couple of amps and rolling chips in them, he now offers them as upgrades.

I have the smaller Cmoy to the one you show and also a desktop and both of which punch well above ther weight. The mains powered desktop is absolutely astounding for the money. He recently sent me his new Mosfet based amp for me to review as it was in design stages another great amp!

Again, no affiliation to Neco. Just showing some love for a talented guy.
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Just looked at this seller on ebay. It's nice to have a cmoy UK seller, but it's cheaper to buy from overseas sellers.
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It is cheaper I admit but you pay for what you get. The majority of Cmoys won't be decoupled for instance so if rolling chips is your bag? you will have issues with some of the better Opamps, he also piggybacks the railsplitters so that it can deal with stuff like AD397's. My Cmoy runs with 2 x OPA627's! Some still look like a bunch of spagetti even have wires from every pin from the pot, all those wire just attract EMI.

I've had shedloads of Cmoys from all over the world and the only one that comes close to Neco's is the JDS Labs Bass Boost Cmoy. Neco's Cmoy just has more depth IMHO and sounds fuller (like a full sized amp) whereas most of the others I've tried (I'll just put on my fire retardant t-shirt) just sounded thin and lacklustre.

If I had to grumble it would be about the enclosure, sure is built like a brick but it's real heavy and quite big in comparrison to your mint tins etc....but then I suppose it looks like it sounds, BIG.
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I ordered the smaller cmoy from him yesterday evening after my old cmoy started giving up on me. I hope it'll be a good'n.

SpudHarris, could you describe the pros and cons of the options for opamps for this amp, for instance I think I've read that opa627 can reduce the volume on less powerful amps (?), but even if this were the case what's the upside in SQ?
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Hi Lecky,

firstly if you've owned a standard Cmoy before I think you will be delighted with this one, the resolution is more in fitting with a much larger (more expensive amp).

If you read Tangent's notes on Opamps you will see that the 627/637 chips are generally rated as quite possibly the finest sounding Opamp out there but they are expensive. We all have our favourites though and that's why being able to roll is important. We all have different tastes in sonic signatures which will mostly be governed by your musical taste or favourite genre.

For instance I like Electronic Chillout, Downtempo, IDM, Psydub and Lighter Trance (Vibrasphere) kind of stuff which sounds best with something snappy and dynamic not unlike the OPA627/637's or some of the nicer Analogue Devices chips (AD8610/20, AD797, AD843, AD744 etc....) The OPA2134 is a nice chip and sits between good overall SQ and also good battery life and that's why a lot of people use them in Cmoys. I don't have a problem with that chip but there are better chips suited to my musical tastes.
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Thanks SpudHarris, I'll get a few likely opamp candidates at some time and play with them.

It was a comment that you made about the quality of the neco amp that prompted me to go for it. Regarding typical cmoys: apart from anything it's irritating buying new batteries all the time, and the extra cost over some other candidates will be made up in the end in battery costs alone. Of course I'm hoping it will sound significantly better too.
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Hadn't actually thought of that but yeh you're right, in the long run it will work out cheaper + you've got something that sounds a whole heap better. I still use mine most days as it seems to have synergie with my IE8's.
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Hi guys

First post - go easy with me!

I have been reading the site for the last few weeks, and have took the plunge today!

Regarding this amp, I am about to purchase Grado SR325is, and wondered if you that this amp would be a suitable setup with these? I had decided to purchase the Graham Slee Voyager, but this could be a better option (price included!). If so, do you think the one of the upgraded chips would be a better option?

Many thanks in advance

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Firstly welcome to Head-Fi, it's a slippery slope to poverty now hehe....

The Voyager is probably a superb amp if the Solo is anything to go by. I can't offer a comparison because I've never auditioned the Voyager.

The installed Opamp (OPA2134) would probably pair nicely with the 325i's to begin with as it's not too bright and the 325i's out of the box tend to be a little prone to shrill or treble glare. Once they break in however you may want to go for an ugrade to something more dynamic like the AD823 which is one of my personal favourites. Graham Slee installs this in his Solo Monitor amps so be sure it's a fine Opamp and it won't break the bank either (£6-£7 if memory serves).
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^Thanks for that SpudHarris

You're right about a slippery slope!!

I thought choosing the right headphones was the hard part, but the amp situation is starting to blow my mind!!

I have swung between the Slee and an iBasso, and then this Neco amp entered my radar! I can't seem to make up my mind!!

I have read through lots of threads in the last few weeks, as 2 weeks ago I had no idea amps, DAC or LOD existed! Luckily, threads like the 'review of portable amps' and the thread about 'leaving portable audio' gave me a steep learning curve - only now I am less sure about the amp situation!


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Ahh you never said you were considering iBasso......

I have a P3 (into rolling you see) and that represents for me even better value for money. I paid $179 which with the £ being where it was at the time was great value, delivered was £140. The P3 is just superb http://http://www.head-fi.org/forums...-begin-371427/

Looks and sounds just fantastic and you get a shed load of Opamps to roll with, it's addictive though.

Apologies to Singular (OP) this thread seems to have gone of topic slightly, my bad....
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I'm in pretty much the same boat as you David, all this very new to me and don't want to blow a massive chunk of cash on things that I don't know much about. I got some RS2's through the classifieds here at a good price and needed a decent amp to drive them. I looked at a few CMoys from elsewhere but this (to my fairly uneducated eye) seemed much better constructed and all his feedback is very positive.

Slippery slope is right, I'm already thinking about a tube amp...

Are there any such things as UK Head-fi meets? Seems like it'd be a good way to get together and try some different gear without having to buy and sell a bunch of stuff before settling on what you like. My contribution would be small at this stage but is rapidly expanding...

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Someone started organising a meet but it's lost a little momentum, maybe someone would like to pick up the baton?

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Ah cool, hadn't even found that section of the site - shows how new I am... Shame it sounds like things have stalled. Would love to attend but couldn't really take on something of that magnitude. Something smaller and more local is a possibility though. May put a post up there.
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