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David Oistrakh playing Brahms violin concerto.
When it comes to Brahms, nobody does it better.
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Originally posted by morphsci

Not really I just have not found copies of any of the piano concertos that grab me the way these performances of the symphonies do. It's all good.
I highly recommend the Decca remastering of Ashkenazy doing the 2nd and 3rd piano concertos. The interplay between the soloist and orchestra(s) is simply amazing, though I'm a big fan of Ashkenazy's interpretive skills to begin with.
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If you're a big fan of Mozart, I highly recommend the London box set of Vladimir Ashkenazy's complete Piano Concertos. It's pricey (on sale it's around $80) but it includes 10 CDs and is supposedly one of the two best collections of Mozart's Piano works available (the other is around $200 ).
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Well that's relatively simple. i've said it before and i'll say it again:

Mahler's 8th symphony- LSO Conducted by Jascha Horenstein
BBC Great performers of the twentieth century

this is far and away the best recording of this absolutely massive work (up to and over 1000 performers). I've listened to and owned just about every decent recording (sans maybe Abbado & Sinopoli), and there is no question in my mind that this is the best. Another great thing- it's a live performance (thunderous applause at the end).

On a related note, i just bought Horenstein's recording of Bruckner's 8th and 9th Symphonies also on the BBC Great performers label. I absolutely love them, and reviews i've read seem to put these recordings at the top of the list. they too are live recordings.
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Originally posted by morphsci
Mussorgsky ... that reminds me I kind of like the ELP version of Pictures at an Exhibition.
I have to admit they are originally responsible for this, one of my absolute favorite pieces of all time, but I am now tired of that version. I much prefer a good classical interpretation.

OTOH, I resultantly have not heard it in a while, so maybe I should pull it out...love that wah-wah bass...
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Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition is awesome... just got Sony's SACD release, and I need to try Telarc's (I have telarc's redbook version).

Anyway, The Planets is good, I also really enjoy Pines of Rome...
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Hello all,
Just found this forum, and thought I'd chip in my two cents. It's always nice to find people who love listening to music.

I'd have to second Shostakovich's 5th symphony.

I also enjoy Martha Argerich's version of the schumann piano concerto.

Of course, there's so much music I haven't listened to yet...

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I need to get more people on here from Middlebury...
Kidding, anyway, it is nice to see Shostakovich is well represented on this board.
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Kidding, anyway, it is nice to see Shostakovich is well represented on this board.
Yes it is indeed! I'm playing so much Shostakovitch right now... I'm starting the first violin concerto, our piano trio is playing the second trio (which I absolutely LOVE) and our orchestra is playing the ninth symphony!
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Those russians really know how to compose dance/ballet music.
I have already mentioned Tchaikovsky's 3 ballets but lets not forget:

Prokefiev - Romeo & Juliet, Cinderella
Stravinsky - Firebird, Rites of Spring, Petruska
Shostakovich - various ballet suites

Most people know Shostakovich for his 15 symphonies, but he made some wonderful ballet/dance music and there is a great 2 CD set by Jarvi/Chandos which collects many together. I love that little ditty called "tea for two" (Taiti trot) Op16.
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Man, he wrote Tahiti Trot when he was a little baby....it got him into a little trouble later though, as it was "not in keeping with the progressive nature of Socialist Realism". What a joy it was to live in the Soviet Union! You couldn't even compose a little ballet music without castigation. Yes, and the Russians tend to be good at ballet. Last time I was in Russia, on a study-abroad program, I managed to see Giselle performed by the Kirov, and The Nutcracker at the Bolshoi, and I must say I found them incredible. I liked Giselle better though...I am not a big fan of ballet music on its own (other than Le sacre du printemps) , but when combined with the dance, it is an excellent experience...
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Classical Music is Addictive :)!

I had never heard the name Shostakovich before a few weeks ago when I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing (whatever) his 13th symphony performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra (it's nice being a college student, I get free tickets, now I only wish I could take advantage of it more often). It was impressive. I agree with everyone here that the Russian music is awesome. It's just so emotional and powerful, and can get very very loud which I love. The largo and adagio movements almost put me to sleep, they were a little toooo slow, but other movements were just as exciting to see as to hear. I am in awe of the skill of concert musicians.

I have been borrowing a LOT of CDs from my schools music library (and keeping them a little longer than I should with the help of my trusty CD burner...shhhh, you didn't hear that from me). It's great. Recently I got Telarc's complete Brandenburg Concertos, The New York Philharmonics 12 disc set of all of Mahler's Symphonies from radio broadcasts they've done, and a bunch of other random stuff here and there.

Has anyone ever heard Sony Classical's "The Royal Edition" boxed sets? It's a set of 100 CDs in 4 volumes released in 1993 I think (although it's almost all previously released material) of Leonard Bernstein with the New York Philharmonic. I have Beethoven's 9 Symphonies and a few others like Puccini's Overtures. I'd highly recommend them. You can actually buy them online at a few places for like $8 which makes them WELL worth it.

I'm thinking of getting a job at the music library some time soon, so my CD collection will grow more. Music is great, there's just soo much good stuff to experience.
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I just got this CD in the mail today:

Audiophile recording, and my fav version of Shostakovich symphony No.5, it also includes symphony No.9

It's greatness on an epic scale!
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Originally Posted by Wes View Post

OK. The single best classical album is...

Bach's Concerti for Harpsichord(s), Trevor Pinnock as solist with the English Concert on DG Archiv.



Thanks for the suggestion, I just picked it up and I love it!

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