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Denon AH-C710, AH-C360 and AH-NC600 ANC

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AH-C710 (US$149)
Impedance:16 ohms
Pictures: pcpop.com

AH-C360 (US$49)
Impedance:16 ohms
Pictures: pcpop.com

AH-NC600 (US$199) - ANC

Press release follows:

Mahwah, NJ – May 11, 2009 - Denon Electronics, one of the world's premier manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment components, today introduced three stylish and high-performance "earbud" in-ear headphone models, bringing the total number of headphones in the company's line to 15. The new additions include the company's first in-ear noise-cancelling headphones, Model AH-NC600 (SRP: $199), scheduled for July availability, as well as the AH-C710 (SRP: $149) and AH-C360 (SRP: $49), both scheduled for June availability.

Total Comfort and Style, With Optimum Audio Quality
As with all Denon headphones, the three new models are engineered for total comfort and style, with advanced audio technologies for optimum sound. The new models all feature an ergonomic design that isolates the ear more steadily and comfortably, and also decreases mechanical vibration. A newly developed Hybrid (metal and Elastomer) housing ensures clean sound, and a Radial Cascade Damper reduces noise from touched cables. In addition, all feature a specially designed Acoustic Optimizer that ensures dynamic sound and deep rich bass response, with optimum acoustical characteristics achieved by adjusting the sound pressure balance in front of and behind the diaphragm. For total flexibility, all models come with multiple sizes of comfortable ear tips, extension cables and ear clips to ensure perfect fit for every listener. The new AH-C710 headphones include not only three sizes of silicon ear tips, but also a special "soft-foam" earpiece for added comfort and luxury. They also come with a new specially designed carrying case that features cable management, as well as OFC (oxygen free copper) cables for enhanced sonic performance.

AH-NC600: Denon's First Noise-Cancelling Earbud Headphone
The new luxury AH-NC600 earbud headphones offer music lovers an opportunity to enjoy the ultimate in private listening enjoyment, with a high-quality built-in amplifier and advanced noise-cancelling technologies that reduce outside ambient noise by 99%. In addition, the sophisticated headphones feature Denon's proprietary Compressed Audio Restorer circuitry. Previously only available in the company's advanced audio/video receivers, this sophisticated circuitry improves the dynamic range and sound quality of compressed audio sources. Superior audio reproduction is further enhanced by high-quality 3.5mm drivers, as well as OFC cables with straight plug and an adjusting slider. An airplane adapter and a specially designed hard carrying case add to their on-the-go convenience. The compact and ingeniously designed case allows users to carry their mobile phones, along with their headphones and all accessories, and lets them prop up their iPod Touch or iPhone devices for easy use while on-the-go. As with the AH-C710 headphones, the AH-NC600 provides three separately sized ear tips, as well as the new soft-foam earpads.

Denon's Full Line of Advanced Headphones
The three new models join Denon's existing line of advanced headphones, including the high-end luxury Model AH-NC732 On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones (SRP: $299); three state-of-the-art over-ear models, the AH-D7000 (SRP: $999), the AH-D5000 (SRP: $699) and AH-D2000 (SRP: $349); three on-ear models AH-D1001 (SRP: $149.99), AH-D501K (SRP: $69) and AH-301K (SRP: $49); the compact on-ear model AH-P372K (SRP: $59); and four "earbud" in-ear models, the AH-C751 (SRP: $199), AH-C551 (SRP: $99), AH-C452 (SRP: $69) and AH-C252 ($29).




via: pcpop.com
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It's interesting that they didn't call the new mid-rangers the C652/660, which would keep it in line with the naming structure. C710 is a bit confusing, considering the C700 is still available for sale at some online stores. Also, I wonder if the introduction of the C360 has anything to do with how I scored a pair of C351s for $16 on eBay...

Anyway, I'm quite interested in these, and looking forward to impressions and pics.
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oooh interesting but......

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Yeah, the naming of the C710 is very confusing. Does it sit in between the C700 and C751 which are exactly the same earphone bar the accessories?
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i think they are pretending the c700 doesnt exist, i assume they dont officially still sell it anymore so are ignoring it completely
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Thanks walkingman. Interesting that they're using an offset design similar to the C452, but the housing reminds me of the C700/751 and C551. Seems that the "Acoustic Optimizer" is now the gap between the driver and the housing, similar to the C350/351, instead of a large bass port in the back.

Hopefully when these are introduced in the UK, you guys won't get shafted with the pricing once again...
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Yeah, they seem to be taking the same design approach of the C452, Sony EX85/95 and Sennheiser IE series.

At least it isn't a repackaged C700, like the C751 was.
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Just saw it on Engadget. I quite like the design of the C710s
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Yeah the C710 looks good. The specs are better than the C700/751. Are they better? Why another 7XX model? 360, 551, 452? They are one of the worst for their numbering scheme making any sense. If the 710 is better why isn't it the 852 since the last two were the 252 and 452.

And who would buy the C360 anyway? The 452 came out first, has the same looks/specs and can be found cheaper.
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ooooh they look weird as hell

i think they would look much better in silver though
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Some more pics over at Engadget.
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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post
ooooh they look weird as hell

i think they would look much better in silver though
I'd like to see a pic of the nozzle. They look weird because the angle of the nozzle seems off, like it's bent
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Originally Posted by walkingman View Post
Thanks for the naked nozzle link

It definitely looks bent. Maybe it's been designed like that to make the fit better? Looks like I may have to try these, even though they don't seem to be an upgrade of any sort to the C700/751. The bent nozzle kind of has me intrigued

Wish they'd bought out an AH-C1000 though. I'd have been all over those like a rash!
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