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yeah, their drivers engineers are clueless...like most computer audio companies they sell you datasheets and crappy drivers. I'm so glad my current USB S/PDIF transport doesn't need drivers, Tenor TE7022L all the way baby!


It was also crashing to death w/ 1.86 btw..and their lame clock synthesis is inexcusable anyway. That's the kind of product that gives the Chinese a bad name, coz everything's half-*rsed.

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Yes they make mistakes but at least the driver updates are pretty frequent compared to many other brands.


That Tenor device is DIY only?

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many units use that Tenor chip nowadays, Audinst, Teralink X2, Firestone Bravo, Stello U2.


no drivers means no hassle, the generic USB Audio 1.0 drivers work perfectly fine...and up to 24/96 over USB1, so you can use the beautiful USB Isolator(also said to be compatible w/ the Musiland). I've made a thread about the Bravo if you wanna have a look: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/496735/

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Thanks bud ill read up on it :)

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I have Musiland 01USD and have swapped out the stock BNC for Vampire true 75ohm.


Question: Should I also swap out the short connection wires from BNC to PCB so that they match? (This assumes the stock wire is not 75ohm..?) Is 75ohm wire easy to obtain?


P.S. I would like someone who has actually done this to make a comment as to whether it is worth the trouble.

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Yes, space the wires the same distance as the bnc solder points. There are two feeds from the logic chip to two sockets. One may be better than the other, especially where symmetry is concerned. Listen to each and choose the better one.


I see the differenceon a scope and hear slight differences.

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Found an interesting article on a Chinese audio forum site. The original link is http://www.hifidiy.net/index.php?action-viewnews-itemid-281


To summarize this guy's finding in English: he took some serious measurements with an audio analyzer (Audio Precision SYS-2722-192k), and posted the results as follows (applies to both RCA and BNC),


1. According to IEC-60958, SPDIF output should have an impedance of 75+/-15 ohms and a peak-to-peak voltage of 0.5+/-0.1V. Impedance of 01USD is 77.6 ohms and output voltage is 0.59V (w/o load) or 0.29V (w/ 75 ohms load). Not bad.


2. Average jitter is less than 100ps. This result is for reference only, because it is close to AP SYS-2722-192k's resolution limit. This looks very good.


3. Clock accuracy is not so good and barely meets USB audio spec's +/-500ppm accuracy requirement. 01USD outputs 44.122K for 44.1K source, and 192.019K for 192K source. The differences are +500ppm and +100ppm, respectively.


[Credit goes to hifidiy, the author of the original Chinese version]

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So, I ordered the

ADuM4160 USB Isolator board, populated from circuitsathome.com

on Sunday and recieved it today, Wednesday, excellent!

  Plugged the Isolator into a USB port and then the Musiland 01USD Monitor into the isolator,

plugged a wall wort into the Isolator. I have not A/B'd with & without the Isolator yet, but I

believe the improvement is great.


  So, what seems to be the best 'MlCyMon' version sound & stability wize??? Opinions please.

I had problems at first, due to my using a faulty usb cable.

Oleg Mazurov at circuitsathome responded very quickly to my email for help.

I would recommend this product and company to anyone.

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Could you please compare sound with and without an isolator? It is very interesting to know your opinion.

And what about your problems with cable? Do you need a special cable? O_o

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AntuanMark  Could you please compare sound with and without an isolator?

  As luck would have it, last week I tried out a different wall wort to see/hear if it made a difference.

Yes it did. It fried the isolator .  In my haste I did not note that the plug has the +- voltage reversed.

  What I can say is, listening without the isolator, since I now have no choice, the sound has a very

mild/fine grittiness and a loss of air and cohesiveness, that is to say the impression that performers

are playing in the same space. A loss of musical flow? For the small cost it's worth a try.

  As to the cable problem, at first I was using a compromised cable I had modified to use an

external power supply. Once I swapped in my printer usb cable it worked ok.


UPDATE: This morning ......

I don't understand how or why but after poking around with a meter checking for voltages

which were 5v after the sm-reg, good, then pluging the monitor01usd in and then into the

Buffalo dac, well, it's playing!? Maybe checking the diodes reverse biased them or ??


I will compare the sound with and without the isolator.

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I'm having serious driver issues at the moment with Windows 7 64-bit. At first I thought my DAC went crazy but after checking with the optical and coaxial outputs of my DVD player, it turns out that it is the Musiland unit that is acting up. Any consensus which driver version is the best to use stability-wise with the above-mentioned OS? 

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I have the same OS and no problems. I use the latest driver.

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hi guys.i have a musiland 01usd  version 2009.

reading all the 57 pages i wasn`t able to upgrade it`s firmware.

when i run micymonuser it keeps telling me device not found.


any suggestions?

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Maybe post #405 and 745 can help you.

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hi everybody,


I read a lot of pages but I didn't find anywhere the confimation : is the Musiland 1 monitor USD working in bulk mode or not ?


audioasylum.com, John Swenson :
"The one that is interesting is the Musiland thingy. It actually implements an async mode, but NOT the official one, so it requires a custom driver. They took an asynchronous bulk data mode implemented by the USB chip they use and wrote a custom driver to implement an audio interface for it."


the Musiland chip is a CY7C68013A (Cypress EZ-usb) :  this chip can work both in BULK or ISOCHRONOUS mode...


On another site :
"Some audiophiles friends of mine think that HiFace & Musiland Monitor 01 USD are using 24/192-capable asynchronous USB reception. I doubt about that. What's your comment?"

Gordon Rankin (Wavelength Audio) response :
"I think these guys are using the Cypress EZ-USB controller and driver setup. This would use BULK protocol long with drivers for operating systems that make them look like an Audio device."


So is-it asynchronous bulk transfert (data correction and time control like hard drive usb) or asynchronous isochronous transfert (only time control)


(Sorry for my english)

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