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RSA The Shadow - smaller than P-51

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Wow, soon after Pico the Slim announcement, now comes Ray with news of The Shadow that's said to be smaller than P-51.
News - Ray Samuels Audio

Mmm, have to save up for both
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Should be fun.
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Oooo and I was just about to buy a p-51
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Wow, that sounds really interesting !

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RSA and HeadAmp keep on releasing competitive amplifiers all the time. Great news for us consumers.
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Oh yea i want one
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Or at least similarly sized products
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Yes, the Shadow has been in the works for quite some time, a half a year or so. Should be exciting.
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Originally Posted by grawk View Post
Or at least similarly sized products
They certainly do seem to "shadow" each other!
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OH NO...my wallet aches once more.
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Just last week I was wondering why headamp or RSA didn't have an amp around the size of the T4, since I want something better. My wallet is begging for mercy...shaddup you.
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Wow, first the Slim & now the Shadow, makes it really hard to keep up with all this Head-Fi Goodness.

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Great news! Now is RSA in the works for a standalone DAC?
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^doubt it.

iBasso has switched gears to do more of the small dac market and that really isn't where I think Ray's focus is. He may change focus just to do something different as he seemed to do all of the different kind of amps there are now.

It really is pretty much a smaller P51. For me with the way I have my DIYmodded Touch rig set up, it is of no matter. As for other people, it may make a difference. What I want to know is whether it will be a knob or buttons. I have used that digitally controlled switch and it is pretty good, but still no Stepped Pot killer. I really hope that Ray used some physical volume rather than just buttons. Still, small is good.
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