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Originally Posted by Sduibek View Post
Thanks. What's a good, budget mic that could work for this application?
Depends how you define "work". A couple of SM58s would work and would probably be a good starting point for you but I certainly wouldn't use SM58s on piano professionally. Getting very high quality is not cheap and you won't get high quality from a piano with SM58s but they are very versatile and even the top commercial studios always have a pile of them (and SM57s).

The Mackie desk might solve your short term problem of no mic pre-amps but it might be wasted money as when you want to step up in quality, the Mackie will be one of the first items in your chuck-out list. Given the choice, I would look at a ProTools M-Powered or LE system, instead of the Mackie. You'll get more ins/outs, integral Mic-pres and industry standard editing and mixing software, although the software does take a bit of learning.

Electronic drums are probably your best bet at this stage. Easiest way to do this would be to get a software drum module and then a MIDI controller or just program the drums in software if you don't need the hands on performance with sticks. There are some decent drum modules available if you get say Cubase or Logic (or ProTools). The upside is you won't need any more mics or inputs, the downside is that you won't get the experience of recording or processing live drums, which is an art in itself.

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I'd prefer to have the physical drum setup itself... this next statement is probably going to make people roll their eyes, but: I had a blast playing Rock Band on the Xbox as a drummer, so i'm stoked to see what it'd be like with more "drums". Well, and of course better shaped ones and all that, since they wouldn't be a toy's accessory

And, you mentioned hands-on with drums sticks -- yes, I do need that quite badly. I absolutely love air-drumming a set (heh) and love hand drumming (the real thing) just as much, so I can only assume that i'll love real set drumming even more. I have terrible physical coordination when using sticks and a kick-pedal at this stage, though, so that needs some work. Which the synth drumming wouldn't help
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