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Sony MDR-EX36V

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These things are selling for around 24 dollars at Best Buy's. They're cheap IEM's that come with several different sizes of tips, not to mention nice packaging, something you don't normally see with IEM's this price range.

CNET reviewed it here:
Can someone who has a pair tell me how these sound? I'm considering buying these as a gift.
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I tried them. The lower end of the MDR-EX## line just doesn't have enough treble response to be worth buying at their asking prices; they're a bit too dark for my varied tastes.
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Just as an FYI, the EX36Vs are dynamic phones, and they need 2-3 days of burn-in to be fair. I have a pair I got for free, and to me, they are not bad for the price. Not sure why you feel they are treble-challenged. If anything, they seem to be a little harsh until they are burned in. Also, it depends on the tips. I think they are not bad at all, and worth the $24. Just my view. Not a bad gift for someone who is not a headphone junkie.
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I've had these for a while now and I am pleased with the quality/price.  Once they're broken in they have a fairly warm sound in my opinion. I don't have another set of iem style phones to compare them to but i have put them up against the earbuds that come with the zuneHD.  These are far better.  Better bass response and less harsh although the zune phones haven't really been broken in.  Very comfortable.  On several occasions i have worn them for extended periods of time and experienced little fatigue.  They dampen noise very well.  As I was writing this, one song ended abruptly and the next song began with a shout and I actually jumped because I thought someone in the house yelled.  They do tend to wiggle around and loose their seal with my ear, but that could just be me.  There is a noticeable difference when you loose the seal.  Finally, I find the in-line volume control (which I don't use at all) annoying when trying to wrap the cord up.


Summary: Decent bass for the price. wouldn't recommend them.


EDIT: I've since done some more comparing and found that I'm not as much of a fan of these iem's as I thought.  My friend let me play with a pair of his Maximo's and they are much clearer than the sony's.  I feel now like mids and highs are muddled and disgusting and I almost can't stand to listen to the way these present my music.  My eyes have been opened.  They aren't bad if you're looking for cheap bass but i wouldn't recommend them anymore.

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