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I must have lucked out when I bought my T-Amp upgrade kit. This was over a year ago.
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FYI, Audiomagus was indeed a core of three folks. They had great intentions, but had that startup luck. I had good communicatoins with the two Mike's involved, when I was ordering my magiDAC way back when. Some delays due to parts supplies, but they came through fine with a good product for the $.

Since then, one of the Mike's had moved from Hawaii to the mainland to try and help the business move along. Then, one of the Mike's ended up bowing out I believe due to illness in the family.....

On 6/3, I received the following email about the buyout zzffnn mentioned:

Originally Posted by audiomagus_email
Great news, Audiomagus is in the process of a buyout from another company. What this means is that Audiomagus will soon be back on track offering a great product for a great price.

We would like to thank our past and current customers for the fun conversation and valuable input. It made the experience very memorable.

For the past few months we have been experiencing difficulty in several areas. Most notably fulfillment and communications. As we have been navigating through the numerous issues it became clear that the best option to handle this and have a promising future was to consider working with another company. We expect this process to be complete within the next two weeks.

While this process is occurring we have listed most products as unavailable on the website. This will help ease the transition on our end, once complete the site will be refreshed.

For all customers with current orders or any other type of transaction. We appreciate your patience and understanding so far even though it has been frustrating at times. We are working to complete the transactions we can but honestly many will be delayed until the buyout is complete. Please be assured that we are working as quickly as possible to complete this.

Regarding our communications, this as well will continue to be very inconsistent. We apologize for this but it is the nature of the situation currently. Please be certain that you have not been forgotten.

Once the transition is complete another message will be sent with more details regarding changes with the company and product lines offered.

Best regards,
Mike and Brian
The bottom line is, I believe these are good guys that got in over their heads. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for a little while longer; the buyout is a legal and financial transaction, and they surely don't move quickly.

I'm sorry for all the folks waiting on product or refunds. I've seen this before with another internet direct company that had lots of issues (and BTW, they blow away Audiomagus in unfulfilled promises....). They, too, are hopefully on their way back, slowly but surely resoilving open issues, and getting back on their feet. I wish the same for Audiomagus, in whatever incarnation they become. I think they are good folks overall.

Just my opinion. Easier to say these things when I'm not owed money (but I AM with the other company mentioned; I have about $600 in credit waiting on new product).
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I will not call the old Audiomagus/Brian/Mike "good guys". They even took my return DAC (Amod DAC 707) and vanished. I paid $400+ and I am left with nothing in hand, not even the defective DAC. Now Sasha and Sacha from Obad Imports take over the Audiomagus web site; however all they can do is to "track down Brian" and "ask him where it (my DAC) may be". Sacha said "When we took over we received zero inventory or warranty repair items". Bottom line is, the new owners seem nice and tried to help, but Brian and Mike are no where to be found and I wasted $400+. If there is anyone who had problem with the old Audiomagus, please PM me. I will like to look into legal resolution although I do not know what to do at this stage.
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The New and improved AUDIOMAGUS

Greetings to all,

It is very sad to read about the troubles that some of you have had with Audiomagus in the past. I purchased a set of John Blue speakers along with a Kingrex 20U speaker amp in late September. The guy I dealt with was super nice, helpful and accommodating and everything arrived on time, well wrapped and in great shape. He informed me that they were the new owners of the business as he didn't have the John Blue speaker cables listed on the web site but they were available. He has followed up with me after the sale to make sure I was happy with everything. I know that this sounds exactly the opposite of what some of you have experienced in the past but that has been my experience. I am looking forward to saving money to hopefully pick up the Kingrex pre-amp and the psu in the future and it'll definitely come from Audiomagus. Happy listening, Milad
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I had ordered from Audiomagus quite some time ago. Had a bit of an issue with communication but nothing as bad as some of the stories that have come up. Hopefully, with the new ownership they can right the ship. It is good to hear a positive experience since they do have some nice stuff.

BTW - I bought a King-Rex USB amp and it is nothing but impressive. Drives my Swans quite nicely.
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I have not received any reply or update from the "new" Audio-magus till now. I am not sure why anyone will continue to use this "Audio-magus" name since it is not a reputable name at all. Fact: take a look at the profiles of old Audio-Magus at US Better Business Bureaus (F on a scale of F to A+), and at resellerratings.com (2.5 out of 10; all store average 7.91). I am posting here as I hope nobody else will make the same mistake as I did. I will rather pay more to deal with more reputable business from now on.
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Update concerning Audio Magus. I had read the past bad dealings of Audio Magus at this forum. Audio Magus is a different company than in 2009 when it imploded. Sacha Kuettel runs the company and is easy to contact at 1-866-808-9567 or via E-mail. I wanted a King Rex Power Supply Unit that was configured to work with an Acoustic Revive-77 generator. Sacha talked to me directly and I received the unit quickly. These King Rex units are built like tanks, and I am very pleased with the King Rex upgrade. I have since ordered two additional King Rex Units. I think this is one of the positive turn arrounds that we too rarely see in the audio world.

David Pritchard

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 I am posting the update of my dispute with Audiomagus here so you guys can judge yourself.

1) The end result is that I got a $124 dac to compensate my lost $400+ dac (which was taken and never returned by the “old” Audiomagus), after fighting for 11 months.


2) First Sacha (“new” Audiomagus) told me that they would go to Seattle to recover my dac (email replied in September 2009). This has never happened and no update was sent to me until I asked again and again.


3) I got frustrated and called Audiomagus 8+ time times in two days in June 2010, finally Sacha picked up and promised a $124 dac to compensate my $400+ loss (heavily modified Amod 707 transformer-coupled dac). That was on 6/25/2010. I received the “replacement” dac on 7/19/2010, after yet another 2-3 emails during the 24 days (one excuse I got was “we were camping in an area w/o cell phone service).


You be the judge. Just my own opinion: I will never buy from Audiomagus or Obad Imports again, because it took them 11 months to partially settle a dispute.


If I was Sacha, I would not take over such a stinky brand name (Audiomagus, read their BBB and reseller rating); however if I do take over the Audiomagus name, I will take over all the debt and responsibility as well. An email saying that “Audiomagus is now under new ownership” and some partially refund just seems fishy. If I was an attorney with tons of free time, I will sue them; however I am not and have more important things to do. I regretted spending time with this business. Just my own opinion.

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Sorry to hear that it was never resolved.


I think it's safe to say that anyone who Googles the company should stumble across this thread now!

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There is another Headfi thread started and bumped by people scammed by Audio-Magus.



I was scammed $300+ by them. The latest guy who posted in the above thread lost over $1000+ to Audio-Magus. Don't believe me and all those other people complaining? Check out their failure score "F" at US national BBB (Better Business Bureau).




I work for an attorney at a law office and will ask the attorney how to pursue legal action against Audio-Magus. Those who would like to join us (we have two Headfiers in alliance now), please PM me. I will give you my email contact and details.


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I am ready to take action against this guy (Sacha Kuettel). He has $1600+ dollars of my money now and will not return calls. He has no idea of how to interact with a customer. Please ping me and I will join any kind of legal action against this guy. He thinks he is untouchable and he is not...

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This is an instance where I would choose a Louisville Slugger to aid in communication.  These guys have really left a trail of bones.

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If it were the old days this would have been done long ago. He has the law behind him so this does not work. 

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I am ready to file suite against this guy. I am wondering if we can get a list of people he has ripped off and file a larger suite against him?

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I am in, please PM me.

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