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Dacs, Amps, Headphones, Speakers. 56k Warning. Lots of pics.

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Well, its about that time and I need to clear out some gear to make room for...well, more gear. I'm keeping the "bare essentials" and the rest has to go! All plugs and connectors have been cleaned with DeoxIT Power Booster, then treated with DeoxIT Pro Gold to prevent corrosion. Pricing is with shipping and PapPal fees included. Shipping in ConUS only.

Little Dot MkIII $sold!
A fantastic way to get into tube amps, with plenty of tubes to start rolling. Compared to the EF-1 the LD has a larger soundstage and is smoother, with those liquidy mids that tube enthusiasts love. This amp includes all of the original accessories (unused RCA cable, jumpers, 1/4" adapter, manual, packing material). Also included are 4 different sets of driver tubes, a great way to try out the different flavors of this amp. I did not purchase power tubes to roll because there aren't as many choices in tubes and the change in sound signature is not nearly as much as you get from changing driver tubes.

stock (2x 5654, 2x Soviet 6H6N - the classic LD MkIII sound)

3x Mullard M8100/CV4010 EF95 (two are used with approx. 250 hours on them, 1 unused/tested backup - my favorite tube, provides a nicer, thicker sound with good impact, but without muddy-ing up the details)

4x Russian 6Zh1P-EV EF95 (matched quad: 2 with approx. 200 hours, 2 unused - the most extension in the highs and lows, great bass, more detailed sounding than the M8100, but also thinner; I prefer the rolled off treble of the M8100)

2x Mullard M8083/CV4014 EF91 (These tubes are a little weaker, but sound fine with the unit at about 2 o'clock. By far the smoothest sounding of the tubes; does not deliver the impact or excitement of the M8100 or Russian tubes; great for a more laidback sound)

1x Mullard M8161/CV4015 EF92 (I never got to try these, as his brother was introduced to gravity, and shortly thereafter met the floor. )

AKG K701 $sold!
My go-to cans until I got a Black Dragon set. Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to at least hear them sometime in your head-fi career. These are in good condition with moderate wear on the pads.

Sennheiser HD580 w/ HD600 Grills and HD650 Cable $sold!
These have the common headband chipping, but in good condition otherwise. The chipping is more prominent in the front than in the back, as you can see in the pictures.

DT770 Pro 250ohm $sold!
I definitely prefer the sound of open cans, so these saw very little use and lived in their box. The 250ohm version, while harder to drive, is supposed to have smoother highs and more controlled bass than the more common 80ohm version. For what its worth, I found the bass to be much tighter and with better impact through the EF-1 than through the Little Dot MkIII.

Channel Islands VDA-1 DAC with VAC-1 Power Supply $PENDING
Little brother to the VDA-2, this DAC was fairly popular on Head-Fi a few years back and was known to deliver great bang for the buck. Originally, this combo sold for $508 (VDA-1 $349, VAC-1 $159). It is in excellent condition.

Included with this combo is a Volex 17604 power cable (reviewed in MarkL's power cord shoot-out seen here:, a TRC-222 75ohm PCOFC digital coax cable, and the umbilical cord to connect the two units.

The VDA-1 is a bit rare nowadays, so here are a couple reviews:

Digital Drive: REVIEW: C I Audio VDA-1 DAC Processors by DWPC

Channel Islands Audio VDA-1 Reviews

Underwood HiFi Reviews

Beresford TC-7510 $sold!
While I don't particularly agree with the business practices of this company, I am a big fan of this DAC. I love the versatility that a combo unit like this offers, with a plethora of inputs and outputs, and the ability to use the unit as a DAC/Amp or as a DAC feeding a dedicated AMP. The front and rear of the unit are in perfect condition, but the top has surface scratches as seen in the photos.

Head-Direct EF-1 $sold!
I purchased this amp 2 months ago on Head-Fi from this thread:

As many of you already know, its a great sounding amp. I find that it has much better bass impact and better extension in both the low and high end versus the Little Dot MkIII. There are no major scuffs or scratches on this amp, and smudges seen on the front of the amp in Peanuthead's pictures just wiped off. Included are a NOS RCA Cleartop tube and a Slyvania Black Plate tube.

Audioengine 5 $sold!
A great set of speakers which worked well for music, movies, and games. They have much more bass than any other set of bookshelves that I have used (including their replacement, the Klipsch WB-14's at twice the price). The left speaker has 2 indentations that are less than 1cm long and do not break the clearcoat, and two marks on the cone which are pictured. I purchased these speakers used, and the right unit was dead on arrival. I e-mailed Audioengine and had a replacement within 2 weeks. The right speaker is in perfect condition as it has not moved since I unboxed it. Included are the (double) box, manual, and all original accessories.

Little Dot MkIII

shown with stock Soviet 6H6N power tubes and Mullard M8100 EF95 driver tubes

Left to right: stock 5654, Mullard M8083 EF91, Mullard M8161 EF92, Russian 6Zh1P-EV (2 unopened), Mullard M8100 EF95 (other 2 of these are in the amp)




Beresford TC-7510


Audioengine 5

The only trades I am looking for are: (I know, a bit of a stretch, but worth trying)

Audio-GD C-2C
Ming-Da MC 84 C07
Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm
Canon 430EX II flash

If you have any questions or want more detailed pictures of anything, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for looking!
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K701 and HD580 pending.
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Beresford pending.

All PMs replied to.
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CI Audio VDA-1/VAC-1 pending.
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great pictures! The best I've seen on Head-Fi!
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Still have theĀ Russian 6Zh1P-EV's for sale?

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