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Originally Posted by atothex View Post
I just wanted to bump this thread. A reputable American company announces a (relatively) affordable balanced tube amp, and nobody cares. But when the latest FOTM Chinese thing comes out, everyone wets their diapers? Why?
Because it's not dirt cheap like a Chinese amp.
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i am seriously considering getting this amp... for now i understand that jack will not be offering the premium parts upgrade on this unit... does that really make much of a difference?... b/c if it does id just assume wait until he offers that as an option before placing my order
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Jack told me they haven't considered a premium parts upgrade for the WA22 since it already uses good selected parts so it's mostly just better tubes. Maybe further down the line they might.
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Originally Posted by atbglenn View Post
Because it's not dirt cheap like a Chinese amp.
$1200 or $1330 or whatever is not exactly dirt cheap. Actually, I do know the reason why: nobody is bumping the Woo threads several times daily.
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and if i get this amp, which type of xlr is better to use... the 3 pin or 4 pin?
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any more comparisons between WA22 and WA5 with same sources and phones?
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hey i have another question regarding this amp... one of the things that i have always also wanted with such an amp is an option to have a remote control to regulate the volume without having to be right next to the amp.... jack told me that i could add a balanced preamp out and use the volume control on my preamp to regulate the volume, but he told me that it was not the optimal solution... would anybody know why that is? i mean if i get the balanced preamp output added to the unit i could always use the volume control on the unit itself instead of running thru my preamp, but what is the disadvantage to using a preamp to control the volume? im not sure if this makes any difference, but i am using a krell kav250p preamp; although it's nearly 10 years old it's supposed to be a very good one... any input on this?
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The volume control device is another sq degrade in the signal chain. The goal is to put as little in the signal chain as possible.
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you can find a CD player like my Classe CDP-202 that has an adjustable output(volume control) via remote. So you could run the CDP straight to the amp(s) with no preamp.
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WA22 silver or black: $1900

1 pairs of XLR preamp outputs: $300, or

2 pairs of XLR preamp outputs: $350

Replacing the RCA to XLR balanced input costs $150.

Minus $46 if no stock tubes shipped.
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That's kind of expensive. Replacing the RCA to XLR balanced input costs $150? What do you guys think?
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Hold on, doesn't the stock version already have an XLR balanced input?
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Stock has one XLR and one RCA input.
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Originally Posted by Seamaster View Post
WA22 silver or black: $1900
Replacing the RCA to XLR balanced input costs $150.
that makes no sense,

there is already both an RCA and an XLR input.

If you do go for preamp output, let us no how it sounds as a preamp.
I would ask Jack first tho what he thinks of its preamp circuit considering the amp was designed for headphones first I think. (I'm guessing)
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just do it yourself and save yourself some dough...
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