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Custom tips on Phonak PFE?

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I'm interested in possibly doing this. Does anyone know if it's possible and where I'd get it done?
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I was going to start this thread myself actually! I know some places but I don't like the prices or the idea of sending my PFEs. $90-$150 just seems like a lot for tips on top of the cost of impressions. I saw a post on another forum where a guy said he went to his local Phonak dealer and got impressions done and got a bunch of custom tips for $40 but that just sounds too good to be true.
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I like the PFE's but it's not really worth spending around the same price as the PFE's for the custom tips, imo. If you can get it done for $40 though, go for it.

Otherwise, I would advise against it unless you get something more expensive like the Westone 3's, UM3X's, Sennheiser IE8's or another top tier IEM.
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Yeah I was hoping for a cheap mod. Maybe I'll call a local audiologist and ask around.
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I have a page bookmarked on how to do some cheap DIY ones with epoxy that I have been thinking about.
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I tried my SE530 custom tips with the PFE, which fits after some struggling and twisting in. I found that it muddled up the sound too much for my liking, though, so I stick with the default silicon tips with it (which are the tips they designed with it in the first place).
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Audiologists said $100-130 dollars which is WAY too much for me.
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Yamas, did you go further with this? Or has anyone else had some luck with custom tips on these? 

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