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Mystery Tannoy's

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Could someone identify these Tannoy speakers? I have to say they look very nice.

YouTube - My Speakers
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I little bit late, but better late then never.....


I think it is the Chester T165. For some reason I cannot insert images, but if you google "Tannoy T165" you will see it immidiately.


For others that like the vintage Tannoys (I play with vintage Ardens, and in my main stereo setup I use the Tannoy TD8 definitions) you can take a look it www.hilberink.nl/speaker.htm . The website is from a Dutchman that is crazy about vintage Tannoys, and he lists a lot of old folder material and even a database with a lot of older models (probably not all because the brand is around since 1926)

Have fun!

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This thread will be moved, I guess, but anyway, my D700 are simply great to, not really classics, but sound is fantastic, love them.








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