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paradigm, you shouldn't turn the sub up "load" because that's not what is on the recording. An audiophile wants to hear the recording and nothing else; they'll spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get that. You on the other hand spend thousands and thousands of dollars and then ruin it by doing exactly what you're not supposed to do. I can listen to techno and electronica without bass boost; it sounds perfectly fine to me.

okay, let's please get this thread back on topic in accordance with lini's wishes. Lini, if you want I can delete this whole argument, just give the word.

Any more responses that need to be made can be sent to either paradigm or myself, of course.
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Wow....I never thought that a difference in tastes of sound could bring up such a big argument between two people.....like cats with rabies in a cage! (Hiss! Mrroowwwwrrr!!!)

Paradigm, as Neruda said, it's clear you like bass.
But there is nothing necessarily wrong with liking a lot of bass! I say this because everyone has their own musical tastes.
Before anybody goes labelling me as a duh-m-bass, I just wanna say that I'm not. It's just that the truth is, probably 7 or 8 out of 10 people like too much bass. But who are we to say what's too much bass, and what's not? Whether or not it is too much bass is just a personal preference, and no matter how much you guys argue about it, I really don't think either of you are going to change the way you listen to music. [I think that it really does depend on what kind of music you are listening to]

Neruda, personally, your taste in sound is probably a bit closer to mine. I don't think that bass boost is necessary if you have half-decent headphones. But what you consider to be too much bass is not enough to another. Lots of my friends don't know much about sound, to be honest. They think that their $10 headphones have awesome sound. Now this is wrong, of course, compared to what they could have for another $10 even. Nearly every one of them has bass boost on, but hell, thats just they way most people are. Lots of people *shudder* even judge sound on the bass itself, or the looks of the source. [yikes]

I don't think this is right, but hell, if the common guy listens to headphones, they always say either "good sound", or more commonly, "good bass". I give up!
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hey, I'm deleting everything off topic in this thread. I'll let sapphiremodena's post slide, but that's it. And as I said earlier, if Lini wants the argument deleted then I'll delete all that too.
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neruda: It's ok with me - I just find your discussion a little pointless, because it seems to be a result of mutual misunderstanding. And, yes, of course I'd like to lead the interest back to the DT531, too. For example, it would be interesting how it stacks up to Sony's MDR-V6...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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okay, sounds good.
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I just got DT990 Pro's (250 ohm ) at fullcompass.com for $129
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Well tell us about then mike!
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Well. I like them a lot. I much prefer a darker tonal balance. I play Bass violin and electric bass for a living, and I'm very picky about bass. I find that in almost ALL high end audio and portable audio that the bass quantity is ok, but the bass quality is not. I design and build my own pro-sound speakers, because everything for sale out there is awful. That being said, I think that the bass on the 990's is very good in comparison to other stuff out there, but still is a bit thick and bloated in comparison to a theoretical ideal. I bought them because I was in a recording studio, and they had ( I'm not sure which models) but suffice it to say this place only had the BEST models---the engineer is a friend (wealthy friend ) and only buys the best.First I tried the Grado's------they were nice but too bright for me. Then I tried the Sennheiser's. (I assume the 600's ). Too bright-too thin. Now you have to realize that context is everything, and because I preferred them in a recording studio with bass violin has nothing to do with listening on a portable cd player. So I bought them for when I'm in the studio, but they sound great with my portable setup. You see, I'm willing to sacrifice low end extension for low end accuracy. That's why I own ProAc Tablette signatures. No lowest octave, but the speed and definition is great. I plan on getting ER4s's ( I'm in airplanes a lot), curious to see how they sound------I hear you don't get the physical sensation of bass, but the accuracy and definition is phenominal.
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Bout DAMN TIME we got a conflict here !

Was getting a bit boring

Jude ,Headfi.org has finally arrived !

Funny thing is ,except for "a person that shall remain nameless" all the other BIG TIME pain in the ass argumentive "newbies" ,the ones with the biggest noise ,have settled into long term contributors

exhibit A-neruda

exhibit B-AI god

these guys were tough loads in the beginning and the FCK U was in fine form

Now MODERATORS of all things


gotta lovit

hope for you yet paradigm

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ah, yes...gotta love (hate?) your roots. well, watchagunnado. At least I've changed, right?


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I thought all you guys were from HEADWIZE, and also when the hell is that site going to go back up, they said by today was the latest they would deley, and yet the site is still down, I need to access those archives.
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Right, Neruda
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yes paradigm, most of us are.
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LOL! What happened here today?

Hey, Rick, you're right -- we were due for some arguments! Mike has been trying to get things stirred up for days, but nobody bit too hard (unless I missed something). Frankly, arguments can be a part of the fun. Let's face it: If ever there was place and time where many of us got together for real -- even those who frequently argue with one another -- I have a feeling we'd just laugh about it all over a brew (or Kool-Aid for the youngsters among us).

We'd probably find out that, in person, Rick wears an ascot and never actually speaks a swearing word; that Mike Walker is actually very soft-spoken; that I have hair down to my butt and wear an AC/DC muscleshirt everywhere I go; that Kevin Gilmore's main system is actually the JVC MX-GT90; that joelongwood is actually twelve years old; and that Apheared is painfully shy and listens to his headphones at whisper-quiet volume levels.

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