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Bought a used K701 from him and he was very communicative and fun to talk to. I would gladly buy from him again.

Thanks for the awesome cans!
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Sold a USB to SPDIF converter to Tim. Quick payment and absolutely no hassles. Would gladly do business with him again.
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Bought an Audio-GD C2C amp from Tim. Great communication and shipping, item came as described. Would definitely recommend him!
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Sold Tim my hd650 and hd600. Great communication, quick pay, smooth deal. A+.
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Tim bought some balanced HD650 cables from me. Very smooth transaction, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him in the future.
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another satisfied customer

I just received Tim's hand-modified, "Grado 325is (silver) 4-pin XLR balanced with SE adapter + 414 pads MINT", and they sound great, were well-packed and just as described with EXCELLENT craftsmanship on the cable mod and adapter. I couldn't be more satisfied than I am with this purchase !
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I sold Tim some headphones, and the transaction went smooth as silk. He was a pleasure to deal with and I would gladly deal with him again and would recommend him highly to anyone else.
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Bought SRH840s from Tim, they arrived exactly as described and very quickly. Great to deal with, and highly recommended.
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Tim sold me his phoenix. He packed the amp professionally, the transaction was just perfect and I'm happy!
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Tim sold me his D7000 headphones. Tim was great to deal with. The headphones were well packed, arrived safely and look shiny new. They sound awesome.
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Purchased K501s from Tim. Everything went smooth as silk.
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Tim bought a pair of X5 from me, deal went without a hitch. I sent them to him via USPS First Class w/delivery confirmation, I would do business with Tim anytime.
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Bought akg k271 from Tim.He shipped it the same day.It was great to deal with him and I'd recommend him to any potential buyer.Thanks Tim, for a nice pair of headphones...
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Bought HD 580 and item was shipped carefully and the day after. Great seller.
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Purchase a Signal Power Cable from Tim. The transaction was great and very smooth. Trusted and honest Head-Fi member. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone. Thanks again for the power cable. Cheers ~ A
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