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I am looking for some advice here. What would be the best way to "brighten" / "bring the sound forward" for the Westone UM3X? I really do love the UM3X but find that my ears prefer a brighter sound for my work applications. Any ideas? As a reference to sound signature, I previously used the Sennheiser HD 25-1 which seems to have more highs and mids. Not sure if this is a fair comparison since they are headphones. Any help would be appreciated, thank you for your time! 



Use a bit of treble EQ.

This. 4dB at 10kHz.

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I used to use the treble boost EQ on my iPhone, or a 4db treble boost on my Fiio E17. Once I switched to the Shure Olives, I didn't feel the need to do this anymore. Same for the Comply P-foamies. I actually prefer them to the Olives now. Although they wear out faster, they always give me a better seal due to the deeper fit. And they're extremely comfortable.

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Which dap is best with um3x ? C4, dx100, ipod ...

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I was using Colorfly CK4+. Even soundstage was deep and i was having beautiful treble. Super combo, just 200$ for a perfect player:)

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Can anyone tell me if the um3x plug is the same as the regular um3x plug which is quite large(the plastic part). I ask this because I have the regular um3x and it doesn't fit in my otter box or mophie juice pack for my iPhone. I can mod the protective case to make it fit but would like to know if the rc cables plug is smaller an will fit without any mod???  I have the w4 and that plug fits perfect as it is smaller.  Anyone???

btw I much prefer um3x to w4 and may have to sell the w4. 

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The UM3X RC plug is just as big as the original version. Sorry.

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I break my W3. Was going to get another pair but i decide i give UM3X a try. So here it is.

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So that plug on your um3x rc cable looks like the same size as the regular um3x cable plug yes??

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man, bad experience with the rc cables. still prefer the fixed ones. Um3x is so easy to use :)

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Westone stock cables are outstanding. Thousands of hours of research and development.  Dont EVER change out a Westone cable.  Your IEM will sound like *hit.

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Just got my hands on a pair, loving them so far.

Anyone ever taken the filters out?
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Does anyone know how much it will cost to fix a pair of "rattling" umx3 rc's? They are some years old, and warranty is gone.
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Find the Westone rep for the site and PM him/her.

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Still loving the UM3X but wishing the sound was just a bit more crisp; I prefer the presentation to the SM3, but the sound just isn't quite as tight. Thinking about an MA Silver Dragon to fix this, have read some good things...any input on cables for the UM3X? I can see what Spyro thinks :P but I'd like to tighten everything up just a teeny bit and get a bit more treble. I can easily live with them the way they are, but if I could get that last inch of refinement that the SM3 had in bass and treble, I would be in heaven.

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